An Account of the Receipts of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, for the last Ten Years.-On the General Account.











Estimate for
the Year 1824.

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£. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.

d. £. $. d. £. $. d. £. 5. d. £. $. d.

Subscriptions and En- Corporate .... 432 1 6 401 201 384 50 411 12 01 483.00 550 4 0 605 6 6

628 8 6
492 1961 164 14 0 and Ar-

800 trances of Members Associated....

722 6 6

396 18 0 1130 18 10 1809 19 4 2000 0 0 Collections, Legacies, and Donations..

12 12 0 76 15 6 664 12 5 ୨୧ 10 146 5 0

112 6 0 131 0

이 735 19 10 451 14 10 125 10 0 300 0 0 Rents of Estates .....

95 19 8 202 5 9

89 93 67 17 01 108 11 6 8+ 12 0 117 1 01 124 10 6 120 8 5

125 9 0

115 90
Annuities, or Rent-charges ............
25 5 0 25 5 0 25 5 0 25 5 01 25 5 ol 25 5,0 25 5 0 25 50 25 5 0 20 0 0

90 10 0

3966 1 6 4018 8 21 4044 15 6 4082 081 4082 081 4107 0 2 4122 021 4131 19 8 3926 118 4560 24 3185 14 8 Grants by Parliament ............... 1800 0 0 573000 7800 0 0 8126 5 0 8912 10 07762 10 0 11512 10 0 9387 10 0

9419 100 9212 10 0 15532 0 0 Produce of Stock sold ..............

3775 0 0

7922 17 0 6352 8 6 Arrears £4775
Balance due from Treasurer.......... 1627 4 4 1166 5 19 1319 100 871 31 2926 6 11 3195 16 5
Balance due to Treasurer .....

119 13 2 404 6 7 3688 5 6 320 2 1 4022 12 7 ........
Grand Total, as exhibited in Ann. Rep. 7959 4 0 11620 2 3 14387 17 1 13606 3 9 16744 2 1 15950 6 9 17639 17 9 22893 17 0 267437 4 26993 5 9 27 108 13 8
Net Receipts, omitting Balance due
from Treasurer and stock sold...... 6331 19 8 10453 16 5 13068 7 2 12735 0 8 13817 15 | 12641 172 17235 11 15430 11 6 15560 8 3 16018 4 8.........

Net-Exclusive of Arrears of Grant.. 22333 13 8


An Account of the Expenditure of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, for the last Ten Years.— On the General Account.

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23 1814.

Missionaries ...
Schoolmasters .........
Grants to Schools
Grants to Churches
Pensions to Widows, &c.
Books sent Abroad......
Officers' Salaries
Incidental Expences,

Printing Report, &e......
Purchase of Stock
Balance due from Treasurer
Balance due to Treasureron

former Years' Account ...


Grand Total as exhibited in

the Annual Report
Net Expenditure, omitting

the three laat luoma.
Not Recepta

For Not Recepte Eres of Net perdre

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Poor Orphan Children of Clergymen, Elected August 19, 1824.

Benefice, &c. of the Father.
Hewlett, Theophilus Peter Norris....C. St. Aldate's, Oxford.
Lowes, William ...

V. Skipsea, York.
Williams, John Powell ..... C. of Llandilograban, Radnor.
Le Touzel, Henry Augustus .... R. of St. Martin's, Jersey.
Church, Isabella ..

Incumbent of Ince, Chester.
Bawdwen, Judith

V. of Hooton-Pugnal.
Donations, &c. to Clergy Orphan dating; and that numerous applications
School, since the last General

for Admission are, iu consequence, unaMeeting in May.

voidably, and with feelings of deep regret,

rejected, Henry Moore, Esq. 211.; Richard Be- It was unanimously resolved, rens, Esq. 21l.; Bedfordshire Clergy So- That this Meeting considers the above ciety, 51.; Bedford Ditto, 5l.; Oxford- Institution to bave a powerful claim to shire, Ditto, 31l. 10s.; Anonymous, 100l.; support both from the Clergy and every Mrs. Partiss, of Bath, 50l. ; Storrington friend of the Established Church in partiDistrict Committee, 33l.; Ditto, Second, cular, and from the benevolent in general *. Sir W. W. Pepys, Bart, 100l.

That a District Committee, to be called Storrington District Committee in aid of

the Incorporated Clergy Orphan Society, We are happy to be able to report be now formed. that, in consequence of the circula- That the object of the Committee be to tion of the subjoined account, the

make more generally known the character

and beneficial effects of the Institution, to sum of 481. has been already remitted to the Treasurers of the

recommend it to the patronage of the

public; and to receive and remit to the Clergy Orphan Society. We trust Society, the contributions of subscribers, this bright example will be follow- particularly of those residing in country ed extensively.

parishes; thereby obviating much trouble

to individuals, and frequent loss to the Storrington District Committee, in Society, and consequently, to enable the

Aid of the Incorporated Clergy Society to carry its benevolent design
Orphan Society.

more completely into effect.

That all subscribers of half-a-guinea Patron-the Right Rev. the Bishop of annually, and benefactors of ten guineas, be CHICHESTER,

members of the Committee. President-The Venerable the Arch- That the Parochial Clergy be earnestly deacon of Chichester,

requested to make known to their respecAt a Meeting of the Clergy of the

tive parishioners the object of the Society,

and to recommend it to their support. Deanery of Storrington and its Neigh

That the Clergy, who act as stewards, bourhood, held this day, July 12, 1824,

and collect contributions for the “ Fund The Rev. GEORGE WELLs in the Chair, for the Relief of Distressed Families of

A Resolution, relative to the Incorpo- Clergymen within the Archdeaconry of rated Clergy Orphan Society, passed at a Chichester," be requested to receive conMeeting of Storrington District Committee tributions from the Clergy of the several of the Society for Promoting Christian parishes within their district, for the loKnowledge, held at Worthing on the 29th corporated Clergy Orphan Society, and to of June, having been read; and it appear- pay them over to the Treasurer of this ing that the funds of the said Clergy Or

District Committee, phan Society are inadequate to the main- That the Committee hold an Annual tenance of the number of Children, which Meeting on the day and at the place of the its *School-house is capable of accommo

* The Charity is not of a local nature ; There are, at present, in the School but Orphans of Clergy of the Established house, (which is situated at St. John's Church are eligible to admission from any Wood, Mary-le-bone,) 107 orphans ; but part of the British dominions; and there the house is capable of accommodating are now in the School, two orphans of a

clergyman late of this Deanery.



Bishop's or Archdeacon's Visitation of the Subscribers and the public, becanse it Deanery; and that a statement of the re- shews that the liberal contributions in ceipts of the Committee, and a list of the District have not been bestowed in subscribers, together with a summary ac- vain ; and it is such as can hardly fail to count of the affairs of the Incorporated secure a continuance of that support which Society be yearly printed and circulated has already enabled the Committee to throughout the Deanery.

supply the spiritual wants of so many of That the Rev. W. Woodward be Trea- their poor Brethren, Although much has

been done, much still remains to do: The That the Rev. W. Davison be Secretary. distribution of Books has been hitherto G. Wells, Chairman.

confined chiefly to Sleaford and its imme. Storrington,

diate neighbourhood; but it is to be ex. July 12, 1824.

pected, that the demands on the resources of the Committee will increase as the advantages offered to the Poor become more generally known. The Committee are

persuaded that the design and effect of SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN

their Institution require only to be underKNOWLEDGE.

stood, in order to insure the encouragement Sleaford District Committee Report,

and assistance of all who are convinced of for the year 1823.

the importance and blessing of religious

knowledge; and they confidently anticiPresident.-The Right Honourable Fre

pate an extension of its beueficial influence derick-William Earl of Bristol.

throngh the general co-operation of the Vice-Presidents.-Lord Hervey, Sir

gentlemen and clergy resident in the Dis Jenison W. Gordon, Bart. the Rev. Rd.

trict. Yerburgh, D.D. Benjamin Handley, Esq. At the above-mentioned meeting the Treasurer - The Rev. Richard Yer

Rev. John Smith was requested to accept burgh, D.D.

the office of Treasurer, and the Rev. Ch. Secretary.-The Rev. C). Day, LLB.

Day that of Secretary, for the year 1894. The first Annual Meeting of the Slea. ford District Committee was holden at the Justices' Room in Sleaford, on Tuesday, Anniversary of the Bath and Wells February 10, 1824.

Diocesan Association of the SoSir Jenison W. Gordon, Bart. in the

ciety for Promoting Christian

Knowledge. When the following statement of Books distributed gratuitously, or sold at reduced

Ou Thursday the 15th inst. the Anniprices by the Committee to or for the use

versary of the above very valuable Insti. of the Poor, during the year 1823, was

tution took place in the large Assemblyread by the Secretary.

Room, at the Market-place, in the

town of Taunton, The attendance of Bibles.

284) ! Clergy and Laity was unusually pomerous, Testaments and Psalters.

135 comprising a large body of the Diocese. Common-Prayer Books........ 281 The Bishop of Bath and Wells presided Other Books and Tracts,

3459 on the occasion, and was accompanied £.

to St. Mary's Church, at 11 o'clock, by The whole cost of these Books

the whole of the assembled members and to the Society amounted to 199 19 3} preached by the Rev. J. H. Cardew, B.D.

friends of the Society. The Sermon was The cost to the District Committee.

123 9 9

Rector of Curry Malet, near Taunton, The sum returned to the Dig

from the text St. Mark, xvi. 15. The trict Committee by the sale

collection at the Church door amounted to of Books at reduced prices. 90 15 75

321. 10s. 6d. After the Right Reverend

Chairman had briefly and appropriately It appears therefore that, by means of opened the Meeting, the Rev. W. B. the District Committee, Books of which Whitehead, the Diocesan Secretary, as the original cost was £199, bave been dis- usual, presented and read the Report of the tributed in and about Sleaford to or for proceedings during the past year. The ac. the use of the Poor at a charge, to the pur- counts given of the Society's present state chasers of only £90.

and progress in this Diocese were, upon the The Committee have much satisfaction whole, of a very gratifying character. From in laying the foregoing statement before most of the eight districts, of which this

Chair ;

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Diocesan Union is composed, the returns of the districts. A regular return appeared all kinds answered this favourable descrip under this head, from Netlier Stowey, near tion. In particular, a rapid improvement Bridgewater, signed by the Rev.Mr. Allen, was manifested during the last year by the the Minister of the parish. The Local CrewkerneCommittee, which now promises Funds of the respective Committees were to diffuse through its extensive district the annonnced as prosperous, amounting to blessings of the society as effectually as between 4 and 500l. per ann, whilst the they are diffused throngh any other portion Diocesan Fund, established to support the of the Diocese. The only part of the ex. Association its corporate capacity, tent of conntry embraced by the Associa- amounted to the sum of 3281. stock in the tion, in which the operation of the Society New 4 per cent. National Securities. An may be considered to have been hitlerto additional investment also in the same feeble, is the Deanery of Ilchester: and stock is soon to take place, aided by a the Report, we are rejoiced to add, legacy of 201. bequeathed by tbat zealons annonuced the prospect of sucli

' an ef. friend of the Association, the late Rev, T. fectual movement among the friends of A. Salmon, of Wells. the Society in that district also as will After the conclusion of the regular busiplace it there at length upon a permanent ness of the day, a Diocesan Association of footing of beneficial prosperity. The re- “the Society for the Propagation of the turns of the Bath Arclideaconry, bowever, Gospel in Foreign Parts," was established, displayed the most extensive activity in and the Rev. C. M. Mount, Minister of the great cause of moral and religious im- Christ-Church, Bath, was appointed Secrea provement,—whilst those from the Frome, tary. Taunton and Dunster districts, were secon- # A large and highly respectable company, dary only in a trifling degree. The nun

amounting to between sixty and seventy, ber of Books and Tracts circulated by the met 'their Lordships, the Bishop of the Association during the year appeared as Diocese, and the Bisliop of Lichfield and follows, viz. Bibles, 1354; New Testa. Coventry, at dinner, at the Castle Inn. ments, 1933; Common Prayer Books, Among the laity present were Sir T. B. 5065; Psalters, 563; other bound books, Lethbridge, bart. M.P. Sir T. Acland, half-bound ditto, and tracts 30,601. The bart. M.P. the High Sheriff of Somerset, number of children of the poor, announced William Hanning, P. P. Palmer Acland, as having been reported from the different Webb Stone, W. Oliver, Wm. Speke, H. districts, under education within the limits Leigh, Fox, esqrs. &c. &c.; and among of the Diocese, amounted to 20,500.

the clergy, the Archdeacons of Tannton, The Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coven. Bath, and Richmond, the Rev. R. Franktry, and the High Sheriff of Somerset, land, (canon residentiary,) Rev. J. Wilmoved and seconded the reception of the liams, Procter Thomas, and H. Barnard, Diocesan Report. The other principal (prebendaries of Wells) the Rev. Drs. speakers were Sir Thos. Acland, bart. M.P. Colston and Palmer, the Rev. Messrs. the Rev. E. W. Griufield, (who impres- Escott, Marriott, Brymer, Bower, Formsively recommended to the Meeting the by, Stephenson, Scott, Biddulph, sen. plan of the Bath Book Depository in (of Bristol), Mules, Newman, Phelps, Kingston-Buildings, by means of which the Dawes, Spragg, and Clarke. Society is so admirably brought into con. tact with the public, and the diffusion of its books promoted in a degree utterly be. Collection at Poona for the Bombay yond the power of private distribution),

District Committee. the Rev. T.S. Escott, the Rev. the Dioce. san Secretary, Sir Tho. B. Lethbridge, We have pleasure in mentioning to the bart. M.P. the Rev. C. M. Mount, tie credit of the two regiments of Europeans Rev. H. Marriott, and the Rev. Joun now at Poona, (H. M. 47th and 67th,) Clarke.--A vote of cordial thanks was that since the opening of the Church at passed to those clergymen who are in the that place, when a collection was made for habit of attending punctually to tlie anma the benefit of the Bombay District Comschool circulars sent round the respective mittec of the Society for Promoting Chrisdistricts, accompanied by a hope that tian Knowledge, they have, of their own every parochial deficiency now appa- accord, made a contribution amounting to rent in the general report may, ere 95 rupees, and transmitted it to the Rev. long, be regularly completed. A com- T, Robinson, the chaplain at the station, mencement was made in the very desirable for the purpose of being added to that system of reporting from time to time the collection. It is higlily gratifying to the state of Parochial Libraries established in friends of this venerable Institution, to


4 D

perceive, that those by whom its exertions from the fort. A blessing was then proare, in this country, chiefly occupied, give nounced by the Archdeacon, after which such satisfactory proof of the sense they the party present returned to the Ada. entertain of the benefit they derive from lut, where they partook of an elegant it. - Bombay Gazette, March 3, 1824. breakfast given by E. H, Baillie, Esq.

The plan of this Church, designed by Account of the Ceremony of laying Lieutenant W. A. Tate, is very generally the Foundation-stone of a new

admired; and the situation on the EsplaChurch in the East Indies.

pade in front of the burial ground, such as

will make it a great additional ornament to On Monday last, the 1st of March, the

a place, which is celebrated for possessing ceremony of laying the foundation stone

many natural advantages. of the New Church at Tannah, was per.

We cannot belp remarking, that this formed by the Venerable the Archdeacon, event presents a subject of congratulation in the presence of the whole of the Society highly interesting, whether we regard the resident in the place. A eight o'clock in credit of the government by which it is the morning, the gentlemen proceeded undertaken, the advantages of the people from the Adawlut to the spot chosen for for whom particularly it is designed, or the the site, when, after appropriate prayers honour and ultimate increase of Christiahad been offered up by the Rev. D. Young, vity in this conntry. The zeal with which Chaplain of the station, the Archdeacon

the work is commenced, gives a promise of deposited, in a cavity in the stone, a bottle, rapid progress, no less creditable to the containing several British and Indian coins, activity of the engineer, than the elegance together with a brass plate, on which was of the design is to his taste and profes. engraven the following inscription.

sional talents. - Bombay Guzette, Marck Individuæ et Bencdictæ Trinitati Gloria. 3, 1824. Ecclesiæ in Tanna Anglicanæ,

Jacta sunt fundamenta,

Die Martii Primo
Anno Salutis MDCCCXXIV.

Farewell Dinner to the Bishop of
Georgii iv. Britanniarum Regis Quinto.
Viro Honorabili

Mounstuart Elphinstone,

On Tuesday, the 27th of July, a
Rebus Boinbaicis
Feliciter Præposito.

farewell dinner was given to the Patre in Christo Admodum Reverendo Bishop of Barbados and the Lee.

Reginaldo Heber, S. T. P. ward Islands, at the Albion, AldersSecondo Sedis Calcuttensis Episcopo. gate-street, by the principal memAdjuvantibus

bers of the congregation attending Viro Venerabili

the National Society's Chapel, in Georgio Barnes, S. T. P. Primo Bombaiæ Archidiacono

Ely-place. In the course of the

evening his Lordship was presented David Younge, A.M.

with a very handsome piece of Ecclesiæ apud. Tannam Ministro, plate, in testimony of the respect Cui Operi Pio Munifico

entertained for him by his late flock, Curante suo, Gulielmo Tate, Centurione and of their gratitude for the benefit Sumptus Suppeditabat

derived from his instructions while Societas Illa Anglicorum Honore Digna,

Preacher of the National Society's
Apud Indos quæ facit Mercaturam
Quod Feliciter Vertat

Sui Gloriæ
Hominumqne Saluti

D. O. M.
Precibus Christianorum in Tanna

Fourth Report of His Majesty's
Hodie Nuncupatis

Commissioners appointed by vir-
Benigne concedat,

tue of an Act of Parliament,

passed in the fifty-eighth year This inscription having been read, and

of the Reign of his late Majesty the plate deposited, a stone was lowered down, and guided upon the one containing

King George the Third, c. 45, the cavity, by the principal gentlemen of

intituled, " An Act for building the piace, while a royal salute was fired and promoting the building of


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