Knox, Henry Carnegie, Magdalen Hall.
Degrees conferred November 4. May, Edward, Ch. Cb.

Mellard, Rev. William, Magdalen Hall. Heathcote, William, Esq. Fellow of All

Richards, Henry, Jesus. Souls, Grand Compounder.

Wise, Matthew, Ch. Ch. Perceval, llon. Arthur Philip, Fellow of

November 25, AU Souls.

DOCTOR IN Civil Law,
Taylor, Simon, Esq. Fellow of All Souls, Hogarth, Rev. John Henry, Wadham,
Grand Compounder.

Grand Compounder.

Jeokios, Rev. Owen, Fellow of Jesus,
Moor, Rev. J. F. Brasenose, Grand

Proctor, Rev. Thomas, Michell's Fellow

of Queen's. Compounder.

Rouch, Rev. Frederick, St. John's.
Roberts, Rev. Alfred, Trinity.
Withby, Henry, Merton.


Butler, William James, Demy of Magda.

len. Currie, James, University. Evans, William, Trinity.

England, William Henry, Pembroke. Floyer, Charles, Trinity.

Grenfell, Algernon, Scholar of UniverKokewick, Georgo Granville, Exeter.

sity. Meredith, William George, Brasenose.

Hoblyn, Richard, Scholar of Balliol. Morris, Jobo Baden, University.

Hopkinson, Charles, Queen's. Trench, William, Christ Church.

Legard, Thomas Digby, Magdalen.

Schomberg, Rev. Alexander William,
November 11.


On Thursday, October 27, a Convo. Jennings, Rey. Philip, Worcester, Grand cation was holden, when James Adey compounder.

Ogle, of Trinity college, D.M. was unaMASTERS OF ARTS.

nimously elected Professor of the PracDuboulay, James Thomas, Exeter.

tice of Medicine, on the foundation of Haynes, Rev. David, St. John's, Grand George Aldrich, D.M. in the room of Compounder.

Dr. Bourne, who had lately resigned that Hindes, Walter, St. Mary Hall.

Professorship, and been elected Lord Nelson, John, St. John's..

Litchfield's Clinical Professor in Medi. Prosser, Rev. Samuel, St. John's.

cine: Stephonson, John Wilkinson, Taberder

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, Simon Tay. of Queen's.

lor, Student in Civil Law, who had BACHELORS OF Arts,

lately resigned, was re-elected Fellow; Aitchinson, David, Queen's.

and Richard Charles Hippesley TuckBayntun, Samuel Adlam, Pembroke.

field, B.A. of Oriel college, was elected Dynwik, William George, Exeter, Grand Fellow of All Soul's college. Compounder.

On Thursday, Nov. 4, William Hill, Legge, Henry, Christ Church.

Edward Blencowe, and John Griffiths, Mipet, Charles William, University. were admitted Scholars of Wadham col. Puxley, John Lascellin, Brasenose.

lege. Spence, Hugh Maltby, Lincoln.

November 19.-Scrope Milner Col. Tuckfield, John Henry Hippisley, Oriel. quitt, B.A. of Brasenose college, was November 18.

elected Fellow of that Society. BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN DIVINITY. November 24.-The Rev. John Henry Spry, Rov. Joba Hume, Oriel.

Hogarth, B.C.L. of Emmanual college, MASTER OF ARTS.

was incorporated B.C.L. of Wadham Curzon, Hon. Alfred, Brasepose.


November 26.-John Allen Giles, of Adams, George, Queen's.

the County of Somerset and Diocese of Arney, Frederick Edward, Qucen's. Bath and Wells, was admitted Scholar of Bowsher, George, St. Edmund Hall. Corpus Christi college. Boraston, George Birch, Michell's Scho. The Rev. William Lewis Davies, M.A. lar, Queen's,

and Fellow of St. John's college, is apCardwell, Henry Salusbury, Brasenose, pointed Second Master of Elizabeth colGrand Compounder.

lege, Guernsey; M. de Joux, late of Douphrate, Jonathan, Magdalen Hall. Geneva, Master of the Mathematical Gegg, John Henry, St. Alban Hall, School; M. de des Lauriers, of the Uni. Hornby, Thomas, Ch. Ch.

versity of Paris, Master of the French

School; and Mr. Tyers, of Christ's Hos. Coote, Ralph, B.C.L. Trinity hall.
pital, London, Writing and Arithmetical By Lett. Dim. from the Bishop of


Green, Charles, M.A. Jesus college, Degrees conferred November 19. Hodgson, William. St. Peter's college, and MASTERS OF ARTS.

Judge, Edward, B.A. Trinity, college, Hanbury, Rev. John, St. Peter's.

Cambridge. Hicks, Rev. C. Thomas, Trinity.

Lawrence, John Hinderson, B.A. EsNewcome, Rev. Thomas, Queen's, Com. oter college, Oxford. pounder.

By Lett. Dim. from the Bishop Newsam, Rev.James, Christ's.

af London. Russell, Rev. W. Brighton, Catherine Maturin, George Brown, B.4. King's Hall.

college. Thompson, Rev. William, Trinity. Taylor, Joseph Holroyd, B.A. St. John's BACHELORS OF ARTS.

college, Atkinson, Joseph Milner, Catherine Hall. Worsley, Thomas, M.A. Downing college, Kerr, Mark Henry James, Trinity.

and November 24.

Wortham, Walter, B.A. Magdalen enl. BACHELOR IN DIVINITY.

lege, Cambridge. Morgan, Rev. William, Emmanuel.

By Lett. Dim. from the Bishop of MASTERS OF ARTS,

Lincoln Hardwicko, Rev. W. Corpus Christi,

PRIESTS. Compounder.

Buck, John, B.A. and Kiddersley, Edward C. Esq. Trinity. Fennell, Samuel, M.A. Queen's college. Oldacres, Rev. Edward William, Clare Giraud, Edward Augustus, B.A. and Hall.

Honslow, John Stevens, M.A. St. John's BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW,

college, and Speddring, Thomas S. Trinity.

Laing, David, B A. St. Peter's college, BACHELOR IN Puysic.

Cambridge. Waterfield, Thomas, Christ.

Bg Lett. Dim. from the Bishop BACHELORS OF ARTS.

of Gloucester. Bishton, John, Trinity.

PREFERMENTS. Chichester, George, A. F. Downing.

Amphlett, Rev. Joseph, M.A. Curate of Panton, Richard, Peter-House.

King's-norton, (late Fellow of Wor. Ramsden, William, Christ's.

cester college, Oxford,) to the PerpeVesey, George, Trinity.

tual Curacy of Wythall, WorcesterOctober 28.

shire; Patron, the Rev. JUAN WING. The Scatonian Prize was yesterday

FIELD, D.D. in right of bis Vicarage adjudged to the Rev. Hamilton Siduey

of Bromsgrove. Beresford, M.A. of Clare hall, for his

Birkcit, Rev. William, M.A. late of BrasePoem on The Death of Absalom.

nose college, Oxford, and Minister of Noveinber 4.

Penwortham, to the Vicarage of South Thomas Le Blanc, Esq. LL.D. Master

Tawton, Devonshire ; Patrons, the of Trinity hall, was elected Vice Chan

Dean and CANONS of WINDSOR. cellor for the year ensuing.

Blackstone, Rev. Frederick Charles, The following is the subject of the

B.C.L. Fellow of New college, Oxford, Norrisian Prize Essay for the ensuing

to the Vicarage of Hecktield, in the year :-No valid Argument can be drawn from

county of Hants; Patrons, the WAR.

DEN and FELLOws of that SOCIETY. the Incredulity of the Heathen Philoso

Chaplin, Rev. Edward, M.A. brotherphers against the Truth of the Christian

in-law and Chaplain to the Hon. Mr. Religion.

Justice Holroyd, to be Morning Reader November 24. Charles Gillies Payne, M.A. of Merton

and Evening Preacher to the Hon.

Society of Gray's Ino. college, Oxford, was admitted ad eundem of this University.

Cobbold, Rev. Richard, M.4. to the

united Rectories of Wortham Everard ORDINATIONS.

and Wortham Jervis, Norfolk. By the Bishop of Ely, at the Palace, Cutler, Rev. Richard, M.A. of Exeter November 7.

college, Oxford, to be Master of the DEACONS.

Free Grammar School, Dorchester. Blakiston, Peyton, B.A. Emmanuel col. Elwin, Rev. Thomas Henry, M. A, to the lege, Cambridge.

Rectory of Bradfield St. Clare, Nor. Buttanshaw, Francis, B.A. University folk; Patron, the Rev. ROBERT DA. college, Oxford.

VERS, of Bradfield St. George.
By Lett. Dim. from the Bishop of Faithful, Rev. Robert, M.A. lale of Wad-

bam college, Oxford, to the Vicarage Carrighan, George Greystock, B.A. St. of Warfield, Berks; Patron, MAXWELL. John's college.

WINDLE, Esq. of the, Cloisters, Temple.

Faulkner, Rev. E. M.A. to be Chaplain Wood, Rev. John Page, LL.B. of Tri. to Worcester City Goal.

nity collego, to the Rectory of St. Fea, Rev. Dr. of Magdalen hall, and of Peter's, Cornbill; Patrons, the Con

Parson's Green, Fulham, to be one of MON COUNCIL of the City of LONDON. the Domestic Chaplains to his Royal CLERGYMEN MARRIED. Highness the Duke of Sussex.

Barlow, Rev. William, M.A. Vicar of St. Fellowes, Rev. J. M.A. to the Rectory of Mary Breden, Canterbury, second son

Deighton, Norfolk; Patron, Viscount of Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Barlow, ANSON.

K.C.B. and Chaplain to his Royal Goggs, Rev. H. B. A, to the Vicarage of Highness the Duke of Clarence, to

South Creek, Norfolk; Patron, Mr. H. Louisa, second daughter of the late Goggs, of Whissovsett, Norfolk.

Robert Jones Adeane, Esq. of BabraHanbury, Rev. B. M.A. to the Vicarage ham, Cambridgeshire, at Marylebono

of Bures St. Mary, Suffolk ; Patron, Church. 0. HANBURY, Esq. of Great Cogge- Beresford, Rev. Marcus G. son of the shall.

Bishop of Kilmore, to Mary, widow of Hopkinson, Rev. John, has been ap- the lale R. Digby, Esq. at İlfracombe,

pointed by the Dean and Chapter of North Devon. Peterbougb, Precentor and Librarian, Birkett, Rev. William, M.A. Jate of on the resignation of the Rev. Mr. Brasenose college, Oxford, Minister of Mills.

Penwortham, and Vicar of South Taun. Hutchinson, Rev. Charles Edward, M.A. ton, Devonshire, to Mary, daughter of

to be Prebendary of Chichester ; Pa- S. Horrocks, Esq. M.P. Nov. 4, at tron, the KING.

Penwortham Church. Keppel, Hon. and Rev. Edward South- Brooks, Rev. J. W.of Retford, to Sarab,

well, M.A. to the Rectory of Quidden. daughter of John Fearly, Esq. of Popbam, Norfolk; Patron, the Earl of pleton Lodge, near York. ALBEMARLE.-He is also appointed Budge, Rev. E. B.A. to Miss Thomasin Domestic Chaplain to bis Royal High- Tucker, of Plymouth. ness the Duke of Sussex.

Day, Rev. Charles, B.C.L. of FolkingMajcndie, Rev. H. W. M.A. to be Pre- ham, Lincolnshire, to Saralı, relict or

bend of Beaminster Prima; Patron, the Rev. Edward Smith, of that place. the Bishop of SALISBURY.

Dowe, Rev. W. Curate of Whitwell, DerMarsb, Rev. Matthew, B.D. of Christ byshire, to Sophia, daughter of the

Church, Oxford, and Chancellor of the late William Godley, Esq. of Chestor. Diocese of Salisbury, to the Prebend Dennis, Rev. M. G. B.A. of Bep'et colof Chute and Chesinbury; Patron, the lege, Cambridge, to Mrs. Towsend, Biyuop of SALISBURY.

relict of RW. Towsend, Esq. late of Maude, Rev. P. to be Chaplain of the Truckett's Hall, Boxted, Suffolk.

Bath City Infirmary and Dispensary. Dodson, Rev. Christopher, M.A. of UniMeade, Rev. Richard John, M.A. of Bal. versity college, Oxford, to Eleanor,

Jiol college, to be one of the Domestic only daughter of the Rev. L. G. HalChaplains to the Earl of Cork and Or. ton, at Thruxted. rery.

Durham, Rev. Thomas, M.A. Fellow of Mills, Rev. Thomas, M.A. of Christ Catherine Hall, Cambridge, to Louisa,

Churchi, Oxford, and Minor Canon of eldest daughter of the Rev. Dawson Peterborough, to the Living of Easton Warren, Vicar of Edmonton. and Bringhurst, in the county of Lei. Heigham, Rev. Thomas George, of North cester ; Patrons, the Dean and Culap- Walsham, to Miss Sophia Roper,daughiTER of PETERBOROUGII.

ter of the late Snelling Roper, Esq. of Owen, Rev. Hugh, D.C.L. Rector of Bec- Colby.

cles cum Endgate, Suffolk, to the Vie Hoskin, Rev. T. B.D. Reclor of Kempcarage of Redisbam, in the same coun. stone, and of Basford, Notts, and late

ty; Patron, the EARL of GoSFORD. Fellow of Sidney Sussex college, CamRowland, Rev. Joshua, M.A. to the Rec- bridge, to Miss Blount, at Kimbolton,

tory of Holton, Suffolk ; Patron, SiR Cambridgeshire. WILLIAM ROWLEY, of Tendring Hall, Ibbotson, Rev. A. Iocumbent of Ramden, Suffolk.

to Jane, youngest daughter of Mr. B. Rust, Rev. Edgar, M.A. to the Rectory of Rawling, of Leeds.

Drinkstone, Suffolk; Patron, John Jackson, Rev. G. C. B.C.L. Fellow of

EDGAR Rust, Esq. of Stowmarket. New college, Oxford, aod Chaplain in Shuttleworth, Rev. Philip Nicholas, D.D. the Hon. East India Gompany's ser

and Warden of New college, Oxford, vice, at the Presidency, Bombay, to to the Rectory of Foxley, Wilts; Pa- Arabella, daughter of the late Rev. T. tron, the Right Hon. HENRY RICHARD Knightley, of Cherwelton, Northants, VASSALL LOND HOLLAND.

Nov. 2, at Southampton. Sumner, Rev. Charles Vernon Holme, Loft, Rev. John, Rector of Wyham, to to be Domestic Chaplain to bis Royal Miss F. W. Pennell, of Sudbrook Hall, Highness the Duke of York,


gars, Notts.

Esq. M.P.

Marsh, Rev. Henry, of Bungay, to Caro. Bracken, Rev. Edward, D.C.L. Vicar of

line Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Snaith, Yorkshire.

John Sewell, Fore-street, London. Bull, Rey, H. T. second son of the Rev. Meredith, Rev. R. B.A. of St. Edmund John Bull, Rector of tbat place and of

hall, Oxford, to Elizabeth, only daugh- Tattingstone, Suffolk, at Peatlow Recter of the late Rev. L Carniford, Nov. tory, aged 31. 9, at St. Helen's, Abingdon.

Carisitben, Rev. William, Rector of Newbery, Rev. Henry, of Hagborn, Maidstone, Devon.

Berks, to Elizabeth, youngest daugh- Davy, Rev. W. formerly of Trinity col. ter of the late Daniel Day, Esq. of lege, Cambridge, Rector of Stanfield Nailsworth, at Avening, Gloucester- and of Sandringham cum Babingles, shire.

and Vicar of Barwick, in the county Parry, Rev. Thomas, M. A. Fellow and

of Norfolk, on the 30th Nor. at In. late senior Dean and Catechetical Lec.

goldsthorpe, aged 69. turer of Baliol college, Oxford, to Gregory, Rev. Edward, Rector of LonLouisa, fifth daughter of the Rev. Henry Hutton, of Beaumont, Essex, lleaton, Rev. Peter. Rector of Little

on the 21st of October, at Colchester. Eversden, and Vicar of the adjoining Payne, Rev. William Rollett, of St. parish of Great Eversden, at Little

John's college, Cambridge, to Mary, Eversden, aged 75 years. He was for. second daughter of John Williams, merly Fellow of Queen's college, Cam. Esq. of Elmsgrove, Southsea, Comp- bridge, and proceeded B.A. 1774, M.A. troller of his Majesty's Customs, Ports- 1777, and B.D. 1786. The Rectory is mouth.

in the gift of the President and Fellows Pearce, Rev. E. S. only son of the late of Queen's college, and the Vicarage, Dean of Ely, to Georgiana Elizabeth,

of the King. second daughter of George Smith, Hockley, Rev. John, formerly of Magda

len college, Oxford, Oct. 27, in FitzPerkins, Rev. S. W. Roctor of Stockton,

roy-square, London. Warwickshire, to Mary Ann, only Jones, Rev. Mr. Vicar of Llanboidy, Cardaughter of James Swan, Esq.of Olive marthenshire. Mount, Lancashire.

Marsh, Rev. W. Rector of Weston BamSaunders, Rev. John, to Mrs. Protheroe,

fylde, at his residence, South Cadwidow of Thomas Protheroe, Esq. of bury.

Usk, at St. Augustine's, Bristol. Mathew, Rev, A. S. Rector of Broughton Shew, Rev. Henry Edward, B.A. of

Northants, and Joint Lecturer of St. Worcester college, Oxford, to Eliza- Martin-in-the-Fields for 60 years, beth, only surviving daughter of the

aged 91. lato E. L. Harford, Esq. of Clifton, Maturin, Rev. R. C. M.A. Curate of St. Oct. 25, at St. Augustine's, Bristol.

Peter's, Dublin. Smith, Rev. Robert, of Little Berkhamp- Milward, Rev. J. F. at Astley's-row, Isstead, Berks, to Jane, eldest daughter

lington, aged 71. of-R. Chapman, Esq. of Jobn-street, Moselee, Rev. Stephen, son of the Rer. Bedford-row, at St. Andrew's, Hol- S. Moselee, of Little Baddow, Essex.. born.

Niccolson, Rev. Henry, at Ryton, CumVowles, Rev. James Parker, B.A. of St.

berland. Peter's college, Cambridge, to Aurora Roberts, Rev. J. at Sedgeberrow, near Mary, daughter of J. Daniel, Esq. at Evesham, aged 81. Brighton.

Robertson, Rev.J. Incumbent of Sleighs, Whitta, Rev. Thomas, of Terton, Devon,

Aislaby, and

Ugglebarnaby, Yorkshire, to Mary, only daughter of Mr. R. Ver

at Whitby, Yorkshire. yard, of Bristol.

Robinson, Rev. John, Rector of AlCLERGYMEN DECEASED. * thorne and Cricksen, both in Essex. Bennett, Rev. M. W. at. East Looe, Sharpe, Rev. John, Rector of Saxby, at Cornwall.

the Parsonago-house, Saxby, in the Bennet, Rev. Thomes, one of the Minor 79th yoar of his age.

Canons of Canterbury Cathedral, Vicar Slade, Rev. E. D. M.A. late of Queen's of St. Alphage and Rector of St. Mary, college, Oxford, Rector of Wanstrow, Northgate, Canterbury; and Vicar of Somerset, Oct. 31, at Bath. Stone, Isle of Oxney; in the precincts Thomas, Rev. Thomas, late Curate of of the Cathedral, Canterbury.

Castlemorton, Woroestershire, sudBevan, Rev. Henry, Vicar of Congres- denly, aged 63. bury, and Rector of Whitton, Radnor. Whitley, Rev. Edward, Vicar of Stowey, shire, at his house, Bristol.

Somersetshire. Bishop, Rev. H. Vicar of Chiddingley, Whittington, Rev. H. D. at Argt! at Ticchurst, Sussex.

House, after a lingering illness,




Lambeth Chapel, on Sunday, June 6th
The Christian Duty of Mutnal Submis-

1824, at the Consecration of the Right sion in the Fear of God: a Sermon preached

Rev. J. Carr, D.D. Lord Bishop of Chiin the Cathedral Church of Chester, on

chester, By S. Holland, M.D. Rector of Sunday, Oct. 31, 1824, before the Mayor

Poynings, in Sussex, and Chaplain to the and Corporation of that City. By C. J. Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Chichester. Blomfield, D.D. Lord Bishop of the Dio.

The Apostle Paul a Pattere for Chris. cese: 4to.

Discourses on the Internal Evidence of' tian Ministers : a Sermon preached at a Christianity, as displayed in the Connec. general Ordination in the Cathedral Church tion of natural and revealed Religion, and

of Chester, on Sunday, October 3rd, 1824. the Doctrines of the Immortality of the By the Rev. W. H. Hale, M.A. of Oriel Soul, and a Future State. By the Rev. College, Oxford, Domestic Chaplain to the C. Mayo, LL.B. Rector of Beding Stoke Bishop of Chester, and Preacher at the

Charter-house. 8vo. and Huish, Wilts. 8vo. 58.

18. 6d. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the

Dissertations on some Parts of the Old Deanery of Sarum, at his primary Visita

and New Testaments, wbich have been tion, in the Months of July and August, supposed unsuitable to the Divine Attri1824. By Hugh Pearson, D.D. Domestic

butes. By R. Twopeny, M.A. Rector Chaplain to His Majesty, and Dean of of Casterton Parva, Rutland, and formerly Salisbury. 8vo. 1s. 6d,

Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. 8vo. The Office and Mission of St. John the

10s. 60. Baptist. An Essay which obtained the

A Series of Plain Sermons on the leading Norrisian Medal for the year 1823, in the

Articles of the Christian Faith. By W. University of Cambridge. By J. A. Jere

Macdonald, A.M. Vicar of Bishops Canmie, Scholar of Trinity College. 8vo. 3. nings, Wilts, and Canon Residentiary of Christian Liberty: a Sermon preached


12mo. 2s. 6d. in the Cathedral Church of Winchester,

The Athanasian Creed. With short October 7th, 1824, at the Annual Meeting

Notes. For the Use of Members of the of the Aliens Society. By the Rev. J. O.

Church of England. 12mo. 3d.
Zilliwood, A.M. Chaplain to the County of
Hants. 8vo. 18. 6d.

Εικών Βασιλική, tlie Pourtraicture of His
Four Sermons preached to a Congrega.

Most Sacred Majestie in his Solitudes and tion of Children of a District National Sufferings. With an engraved FrontisSchool, 12mo. 4d.

piece. Small 8vo. 78, 6d. A Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Cashel, at the Visitation of his

Rivington's Annual Register; or, a View Grace the Archbishop of Cashel, on the

of the History, Politics, and Literature of 17th of June, 1824. By H. Cotton, LL.D.

the Year 1823. 8vo. 183. Archdeacon of Cashel.


MISCELLANEOUS. The Importance of Family Religion : a A Short and Easy Guide to Latio ProSermon preached in the Church of St. sody; or, an Introduction to the scanning Michael, Toxteth Park, Nov. 23d, 1823. and making of Latin Verses; with copious By the Rev. W. Hesketh, M.A. of Braze- Exercises in the Heroic, Elegiac, and Lynose College, Oxford. 8vo. 1s.'

ric Metres. By G. H, Holiday, Teacher The Faithful Steward: a Sermon preach of the Classics, &c. 12mo. 4s. bd. ed at Blandford Forum, August 30th, An Appeal to the Clergy and Laity of 1824, at the Triennial Visitation of the Liverpool, in behalf of the National and Right Rev. John Lord Bishop of Bristol. Ancient Systems of Charity connected with By the Rev. R. Moore, Rector of Win- the Established Church. By the Rev. W. borne, St. Giles. 8vo. 18. 6d.

Hesketh, A.M. Minister of St. Michael's, The Church: a Sermon preached in Toxteth. 8vo. 19. 6d.




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edition of A Sermon on the Duty of FaA new Edition of a Manual of Family mily Prayer, by the Right Rev. the Lord Prayers for the Use of the Parisbioners of Bishop of Chester, will be published in a St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate; and a second few days.

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