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The titles of articles are printed in italics


AFRICA and the Near East, Railway
Projects in, 558-569
African slavery, Portugal, Great Bri-
tain and, 836-851

Agricultural exodus and land owner-
ship, 964-976

Agricultural schools and farm in-

stitutes, 1052-1064

Agriculture, small holdings and rival
schemes, 421-431, 432-444
American Presidents and Southern
patriotism, 1006-1029
Anglicised Judaism, 491-504

Animals in their Relation to Empire,

Apparitions of living and dead, 1001-

Argyle and trial of Marquis of Mont-
rose, 1242-1259
Aristophanes and women in Parlia-
ment, 292-318

Armit (H. W.), Vivisection and the

Central Nervous System, 397-411
Army Service and the Recruiting
Difficulty, 505-516

Art, Is it a Failure? 125-136
Art Sales, Recent, 319-328
Athens, Female politicians in, 292-318
Australia, The Outlook from, 1-10
Australia, Treatment of juvenile
offenders in, 953-963

Avebury (Lord), Private Property at
Sea in Time of War, 1131-1140

PALFOUR (Mr.) on Eugenics, 546-
D 557


Banister case, marriage with deceased
wife's sister, and Church discipline,

Barker (J. Ellis), Will a Tariff harm
Lancashire? a Lesson from America,
329-347; Panama the Difficulty
and its Solution, 745–762

Balkan States and Czardom of Old
Serbia, 879-888

Balkan war, division of spoils, 1150-

Balkan War, England, India, and the,


Bates (E. S.), Some Foreigners in
Shakespeare's England, 110-124
Beasts, birds, and forests of India,
danger of their extirpation, 137-148
Benjamin (Lewis S.), The Passing of
the English Jew, 491-504
Bensusan (S. L.), The Unionist Party
and the Small Holdings Act some
Suggestions for a Temporary Alterna-
tive Policy, 432-444

Balkans, A Subaltern in the, in the
Winter Campaign of 1877, 889-912

Bentinck (Lord Henry), The Dearth
of Cottages for the Rural Labourer,

Bibliophiles and famous collections,

Blake (Lady), The Position of Women
in China, 1040-1051

Book Sales, Recent, 1030-1039
Borneo, Rajah Brooke, and indepen-
dence of Sarawak, 1202-1210
Boswell's Dutch Flirtation, 942-952
Bourbon princess and the Dunkelgraf
Ludwig, 1168-1174

Brain and nerves, experiments on
animals, 397-411

British Church, Ancient, its tithes and
endowments, 985-1000

British Land and British Emigration,

British seamen for our merchant ships,

Brooks (Sydney), The Problem of the
Buonaparte and Capt. Basil Hall at
New York Police, 687-700
St. Helena, 718-731

Business and public life, University
preparation for, 1260-1267



YADBURY (William A.) and E. D.

CAMovel, The West African Slave
Traffic Britain's Duty towards An-
gola and San Thome, 836-851
Caldwell (W.), The Political Outlook


Cromwell at Drogheda, Fresh Light on,

Cromwell at Drogheda a Reply to Mr.
J. B. Williams, 1220-1241
Cruelty to animals in India, 600-614

as seen by a British Canadian, 1065– | Crystal Palace Handel Festival, 412-

Canada and Australia, Emigration to,

an Imperial problem, 1283-1306
Canada, Marriage Law in, The Ne
Temere' and the, 570-580

Canadian view of British politics,

Capital Punishment, The Case for
Abolition, 732-744

Catholic marriages and Canadian law,

Cavalry and artillery, registration of
horses for, 11-31

Charlton (Hon. Mrs.), Animals in their
Relation to Empire, 600-614
Chesser (Elizabeth Sloan), Convents in
England a Plea for State Inspection,
830-835; a reply, 977-984; a re-
joinder, 1268-1273
Chesterfield (Lord), Some Unpublished
Letters of, 277-291, 533-545

China, Political Sovereignty in, 44-53
China, The Dismemberment of, 645-664
China, The Position of Women in,

Chinese Reform, Some Aspects of,

Christianity in Hinduism, 701–717
Church, The, and divorce, 1085-1113
Church, The, and the Marriage Law,

Citizen army and national defence,

lesson from South Africa, 517-520
Clarke (Rev. A. H. T.), The Conflict
between Religion and Science, 783-

Cocoa plantations, San Thomé and
Angola, Slavery in, 836-851
Collings (Jesse), Rival Land Policies

a Reply to the Marquess of Lincoln-
shire, 88-95

Commonwealth, Life in City of London
during the, 763-782

Convents in England: a Plea for State
Inspection, 830-835

Convents, State Inspection of a reply

to Dr. Elizabeth Sloan Chesser,
977-984; a rejoinder, 1268-1273
Corbett-Smith (Captain A.), Some
Aspects of Chinese Reform, 615-626
Cottages for the Rural Labourer, The
Dearth of, 1175-1183

Cotton industry and Tariff Reform,

Crammond (Edgar), Imperial Defence
and Finance, 221-247

Criminals and the Criminal Class,


[blocks in formation]


Fiction-writing, bookselling, and cir-
culating libraries, 822-829
Finland, Women in Parliament in, 167-


Flowerdew (Herbert), The Lost In-
dustry of Novel-writing, 822-829
Foreigners in Shakespeare's England,
Some, 110-124

Fowler (Robert), Is Art a Failure?

Franco-German Crisis, The Truth'
about the a Reply to M. Philippe
Millet, 32-43

Fuller (Sir Bampfylde), India Revisited,



India, The Message of Hope for, 1274-


India, Women of, need of legal and
medical advisers for, 811-821
Indian Fauna, The Protection of the,

war in

Indian Moslems and the
Turkey, 1077-1084
International law and seizure of private
property during war, 1131-1140
Internationalism, Labour and, 521-532
Ireland, Cromwell, and massacre at
Drogheda, 471-490

Ireland, Over-representation of, in
Parliament, 445-454

Irish Servants, The Humours of, 798-

ERMANY, Japan, and Australia, Irish social conditions and self-help.


[blocks in formation]

JABITUAL criminals, Common-

Hall (B.), Payment by Premium versus
Payment by Fee, 149-166
Hall (Mrs.), The First Englishman
Napoleon ever saw, 718-731
Handel Festival, The, 412-420
Havell (E. B.), The Message of Hope
for India, 1274-1282
Heredity, Eugenics, and marriage
restrictions, 546-557
Hibernian humour, 798-810
High Courts in India, The, 455-460
Hinduism, Christianity in, 701-717
Hindus and cruelty to animals, 600-614
Hogue (Hon. James Alexander), The

Outlook from Australia, 1-10
Holland, Lord Chesterfield's diplomatic
mission to, 277-291

Home Rule, Redistribution before, 445–

Home Rule, Social Aspects of, 665-675
Horses for War, Our Shortage of: a Sug-
gested Scheme for Mobilisation, 11-31
Hutton (R. H.), his biography of
Cardinal Newman revised, 69-87
Hyacinthe's (Père) Marriage, 581-588

MPERIAL Defence and strategic
problems, 206-220

Imperial Defence and Finance, 221-247
Imperialism, Practical, 869-878
India Revisited, 461-470

India, The High Courts in, 455-460


[blocks in formation]

Johnston (R. F.), Political Sovereignty
in China, 44-53

Johnston (Sir Harry H.), The Protection
of the Indian Fauna, 137-148; Rail-
way Projects in Africa and the Near
East, 558-569

Journey's End, At a, 1155-1167
Judges in India and the shrinking
rupee, 455-460


offenders, legislation
Australia, 953-963



ERR (Capt. Mark), The Spirit of
Nelson, 852-868

Kindersley (F. B.), State Inspection of
Convents a reply to Dr. Elizabeth
Sloan Chesser, 977-984
King-Emperor's visit to India, and
Indian progress, 461-470
Kinloch-Cooke (Sir Clement), Migra-
tion within the Empire, 1283-1306
Knox (Major-Gen. Sir William G.), The
Old Armour and the New, 248-263;
A Subaltern in the Balkans in the
Winter Campaign of 1877, 889-912

[blocks in formation]


Lathbury (D. C.), The Church and
the Marriage Law, 930-941
Leathes (Stanley), The Universities
and the Public Service, 1260-1267
Le Blond (Mrs. Aubrey), The Mystery
of Eishausen: a Secret of the Bour-
bons, 1168-1174

Lee (Sir Sidney), At a Journey's End,

Legal Minimum Wage, The Practical
Case for a, 264-276
Lethbridge (Sir Roper), The Endow-
ments of the Ancient British Church
in Wales, 985-1000

Lilly (W. S.), Criminals and the Crimi-
nal Class, 371-381; The Problem of
Marriage and Divorce: The Passing
of Marriage, 1103-1113
Lincolnshire (Marquess of) on Land
Policies, replies to, 88-95, 421-431
Lindsay (Prof. James A.), The Case
for and against Eugenics, 546–557
Listener, The, Speaks, 1211-1219
Llan Awstin, A Comedy of sketched
from life, 348-370

London in the Year 1651, A Visit to,

Longford (Joseph H.), Reminiscences

of the late Emperor of Japan, 627-644;
The Manning of our Merchant Ma-
rine, 1114-1130

Loudon (Katharine M.), Some Un-
published Letters of Lord Chesterfield,
277-291, 533-545
Lyttelton (Hon. Mrs. Edwd.), Humours
of Irish Servants, 798-810

MACKELLAR (Sir Charles), The

Neglected Child in New South
Wales, 953-963

Mahabharata, the Beatitudes, and
Hindu morality, 701-717
Mallock (W. H.), Women in Parlia-

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ment' acted at Athens B.C. 393,
reproduced from the Greek of Aristo-
phanes, 292-318

Markino (Yoshio), My Thoughts about
the Drama in Japan and in England,

Marriage and divorce, The Church and,
930-941, 1085-1113

Marriage and Divorce, The Problem of :
The Church and the Report of the
Royal Commission, 1085-1102; The
Passing of Marriage, 1103-1113
Marriage Law in Canada, The Ne
Temere' and the, 570-580
Marriott (J. A. R.), Syndicalism and
Socialism, 913-929

Medd (J. C.), Rural and Agricultural
Education, 1052-1064

Mercantile Marine, The Manning of
our, 1114-1130


Methuen (Field-Marshal Lord), The
Territorial Forces, 517-520
Migration within the Empire, 1283-1306
Mikado, Shogun, and progress in Japan,

Millet (Philippe) on Morocco, reply to,


Mitra (S. M.), Christianity in Hinduism,
701-717; England, India, and the
Balkan War, 1077–1084

Monarchy in China, Teaching of
Mencius and Confucius, 44-53
Montenegro and Czardom of the Serbs,

Montrose (James, Marquis of): a

Tercentenary Tribute, 1242-1259
Morel (E. D.), The Truth' about the
Franco-German Crisis a Reply to
M. Philippe Millet, 32-43; The
West African Slave Traffic Britain's
Duty towards Angola and San Thomé,

Morrison-Bell (Major Clive), Redistribu-
tion before Home Rule, 445-454
Morocco, Franco-German dispute, and
British diplomacy, 32-43

Moslems and Christians in Turkish
Empire, 1141-1149

Moslems of India and the War in
Turkey, 1077-1084

Moyes (Mgr. Canon), Père Hyacinthe's
Marriage, 581-588

Murder, Death penalty for, argument
against, 732-744

Murray (Major Stewart L.), Some
Strategic Problems of the Empire,

Murray (Rev. Robert H.), Cromwell
at Drogheda: a Reply to Mr. J. B.
Williams, 1220-1241

[blocks in formation]
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