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adopted has been to place the nations in the order in which they first entered into Treaty relations with China. . Treaties and conventions which have not been ratified, but which have become historical, are included.” — Introduction, pp. iii, iv.

An earlier publication, 50 copies, for use of the customs offices, was made in 1887. t682. HAUAN-T'UNG's treaties, 1908–1911. 1914. 2 vols.

Texts in Chinese, English, and French. 683. MACMURRAY, JOHN VAN ANTWERP (1881- ). Treaties and agreements with and concerning China, 1894-1919. A collection of state papers, private agreements, and other documents, in reference to the rights and obligations of the Chinese government in relation to foreign powers, and in reference to the interrelation of those powers in respect to China, during the period from the Sino-Japanese War to the conclusion of the World War of 1914-1919. New York (etc.), Oxford University Press, 1920. 2 vols., paged continuously. 251 cm. Note: This book was originally provided for in the diplomatic and consular service appropriation acts for the fiscal years ending June 30, 1914, and June 30, 1915. The appropriation was stricken from the bill for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1916. See United States Statutes at Large, xxxvii, p. 694; xxxviii, p. 449.

The book is a continuation of Rockhill. Documents other than treaties play an important part in Chinese foreign relations. The author defines the scope of the book as follows:

"Treaties, conventions, and other international acts to which China is a party, or among other powers directly concerning the affairs of China; concessions by the Chinese Government or the provincial governments to foreign firms or syndicates (including railway and mining concessions, etc.); agreements by the Chinese Government or provincial governments for loans (for either administrative or industrial purposes) from foreign firms or syndicates."

PERIODICALS 684. THE CHINESE REPOSITORY. Canton, printed for the proprietors, 1833-51. 20 vols. 231 cm. Contents: May, 1832-December, 1851. 685. TRANSLATION of the Peking Gazette for 1872[-1896). Shanghai, reprinted from “the North-China Herald and Supreme Court and Consular Gazette," 1873-97. 23 vols. 22 cm. Contents: 1872–96.

SPECIAL TOPICS t686. TREATIES of peace. 1. Between the queen of Great Britain and the emperor of China, August 29th, 1842. 2. Supplementary treaty, October 8th, 1843. 3. Between the United States and the Ta Tsing empire, July 23d, 1844. 4. Between the king of the French and the emperor of China, October 24th, 1844. (Canton, 1844.) Cover title.

101 pp. 8vo. Note: Reprinted from the Chinese Repository. In Chinese, English, and French. 687. TREATIES between Her Majesty and the Emperor of China, with rules for trade and tariff of duties. Presented to both houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty, 1861. London, Harrison and sons, (1861). 22 pp. 34 cm. (Parl. Pap., 1861, lxvi, p. 285. 2755.) 688. NÉGOCIATIONS entre la France et la Chine en 1860. Livre jaune du Baron Gros, ambassadeur extraordinaire et haut commissaire de l'empereur, en Chine, en 1858 et au 1860. Extrait de sa correspondance et de son journal, pendant la seconde mission qu'il a remplie dans l'extrême Orient. Paris, J. Dumaine, 1864. 248 pp. 28 cm. 689. HERTSLET, SIR EDWARD (1824-1902) Treaties and tariffs regulating the trade between Great Britain and foreign nations: and extracts of treaties between foreign powers, containing most-favourednation clauses applicable to Great Britain. China. In force on the ist January, 1877. London, Butterworths, 1877. (4), 251 pp. Map. 23 cm. Contents: 1842–77.

Part 4 of series with above title. 690. CORDIER, HENRI (1849- ). La France en Chine au dixhuitième siècle. Documents inédits publiés sur les manuscrits conservés au dépôt des affaires étrangères, avec une introduction et des notes. Paris, Ernest Leroux, 1883. 8vo.

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Note: “Bibliographie," pp. 139-140, 230. 704. CHINA's official history of the recent Sino-Japanese treaties. (New York, C. H. Jones & co., 1915.] 63 pp. 22 cm. Contents: Official statement by the Chinese government respecting the Sino-Japanese negotiations now brought to a conclusion by China's compliance with the terms of Japan's ultimatum delivered on May 7, 1915; The documents in the SinoJapanese negotiations; New treaties and notes between China and Japan (translated from the Chinese). 1705. THE CHINO-JAPANESE NEGOTIATIONS. Chinese official statement, with documents, and treaties with annexures. Peking, 1915. 70 pp. 22 cm. Note: Much of the book relates to Kiao-chou. 706. TYAU, MINCHIEN TUK ZUNG. The legal obligations arising out of treaty relations between China and other states. (Thesis approved for the degree of doctor of laws in the University of London.) With prefaces by Sir John Macdonell and Hon. Wu Ting-Fang. Shanghai, Commercial press, 1917. (26), 304 pp. 23 cm. Notes: Appendix A. Analysis of China's treaty relations with other states (10 tables) pp. 215-225;

Appendix B-G. (Various treaty texts.)

"Note on bibliography and abbreviation,” pp. 281–286. 707. PUTNAM WEALE, B. L., i.e., SIMPSON, BERTRAM LELAND. The fight for the republic in China. With illustrations. New York, Dodd, Mead, & company, 1917. xii, (1), 490 pp. 23 cm. Note: "In the appendices will be found every document of importance for the period under examination 1911 to 1917." — Preface, p. vi.



- October 3, 1883 (deed of

possession by Portugal).
- October 6, 1900 (procla-

mation of British protect

orate). CHOSEN.



INDIAN OCEAN. - January 8, 1889 (letters

patent of annexation to


OCEAN.? - March 17, 1888 (British

proclamation of taking pos


June 29, 1797-1805.


GOTHA was reunited to the

duchy of Saxe-Coburg on
November 15, 1826, as a
result of the death of Fer-
dinand IV, last duke of


- June 25, 1867 (annexation

by France) Cf. GREAT BRITAIN, Empire of

India. Cocos or KEELING ISLANDS. - September 10, 1878 (letters

patent annexing to Ceylon);
February 1, 1886 (letters
patent annexing to Straits




August 14, 1810 – A government was constituted by the Congress of Angostura on December 17, 1819, under the terms of the "Ley fundamental de la República de Colombia,” the state comprising the present Venezuela, Colombia (New Granada), and Ecuador. This organic law was modified and reënacted by the General Congress of Colombia at Rosario de Cúcuta on July 12, 1820. Both of these documents refer to Venezuela and New Granada as separate entities. In 1830 the Republic of Colombia, as constituted by these organic laws, was disrupted, Venezuela, New Granada, and Ecuador becoming independent republics.

A constitutional convention at Bogotá on November 17, 1831, enacted a “Ley fundamental del Estado de la Nueva Granada," which was sanctioned on March 1, 1832. A second constitution, for the Republic of New Granada, was promulgated on April 20, 1843, and on May 28, 1853, a third constitution introduced the federal system into the republic.

A series of organic laws governing the various constituent states rendered advisable a revision of the constitution, which was adopted on May 22, 1858, the state therein being called the Granadine Confedera

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