The Ballads of Scotland, Volume 1

William Edmondstoune Aytoun
W. Blackwood, 1858 - 405 pagina's

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Pagina 111 - THERE lived a wife at Usher's Well, And a wealthy wife was she ; She had three stout and stalwart sons, And sent them oer the sea. They hadna...
Pagina 112 - I wish the wind may never cease, Nor fashes in the flood, Till my three sons come hame to me In earthly flesh and blood!" It fell about the Martinmas, When nights are lang and mirk, The carline wife's three sons came hame, And their hats were o
Pagina 2 - Now, ever alake! my master dear, I fear a deadly storm! I saw the new moon late yestreen, Wi' the auld moon in her arm; And if we gang to sea, master, I fear we'll come to harm.
Pagina 48 - Then up and gat the seventh o' them, And never a word spake he ; But he has striped his bright brown brand Out through Clerk Saunders
Pagina 129 - Or wherefore should I kame my hair? For my true Love has me forsook, And says he'll never lo'e me mair.
Pagina 38 - He has gotten a coat of the even cloth, And a pair of shoes of velvet green ; And till seven years were gane and past, True Thomas on earth was never seen.
Pagina 40 - Curst be the heart that thought the thought, And curst the hand that fired the shot, When in my arms Burd Helen dropt, And died to succour me ! 0 think na ye my heart was sair, When my love dropt down and spak' nae mair ! There did she swoon wi' meikle care, On fair Kirconnell lea.
Pagina 1 - O whare will I get a skeely skipper, To sail this new ship of mine ? " O up and spake an eldern knight, Sat at the king's right knee : " Sir Patrick Spens is the best sailor, That ever sailed the sea.
Pagina 51 - Is there ony room at your head, Saunders? Is there ony room at your feet? Or ony room at your side, Saunders, Where fain, fain, I wad sleep?
Pagina 46 - Walked ower yon garden green ; And sad and heavy was the love That fell thir twa between. 'A bed, a bed,' Clerk Saunders said, ' A bed for you and me !' 'Fye na, fye na,' said may Margaret,

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