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a two volume travelogue written in c1750. Interesting, but not to be read in its full mind-numbing details. Volledige review lezen

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Pagina 135 - I have made a point of explaining this matter, because without the help of Dona Marina we could not have understood the language of New Spain and Mexico.
Pagina 326 - Sacada De || Los Mejores Historiadores Españoles, Y De Los Manuscritos, | | Y de | | Las Pinturas Antiguas de los Indios; || Dividida en Diez Libros: || Adornada con Mapas y Estampas, | | E ilustrada con | | Disertaciones sobre la Tierra, los Animales, y los Habitantes | | de Mégico, || Escrita por || D.
Pagina 340 - Diaz del Castillo. Written by himself. Containing a True and Full Account of the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico and New Spain. Translated from the original Spanish by John Ingram Lockhart.
Pagina 144 - Then another wheel was presented of greater size made of silver of great brilliancy in imitation of the moon with other figures shown on it, and this was of great value as it was very heavy — and the chief brought back the helmet full of fine grains of gold, just as they are got out of the mines, and this was worth three thousand dollars. This gold in the helmet...
Pagina 121 - I must say that all our works and victories are by the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that in this battle there were for each of us so many Indians...
Pagina 321 - Grammaire de la langue quichée, espagnole-française, mise en parallèle avec ses deux dialectes, cakchiquel et tzutuhil , tirée des manuscrits des meilleurs auteurs guatémaliens. Ouvrage accompagné de notes philologiques, avec un vocabulaire comprenant les sources principales du quiche comparées aux langues germaniques, et suivi d'un essai sur la poésie, la musique, la danse et l'art dramatique chez les Mexicains et les...
Pagina 353 - The Pleasant Historic of the Conquest of the Weast India, now called new Spayne, Atchieved by the worthy Prince Hernando Cortes, Marques of the Valley of Huaxacac, most delectable to Reade : Translated out of the Spanishe tongue by TN [Thomas Nicholas], Anno 1578:
Pagina 134 - Even if they were to make her mistress of all the provinces of New Spain, she said, she would refuse the honour, for she would rather serve her husband and Cortes than anything else in the world'.
Pagina 136 - Ulua, and as the Pilot Alaminos knew the place well from having come there with Juan de Grijalva he at once ordered the vessels to drop anchor where they would be safe from the northerly gales. The flagship hoisted her royal standards and pennants, and within half an hour of anchoring, two large canoes came out to us, full of Mexican Indians. Seeing the big ship with the standards flying they knew that it was there they must go...
Pagina 143 - the wheel like a sun as big as a cart wheel with many sorts of pictures on it the whole of fine gold...

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