Newbold, Francis Stonehcwer, M. n. Davies, David, B.A. St. Edmund hall,
Braserose college; and

Passingham, Robert Townsend, B.A. Goggs, Henry, B.A. Christ college;
Worcester college, Oxford.

Jeckell, Peter Blomfield, B.A. Queen's Potter, Thomas,

college ; and Roberts, Lewis.

Keppel, the Hon. E. S. M.A. Caius col. Stowell, Hugh, B.A. St. Edmund Hall, lege, Cambridge. Oxford.

Langton, Arthur, B.A. Wadham college, Walker, Richard.

Oxford. Walter, John Frederick Morton.

Lubbock, Ricbard, M.A. Pembroke hall; Whinnery, Thomas.

Lugger, John Lloyd, S.C.L. Christ colThe Ordination Sermon was preached

lege; and by the Rev. W. H. Hale, Preacher at the Marsh, William Heath, B.A. Corpus Charter House, and Examining Chaplain Christi college, Cambridge. to the Bishop

Mortlock, Henry.

Moxon, George Brown, B.A. Corpus At a general Ordination held in Nor.

Christi college, Cambridge. wich Cathedral, the 17th of October. Newport, John.

Pring, Joseph Charles, B.A. Jesus college; DEACONS.

Spry, James, B.A. Magdalen hall; Best, Nathaniel, B.A. Balliol college,

Stratton, William, B.A. St. Edmund hall; Oxford.

Townley, Richard, B.A. Brasenose col. Bickmore, Benjamin Offord, St. John's

lege; college, Cambridge.

Trevelvan, John Thomas, St. Mary hall; Bisset, Thomas, M.A. Marischal college,

and Aberdeen.

Wells, Edward Cornish, B.A. St. Ed. Cooper, Thomas Lovick, Magdalen col.

mund hall, Oxford. lego, Cambridge. Copsey, Daniel.

PREFERMENTS. Crick, Thomas, B.A. St. John's college;

Cholmeley, Rev. Humphrey, M.A. Fellow Daniel, Richard, B.A. Clare hall;

of King's College, Cambridge, to the Eyre, Vincent Edward, B.A. Corpus

Rectory of Hempstead, with LessingChristi college;

ham, Norfolk; Patrons, the Provost Francis, Edward, B.A. St. John's col.

and Fellows of tbat Society. lege;

Cornish, Rev. Sidney William, M.A. of Gurdon, Philip, B.A. Downing college;

Exeter College, Oxford, to be Master Hammond, John Parish, B.A. Corpus of the Grammar School of Ottery St.

Christi college;
Heigham, Thomas George, B.A. Sidney

Mary, Devon.

Daubeny, Rev. Andrew Alfred, M.A. of college ; and

Brasenose College, Oxford, to be DoHerring, Charles Barnwell, B.A. Caius

mestic Chaplain to the Duke of CLAcollege, Cambridge. How, George Augustus, late of St. Al

Dyer, Rev. Thomas, M.A. of St. John's ban's hall, Oxford,

College, Cambridge, to be Domestic Maddison, Johu George, Magdalen col.

Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord lege ; and Manley, William, M.A. Fellow of King's Fortescue, Rev. W. to the Rectory of

Tynebam. college, Cambridge.

Nymet St. George's, Devon. Pering, Peter, B.A. Oriel college;

Gooden, Rev. Wyndham Jeane, B.A. of Rous, the Hon. Hugh Anth. M.A. Brase

Oriel College, Oxford, to the Rectory nose college;

of Nether Compton, with the Rectory Sandby, George, B.A. Merton college ;

of Over Compton annexed, Dorset; and

Patron, ROBERT GOODEN, Esq. Stoddart, George Henry, B.A. Queen’s Hare, Rev. Michael, M.A. to the Vicarcollege, Oxford.

age of Liddington, Wilts. Valpy, Edward John Western, B.A. Em

Hodgson, Rev. Charles Henry, M.A. Lecmenuel college, Cambridge.

turer of St. Thomas's, Salisbury, to the Robins, Sanderson, B.A. Exeter col.

Vicarage of Keynton St. Michael, lege, Oxford.

Hants; Patron, the Hon. W. P. T. L. Wilson, James, B.A. St. Peter's col

WELLESLEY. lege, Cambridge.

Hoste, Rev. James, M.A. to the PerpeBy Lett. Dim. from Lord

tual Curacy of Longham, and to the Bishop of Bristol.

Perpetual Curacy of Weredling, NorPRIESTS.

folk; Patron, W. Coxe, Esq. M. P. Cbesput, Gilbert, B.A Corpus Christi Hume, Rev. George, Fellow of Queen's college; and

College, Cambridge, to the Vicarage of Cremer, Robert Marler, B.A. Corpus Warminster; Patron, the LORD B19pop Christi college, Cambridge.



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Lewis, Rey. John, M.A. by dispensation the Rectory of South Walsham, St.

from the Great Seal, to hold the Rec- Lawrence, Norfolk; Patrons, the PREtory of Revenball, on the presentation SIDENT and FELLOWs of that SOCIETY. of C. C. Western, Esq. with the Rec- Villers, Rev. William, 'M.A. of Balliol tory of Ingatestone, and the Perpetual College, Oxford, and Vicar of ChelCuracy of Buttsbury annexed, all in marsh, Salop, to be Minister of the Essex.

Ncw Chapel, Kidderminster.
Madao, Rev. Spencer, Student of Christ

Church, Oxford, to the Vicarage of CLERGYMEN MARRIED.
Batheaston, Somerset; Patrons, the

Barbe, St. Rev. R. F. Rector of Sud. DEAN and CAAPTER of that Society.

brooke, near Lincoln, and of StockMatchett, Rev. J.C. M.A. of St. Jobn's

ton, Wiltshire, to Miss Money, daughCollege, to be Minor Capon of Nor

ter of T. Money, Esq. of Lincolo. wich Cathedral, on tho resignation of Barlow, Rev. John, to Cecilia Anne, the Rev. C. J. Smith, to the Rectory of

youngest daughter of Evan Law, Esq. St. Augustine, Norwich, to the Curacy

of Horsted Place, Sussex ; Oct. I, at of St. Mary in the Marsh, in the pre- Little Horsted. cincts of the Cathedral, and to tho

Bunler, Rev. John, of Finchingfield, Es. Chapel of St. Luke; Patrons, the DEAN

sex, to Miss Wright, eldest daughter and CBAPTER.

of the late Benjamin Wright, Esq. of Mitchell, Rev. Bennett, B.D. Fellow of

Clapham, Surry; Oct. 5, at Battersea, Emmanuel College, by the Masters and

Franks, Rev. James Clarke, M.A. Vicar Fellows of that Society, to the Vicar

of Huddersfield, Chaplain of Trinity age of Winsford, Somerset, vacant by

college, Cambridge, and late Holsean the death of the Rev. James Slade,

Lecturer in that University, to ElizaM.A.

beth, only daughter of the late Joha Miller, F. W. M.A. Rector of Hasfield, Scholefield Firth, Esq. of Kipping

Gloucestershire, late Officiating Mi- House, near Bradford ; at Bradford,
nister on the coast of Essequibo, to the Yorkshire.
Living of George Town; Patron, his Gedge, Rev. J. M.A. Vicar of Humber.
Excellency the Governor General Sir stone, and Domestic Chaplain to Earl

Stanhope, to Harriet, fourth daughter Muncaster, Rev. J. tu the Lectureship of of the late Rev. William Thorold, of Selby.

Weelsby House, Lincolnshire. Musgrove, Rev. Gcorge, M.A. of Brase

Hawkins, Rev. John Browne, M.A. late nose College, Oxford, nominated by of Bitteswell, Leicestersbire, to Miss the Rev. Jobn Hume Spry, M.A. to be Whitmore, of Perry Hill, Kent; at his Assistant Minister at the New Dis. Thorn Falcon, near Taunton, Somer. trict Church of All Souls, St. Mary-le- setshire. bone.

Hobart, Hon, and Very Rev. H. L. Dean Oxenden, Rev. Montague, M.A. to be of Windsor, to Charlotte Selina, second

Domestic Chaplain to Lord Prudboe. daughter of Richard Moore, Esq. of Park, Rev. James Allan, B.A. of Balliol Hampton Conrt Palace; at Hampton.

College, Oxford, has been appointed Hopkins, Rev. Thomas M. to Miss
Chaplain to the Hon. Mr. JUSTICE Susan Deck ; at Walton.

Hopper, Rev. J. R. B.A. to Lucinda Ca. Roberts, Rev. John Phillips, B.A. and roline, only daughter of J. J. Beding.

Chaplain of New College, Oxford, to field, Esq. of Ditchingham Hall, Nor. be Chaplain of Christ Church ; Patron, folk; at Ditchingham. the DEAN.

Jones, Rev. David, son of the Vicar of Roberts, Rev. John Richards, B.D. Fol. Llanspythid, Brecon, to Katharine,

low and Senior Bursar of Trioity Col. sccond daughter of the late William lege, Oxford, to the Rectory of Rother- Veol, Esq. of Alkerton House, Glou. field Grays; Patrons, the PRESIDENT cestershire ; at Chipping Sodbury. and Fellows of that Society.

Methold, Rev. Thomas, to Susannah Seymour, Rev. John Hobart, M.A. of

Mary, only daughter of the late R. Exeter College, Oxford, to the Vicar- Forster, Esq. of Eaton; at Norwich. age of Horley cum

Hornton, Oxford. Ottley, Rev. John Bridges, M.A. and shire; Patron, the KING.

Follow of Oriel college, to Caroline, Thurlow, Rev. Edward, LL.B. to the youngest daughter of the late Benja

Rectory of St. Mary, Suffolk; Patron, min Travers, Esq. ; Oct. 1, at Walthe KING.

thamstow. Todd, Rev. Robert, Vicar of North Cave, Peglar, Rev. Johu, M.A. to Harriet, only

Cambridge, and M.A. of St. John's Cola daughter of the Rev. James Davenport, lege, to be Domestic Chaplain to LORD D.D. Vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon; at VISCOUNT PALVERSTON.

that place. Toplis, Rev. John, B.D. Fellow and Tu. Pitman, Rev. Jobs, Rector of Porlock,

tor of Queen's College, Cambridge, to Somersetshire, to Katharine Maria,

eldest daughter of the late Rev. H. Milner, Rev. George, youngest brother

Northcote, of Upton-Pyne, Devon. of Sir William Milner, Bart.; at SandRous, Rev. George, Rector of Laverton, gate.

to Jane, second daughter of Richard Martin, Rev. James, upwards of 50 years Newcome, Esq. of Burcot House, So. Reader in the cathedral of the dioceso mersetsbire; at Wells.

of Killaloe ; aged 80, at Killaloe. Sitwell, Rev. H. W. Vicar of Leamiogton Oldershaw, Rev. John, 27 years Vicar of

Hastings, Warwickshire, to Sophia, Tarvin, and a Magistrate for Chesdaughter of C. J. Wheeler, Esq.

hire; at the Vicarge House, Tarvin. Stafford, Rev. Thomas, to Amelia Ann, Parke, Rev. Gilbert, formerly of Wad

daughter of the Rev. John Bradford, ham college, Oxford, and Chaplain to Rector of St. Mary's and St. Leonard's, his Majesty ; September 24, aged 65, Wallingford.

at the Parsonage House, St. John's Stocker, Rev. C. W. M.A. Fellow of St. Wood, Regent's Park.

John's college, Oxford, and principal Patteson, Rev. Henry, Rector of Drinkof Elizabeth college, Guernsey, to ston and Worthàm, in the county of Frances Anna, second daughter of the Norfolk, and a Magistrate of the Bury Rev. G. Dupis, Rector of Wendlebury, division; aged 67, at Drinkston. Oxford; at Wendlebury.

Radford, Rev. William, Rector of LapWinstanley, Rev. George, M.A. of Brasc- ford and Nymet Rowland, Devon.

nose college, and Rector of Glenfield Roberts, Rev. Thomas, Vicar of Tottenand Kirby, Leicestershire, to Mary ham, and Rector of St. Peter's, CorgFrances, daughter of the Rev. Mr. bill; Oct. 5, aged 74. Birch, of Rugby ; Oct. 12, at Rugby. Smithies, Rev. Yorick, upwards of half a Wood, Rev. Jobin, M.A. to Annabella, century the Rector of St. Martin's, in

second daughter of Captain Bryden, Colchester, and of Little Bentley, in of Montrose ; at Montrose.

the same diocese; aged 89, at Colches. Wyvill, Rev. Edward, M.A. of Brasenose ter.

college, and Rector of Fingal, York. Turnour, Rev. George, Prebendary of shire, to Mrs. Dodsworth, of Cowley the Catbedral Church at Lincoln, and Hall, in the same county ; Oct. 13. Vicar of Wragby, in the same county. CLERGYMEN DECEASED.

Whito, Rev. Stephen, D.C.L. Vicar of

Lenton, Lincolnshire, and Rector of Blaypey, 'Rev. Robert, M.A. formerly Conington, Huntingdonshire; aged 75.

Follow of Worcester college, Oxford, Whitebouse, Rev. John, formerly of St. Prebendary of Sarum, Rector of Pitsa John's college, Cambridge, Rector of sord, and Morning preacher at King. Orlingbury, Northamptonsbire, and street chapel, St. James's ; aged 67, at Chaplain to the Duke of York; aged Pitsford, Northamptonshire.

68. Currey, Rev. John, vicar of Dartford, Williams, Rev. David, LL.B. one of his Kent.

Majesty's Justices of the peace, 37 Elliott, Rev. Robert, Rector of Huggate years Rector of Saham Toney, Nor-,

and Weldrake, Yorkshire, and uncle folk, and late Fellow of New college, of the Earl of Minto.

Oxford ; Oct. 4, at Brecknock. Hall, Rev. Roger, Rector of Ellingham Williamson, Rev. M. Vicar of Swine, in

and Garvestone, Norfolk; aged 67. Cambridge, 48 years; aged 78.


Church of England. By the Rev. T.C. DIVINITY

Willatts, Rector of East Hatley, Cam

bridge. 8vo. 2s. 6d. A Madual for the Sick ; containing A Charge, delivered at the Visitation of Prayers and a Selection of Psalms; ar- Thomas Ebrington, D.D.M.R. I.A. Lord ranged in such a manner as may render the Bishop of Leighlin and Ferns, in June 1824. reading them the more convenient and 8vo. 23. 60. advantageous. By the Rev, T. Hunting- An Assize Sermon, preached at Winford. A.M. 12mo, 2s, 6d.

chester, August 3d, 1824, before the Lord The Liturgy: a Summary of Christian- Chief Justice Albot and Mr. Baron Garity; or the Fundamental Doctrives of row. By the Rev. J. Haygarth, A.M. Christianity illustrated by Quotations from, Rector of Upham, Hants, and Chaplain to and References to, the Liturgy of the the High Sheriff, 8vo, 1s. 60,

Controversial Tracts on Christianity plained, by the Rev. S. Lee, A.M. D.D. and Mahommedanism. By the late Rev. of the University of Halle, and Professor H. Martyn, B.D. of St. John's College, of Arabic in the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, and some of the most eminent 8vo11, 5s. Writers of Persia. Translated and ex



Miss Benger is employed on Memoirs

of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, Rivington's Annual Register for the Year and her unfortunate Family; with Sketches 1823, is in considerable forwardness, and of varions Royal and Illustrious Characwill shortly be published.

ters, during the Thirty Years' War. The Rev. Mr. Newcombe has nearly A Botanical Work of a popular descripready for publication, his Life of Arch- tion is about to be published monthly, in a bishop Sharpe. It will be comprised in cheap form, entitled the Botanic Garden; two Octavo Volumes, and a Portrait of or Magazine of bardy Flower Plants culthe Archbishop will accompany the Me- tivated in Great Britain. By B. Maund. moir.

Each Number will contain four coloured The Rev. George Townsend's Arrange- Figures, with their Names, Class, Order, ment of the New Testament, with copious Situation, &c. &c.; together with much Notes, will soon appear, in two large Oc- useful and amusing Information, not comtavo Volumes. It is printing uniformly monly found in Scientific Works, with the Old Testament, lately published. Tie Rev. Luke Booker, LL.D. Vicar

A Lady has been some time occnpied in a of Dudley, is printing Lectures on the Work which will shortly be published, un- Lord's Prayer, with two Discourses on der the title of Urania's Mirror, or a View interesting and important Subjects, which of the Heavens ; consisting of thirty-two will be published in November. large Cards, on which are represented all The fourth Volume of Grant's History of the Constellations visible in the British the English Church and Sects, bringing Empire, ou a plan perfectly original. Ac- down the Narrative to 1810, is in the companied with a familiar Treatise on

press. Astronomy, by J. Aspin.


The Letter subscribed E. D. has been received with its accompanying pamphlet.

"'An Old Parishioner" will find in the course of our Number, that we have availed ourselves of his bints.

Another Correspondent, who signs himself “ A Reader of your Publi. cation," will perhaps find some notice of the subject to which he alludes 'in our next Number.

The inquiries of Clericus require to be differently worded for insertion.

We are obliged by a communication, dated St. Petersburgh, but the subject of it is too important to be hastily approached, and we have not had time yet to devote to its consideration.

The continuation of “ Practical Infidelity displayed, &c." is unavoidably postponed until the next month.

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him was his humble state,_his comON THE APPLICATION OF EXAM- ing into the world without observa.

PLE TO RELIGIOUS IMPROVE- tion. Even when they laboured to MENT,

obtain a colour of justice to their LUKE X. 37. latter part.

unjust sentence of death, Pilate Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thoa found no fault in him,-and it was likewise.

not until the last, that even false Our blessed Lord, during his con- witnesses were obtained to bring tinuance on earth, while he pub- evidence against him:

:-so blameless lished the tidings of salvation to the was his holy life,-so clearly did he world and made known the ways of set forth his unerring conduct as a pleasantuess and peace, at the same practical declaration of his comtime caused his light so to shine be- mand in the text,-Go, and do thou fore men, that they saw his good likewise. deeds and glorified bis Father in This command of our Lord, as it heavev. He indeed left us an ex- is expressed in the text, applies obample that we should follow his viously to the case immediately consteps. “Learn of me,says he, "for cerned in the narrative. By the I am meek and lowly in heart." The beautiful parable of the wounded whole tenor of his conduct was such traveller relieved by the compasas to attract the admiration of all sionate Samaritan, our blessed Sathose who beheld him, and excite viour had displayed in its true light them to emulate his blameless vir- the nature of Christian charity and tue. He did no guile, neither was fellowship, and effectually answered deceit found in his mouth. The the question proposed in the words, consistency of his life with his pre- --who is my neighbour? Making cepts was that which indisputably then a pointed application of the subestablished the truth of the revela - ject to the individual who had made tion which he taught. Had he the inquiry of him, he adds the innot acted upon the precepts he junction, Go, and do thou likewise. delivered and adopted as a rule of But I shall take occasion, from these the religion he professed, his adver- words, to shew the propriety and saries would have found just oc- usefulness of our following in our casion against him, and might rea- own conduct, whatever we see amiasonably have represented his pre- ble and worthy of pursuit in others, tensions to the character of a Divine and of turning that imitative faculty, Lawgiver, as vain and delusive. As which we all possess in some deit was, all they could urge against gree, to the high object of promot.


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