Art across time

McGraw-Hill, 2002 - 1023 pagina's
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Gebruikersrecensie  - Michael.Bradham - LibraryThing

High quality images. Many architectural drawings provided insight to structures photographed. An overview of many religions, gods worshiped, and art produced. Timelines concluding each chapter related style/period, works of art, and cultural/historical developments; with time. Volledige recensie lezen

Review: Art Across Time: Prehistory To The 14th Century, Vol. 1

Gebruikersrecensie  - Lynnette - Goodreads

this was a required textbook for several of my art history courses. i found it easy to read, accurate and a great reference. it gives a really good feel for the times it covers. Volledige recensie lezen


Why Do We Study the History
Art and Identification
Part I

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