Bibliotheca Hagana historico-philologico-theologica: ad continuationem Bibliothecae Bremensis novae

Sumptibus Bibliopolarum Henr. Vieroot & Joa. le Mair, 1770

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Pagina 215 - The Journal of a Two Months Tour; with a view of Promoting Religion among the Frontier Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, and of Introducing Christianity among the Indians to the Westward of the Alegh-geny Mountains.
Pagina 204 - A Critical History of the Life of David ; in which the principal events are ranged in order of time ; the chief objections of Mr. Bayle, and others, against the character of this. prince, and the Scripture account of him, and the occurrences of his reign, are examined and refuted; and the psalms which refer to him explained.
Pagina 204 - With a Preface, giving a brief Account of the Life, Character, and Writings of the Author, by S.
Pagina 210 - Observations and Inquiries relating to various parts of Ancient History : containing Dissertations on the wind Euroclydon, and on the Island Melite, together with' an account of Egypt in its most early state, and of the Shepherd Kings...
Pagina 208 - Translations have been lately executed ; the Design and Scope of each Author being strictly and impartially explored ; the true Signification and Force of the Original critically observed, and, as much as possible, transfused into our Language ; and the whole elucidated and explained upon a new and rational Plan ; with Select Notes, Critical and Explanatory, 2 vols. 8vo, 1767.
Pagina 206 - Confessional, or a full and free enquiry into the right, utility, edification, and success of establishing systematical Confessions of Faith and Doctrine, in Protestant Churches.
Pagina 435 - Hebrew Text of the parallel Prophecies of Jacob and Mofes, relating to the XII.
Pagina 436 - PaJ/ages, and part of another Arabic Verfion made from the Samaritan Text, neither of which have been before printed. 2. A Map of th( iMnd of Promife.
Pagina 211 - Differtations on the Origin, Antiquities Language , Governement , Manners and Religion of the ancient Caledonians , their Poflerity, the Piots and the Britifh and Irish Scotsr by JOHN MACPHERSOH, DD 1768.
Pagina 209 - Traťis , published between, the years 1729 and 1759. in the Defence and Explanation of Chrijlianity and its Evidence, by HENRY STEERING , DD.

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