The Works of Tobias Smollett ...

G. D. Sproul, 1902
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Pagina 122 - He carried me to dine with S , whom you and I have long known by his writings. He lives in the skirts of the town; and every Sunday his house is open to all unfortunate brothers of the quill, whom he treats with beef, pudding, and potatoes, port, punch, and Calvert's entire butt beer.
Pagina 115 - By land, to the island of Cape Breton ? "— " What ! is Cape Breton an island ? " — " Certainly."—" Hah ! are you sure of that ? " When I pointed it out in the map, he examined it earnestly with his spectacles ; then taking me in his arms, " My dear C ,' cried he, " you always bring us good news. Egad, I'll go directly, and tell the king that Cape Breton is an island.
Pagina 33 - Abigail, dressed in her lady's cast clothes ; whom he, I suppose, mistook for some countess just arrived at the Bath. The ball was opened by a Scotch lord, with a mulatto heiress from St. Christopher's ; and the gay Colonel Tinsel danced all the evening with the daughter of an eminent tinman from the borough of Southwark.
Pagina 127 - cried the squire in a passion. "What admonition, you blockhead? What right has such a fellow as you to set up for a reformer ? " — " Begging your honour's pardon," replied Clinker, " may not the new light of God's grace shine upon the poor and the ignorant in their humility, as well as upon the wealthy and the philosopher, in all his pride of human learning...
Pagina 32 - ... Another entertainment, peculiar to Bath, arises from the general mixture of all degrees assembled in our public rooms, without distinction of rank or fortune. This is what my uncle reprobates, as a monstrous jumble of heterogeneous principles; a vile mob of noise and impertinence, without decency or subordination. But this chaos is to me a source of infinite amusement.
Pagina 77 - I am so, an please your worthy ladyship (said he) but I am a poor Wiltshire lad — I ha'n'ta shirt in the world, that I can call my own, nor a rag of clothes, an...
Pagina xvii - THE pills are good for nothing — I might as well swallow snow-balls to cool my reins — I have told you over and over, how hard I am to move ; and, at this time of day, I ought to know something of my own constitution.
Pagina 22 - ... shops, which are charming places of resort, where we read novels, plays, pamphlets, and newspapers, for so small a subscription as a crown a quarter; and in these offices of intelligence (as my brother calls them) all the reports of the day, and all the private transactions of the bath, are first entered and discussed. From the bookseller's shop, we make a tour through the milliners and toymen; and commonly stop at Mr.
Pagina 122 - ... human heart, and all in the serene tranquillity of high life, that the reader is not only enchanted by their genius, but reformed by their morality. " After dinner, we adjourned into the garden, where I observed Mr. S — give a short separate audience to every individual in a small remote filbert- walk, from whence most of them dropped off one after another, without further ceremony.
Pagina 122 - ... caprice : Wat Wyvil, the poet, having made some unsuccessful advances towards an intimacy with S , at last gave him to understand, by a third person, that he had written a poem in his praise, and a satire against his person ; that, if he would admit him to his house, the first should be immediately sent to the press; but that if he persisted in declining his friendship, he would publish the satire without delay.

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