Modern Language Notes, Volume 14

Johns Hopkins Press, 1899
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Pagina 37 - gIns to welke In west, High on an hill, his flocke to vewen wide, Markes which doe byte their hasty supper best; A cloud of cumbrous gnattes doe him molest, All striving to infixe their feeble stinges, That from their noyance he no where can rest; But with his clownish hands their tender wings He brusheth
Pagina 263 - it were, in vigorous health. To have a body (this our vital frame With shrinking sensibility endued, And all the nice regards of flesh and blood) And to the elements surrender it As if it were a spirit! How divine The liberty, for frail, for mortal man To roam at large among unpeopled glens And mountainous retirements.
Pagina 263 - Happy is he who lives to understand Not human nature only. but explores All natures, to the end that he may find The law that governs each ; and where begins The union, the partition where, that makes Kind and degree, among all visible Beings; The constitution,
Pagina 45 - “But let that man with better sence advize, That of the world least part to us is red; And daily how through hardy enterprise Many great Regions are discovered, Which to late age were never mentioned, Who ever heard of
Pagina 361 - to see the writing rankle, Let the wretch go festering through Florence)— Dante, who loved well because he hated, Hated wickedness that hinders loving, Dante standing, studying his angel,— In there broke the folk of his Inferno. Says he—” certain people of importance” (Such he gave his daily, dreadful line to) “ Entered and would seize, forsooth, the poet.” Says the poet, “ then
Pagina 263 - powers, and faculties, Which they inherit, cannot step beyond, And cannot fall beneath ; that do assign To every class its station and its office, Through all the mighty commonwealth of things, Up from the creeping plant to sovereign Man. . . The
Pagina 37 - to an almond tree ymounted bye On top of greene Selinis all alone, With blossoms brave bedecked daintily; Whose tender locks do tremble every one At everie little breath that under heaven is
Pagina 41 - The roiall Dame, and for her coche doth call: All hurtlen forth; and she, with princely pace, As faire Aurora in her purple pall Out of the East the dawning day doth call. So forth she comes; her brightnes brode doth blaze.”
Pagina 263 - The soul ascends Drawn towards her native firmament of heaven, When the fresh eagle, in the month of May, Upborne, at evening, on replenished wing, The shaded valley leaves ; and leaves the dark Empurpled hills, conspicuously renewing A proud communication with the sun Low sunk beneath the horizon.
Pagina 39 - At last the golden Orientall gate Of greatest heaven gan to open fayre; And Phoebus, fresh as brydegrome to his mate, Came dauncing forth, shaking his deawie hayre. And hurld his glistring beams through gloomy ayre.”

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