Jahrbücher der Literatur, Volumes 35-36

C. Gerold., 1826
Each vol. has a separately paged "Anzeigeblatt für Wissenschaft und Kunst."

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Pagina 54 - Hermann is best known in England by his work on Greek and Latin metres ; a book of which too much ill cannot easily be said, and which contains a smaller quantity of useful and solid information, in proportion to its bulk, than any elementary treatise, on any subject, which we remember to have seen.
Pagina 83 - Phoen. 600. Sed ubi verbum in brevem vocalem desinit, eamque duae consonantes excipiunt, quae brevem manere patiantur, vix credo exempla indubiae fidei inveniri posse, in quibus syllaba ista producatur.
Pagina 38 - Etude historique, faisant suite aux recherches pour servir à l'histoire de l'Egypte pendant la domination des Grecs et des Romains.
Pagina 127 - KULZTJM, or the Seven Seas, a Dictionary and Grammar of the Persian Language, by his late Majesty the King of Oude, 7 vols.
Pagina 127 - Nipaul would be superfluous ; the terms on which it closed will suffice. That State, instead of flanking, as it had done for nearly six hundred miles, our open frontier or that of the Nawab Vizier, which we were bound...
Pagina 54 - Graecae linguae cognitioni, ut cuius eximia ас plane singularis in pervestigandis rebus grammaticis diligentia regatur praeclaro ingenio, mente ab aúctoritatibus libera, animo veri amantissimo, ñeque aut superbia, aut gloriae studio, aut obtrectandi cupiditate praepedito.
Pagina 56 - Hermann (Нес. р. 140) exults, in the following terms, over the inaptitude of his rival to investigate the causes of those facts which he had sufficient sagacity to discover. " Id sponte animadvertisset vir eruditissimus, si non satis haberet observare, sed in caussas etiam earum rerum quas observavit, inquirendum, putaret.
Pagina 57 - Uio j , mira praesagitione et occupatum est hoc praelongorum versuum inventum , et festivissime illusum, maxime p. 48 et 104 et 197. Hephaestioni quidem ego non tantum tribuam , ut hujus auctoritate pracceptum illud credi vclini.

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