june 11. At Howdeni, Alet. Cleghorn, was taken into business by one of his own Esq. Inspector-General of Imports and Ex- relations. Here be recommended himsell ports for Scotland, to Margaret, eldest so much by his obliging deportment, by his daughter of Thomas Farquharson, Esq. of fidelity, punctuality, and accuracy, that he Howden.

soon rendered himself necessary to his em

ployers, and ultimately took the lead in one DEATHS.

of the most respectable West India concerns

in the city. His mind seemed to expand April 1. In Sloane Street, London, Capt. with his circumstances, and his generous John Moir, of the 22d regiment.

and liberal spirit is well known to a nume20. At his house in Queen Anne Street, rous circle of respectable friends and assoLondon, in the 45th year of his age, Colonel ciates, as well as to the community at large. Mitchell, of the 51st regiment. This gal. He was most ample and exemplary in his lant officer served several campaigns in the charities, and gave encouragement to all Peninsula, under the Duke of Wellington, those institutions, so creditable to the place with great credit and distinction, and lastly of his residence, which have for their obat the memorable battle of Waterloo, where ject the general interests of humanity as he commanded á brigade of infantry. well as the relief of individual distress. In

23. At Pittodrie, Mrs Grace Knight particular, he took a warm interest and a Erskine, the wife of Lleut-Colonel Knight fatherly charge of the Highland society, as Erskine of Pittodrie.

well as of the Gaelic schools, and his me26. At Rozelde, Dame Lady Hamilton mory will long live in the hearts of the Cathcart, of Bourtreehill and Rozelle, aged members of these institutions. Although 17 years, relict of Sir John Cathcart of cut off, almost in the prime of life, he may Catheart of Carleton.

be said to have lived long by the energy At Vanceiville, Virginia, John Pols and activity he displayed in the improve. lok, Esq. of Logiegreen, W. S.

ment of his talents and opportunities ; by 27. At Gorton, Mrs Rachael Spottiswoode, the good which he has done ; and by the relict of Archibald Robertson of Bedlay, happy effects which it is to be expected may Esq. and daughter of the deceased John still ensue from his useful labours and ex. Spottiswoode of Spottiswoode, Esq.

ertions. He has left an amiable wife, and 30. At Balgillo, aged 22 years, Marga- a numerous family, with many interesting ret, daughter of Captain Matthew Burns, friends and relations, to lament his loss; and of his Majesty's 81th regiment.

he will be long remembered in the society At Carluke, the Rev. Ebenezer Daw. to which he belonged as an amiable and son, minister of the Associate congregation excellent man, and a most useful and active there, in the 34th year of his age, and se- citizen. venth of his ministry.

6, Al Killenure House, near Athlonc, in - At Kilmarnock, Mr Wm. Gregory, Ireland, the Lady of Major Alcx. Murray, merchant, in the 76th year of his age and Cringletie, sinccrely lamented by all who at Alexandria, in Virginia, March 12th, his had the pleasure of her acquaintance; and fourth son, Peter Mallard Gregory, a very of whose active benevolence the loss will be promising young man, after a short illness, long and severely felt by the poor in her in the 20th year of his age.

neighbourhood, whom she assisted in sick. 31. In the 77th year of his age, much and ness and supported in health, and whose justly regretted, Jas. Baird, Esq. of Broom- children she educated in a school instituted park, formerly of Virginia.

and maintained at her own expence. May 2. At his own house, in St Vincent 8. At her father's house, Somerset Place, place, Glasgow, in the 50th year of his age, London, of a rapid consumption, in the 25th Alexander Campbell, Esq. of Stallyards, af- year of her age, Susan Boone, only daughter a short but severe illness, which he sus. ter of John Deas Thomson, Esq. one of the tained with Christian fortitude and resigna Commissioners of his Majesty's navy. tion. This Gentleman affords us a plea- Suddenly, at Rozelle, James Crichsant specimen of the distinction and opu. ton, Esq. factor to the Earl of Eglinton, lence with which the exercise of undeviaand one of the Magistrates of Irvine. ting and persevering industry, fidelity, and 9. At Longtown, James Walker, Esq. integrity, in the creditable pursuits of com- Principal Clerk of Session. merce is often crowned, even in this part of 11. At Auldhouse, Peter Murdoch, Esq. the united kingdom. Mr Campbell was

aged 84. born in Perthshire, from respectable pa- At Morar-house, Mrs Macdonald of rents, who were connected with some of the Morar, first families of his name, At an early pe. 13. At Dalry Lane, Mr Wm.'Roughead, riod of life he came to Glasgow, where he ag d 70 years.


May 14. At Turin, where she had gone 26. In the 820 year of his age, Thos. Salt,
for the recovery of her health, Mrs Allan, Esq. of Lichfield, father of Henry Salt, Esq.
wife of Thos. Allan, Esq. banker in Edin- his Majesty's Consul-General for Egypt


June 4. At Brucefield-house, Clackman.
At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Biggar, ad. nanshire, Mrs Elizabeth Ann Johnston,

wife of Lieut. Col. Dalgleish of Dalbeath,
15. At his house, Leith Walk, Dr James and daughter of the late James Johnston,
Macneil, of Stevenson.

Esq. of Sands, aged 44, much and deserved.
16. At Exmouth, Miss Ann Elizabeth ly regretted.
Fothringham, eldest daughter of the late 6. Walter Robertson, Esq. manufacture,
Alexander Ogilvy, Fothringham, Esq. of Paisley.

At his house in Hart Street, Jota
Off Cape Finisterre, Captain Robert Thomson, Esq. royal navy.
Foulis Preston, of the Euphrates frigate, a. 7. At Arbroath, Mr David Braiek, stk.
ged 33. The death of this spirited officer dent of divinity, in the 23d year of his agt
was occasioned, after only a few days ill- Mr Braick's frame was always delicate, bu
ness, by an ossification formed in the inte. he possessed a vigorous mind, and a lite
rior of the skull, which, pressing upon the ly imagination, with great modesy and
brain, produced delirium.

suavity of manners. He prosecuted -
At Bonhill Place, Dumbartonshire, theological studies with much diligence and
Mr John Turnbull, aged 77.

success, and his inward piety corresponda
20, At Leghorn, in the 20th year of his with his attainments, in speculative knop
age, Mr James Johnston, youngest son of ledge. His memory will long be held per
the late Mr Walter Johnston, Joppa, Per. cious by those who had the pleasure of las


[blocks in formation]

Prices of Grain per boll in Edinburgh Prices of best Oat, Pease, and Barley
Corn Market.

per peck, in Edinburgh Market.

Pease a

Aver. Barley Oats. Pease. 1817.

Barley Ne

Bolls. | Price. Bolls, 1
8. d.

May 28. 602 41 4 28 40 28 34||May 27.

26 67
June 4. 1115 43 1 36 30 40 30 36|||June 3. 439 27 87
11. 949 46

33 44 30 38

28 86
18.1015 45 2
33 46 33 40

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373 29


INDEX for 1817.

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Latilles, account of the
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nation on the treat. Craniology, Gall and Spurz- dinburgh, 3
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by his order to Sir Corrections on the fore- scriptions, 17, 327
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trial of Wm. Edgar for ad. 496


gain, 260



Fees to the King's servants Literature, German, notices ing bread from damage
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-, American, stand. Philips, Sir Richard, corres
Financial statements for ard works in, 95

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thematical and Physical
Fire Insurance, duties paid

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the house in which he was demy of Sciences on mak. Scotland, view of the
born, 483

age of, from the Unis

gy, 624

[ocr errors]

he Crowns to that of the Seditious meetings, abstract Steam Frigate in America,
Kingdoms, 344_Proceed- of the bill for preventing,

report of the French In.
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House of Commons, offices trade in North America, tendency of the novel so
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and of his quarrel with the called, 431
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.css, 131-Playfair's pro- of, 13

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gress of Mathemnatical and Spitzbergen, account of, 512 Union Canal, review of ob.
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second report on, 121
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tricities for Edinburgh, 287 of physiognomy, 243, 333 terary, 96
-Owen's new view of So- Stanhope, Earl, biographical Voltaire, new anecdotes of,
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British Fur-trade in North Statistical and geographical Wallace, Sir William, de-
America, 370_Pampblets intelligence, 102, 404 scription of a colossal sta.
on Savings Banks, 445- Steam-boats, plan for esta- tue of, at Dryburgh, 256
Manfred, a Drama, by Lord blishing them between Weight's and Measures, on
Byron, 449 - Jameson's Leith and Greenock, 106 the regulation of, 24
system of Mineralogy, 524 - Report of House of Com. Wernerian Natural History
Moor's Lalla Rookh,528 mons' Committee on, 485 Society, proceedings of, 212


ARTHUR'S SEAT, contem.
plations on, 376
Auld age, and young ne'er
agree, 56
Burns's punch-bowl, verses
on, 456
Horner, Mr, verses to the
memory of, 214
Kemble, Mr, farewell ad.
dress spoken by, at Edin.
burgh, 296
The Lady and her Page, 535
Lines written at Balcarras
Chapel, 66

Lines to the memory of Miss Song, my Love! I will trem.

ble for thee, 136
to George Chalmers, Verses recited at Burns' an.
Esq. 376

niversary, 55
Sawney's Soliloquy on Ber. to a young lady, 56
wick-brig, 216

to the memory of the
the Soldier's return from late Francis Horner, Esq.
Waterloo, 216

M.P. 214
Song at the anniversary of on a shipwreck at Dun.
Barns, 55

bar, 294
by a Highlander on on Burns' punch-bowl,
meeting Prince Charles,

Stewart, 136

Proceedings of Parliament.

ADVOCATE, Lord, of Scot- Bank of England, statement gainst the Habeas Corpus
land, statement of respect.
of Mr Grenfell respecting

suspension act, 303_Al.
ing conspiracies in Glas. profits of, 227

tercation between him and
gow, 304- Accused of op. Bathurst, Earl, his defence Lord Castlereagh, 304
pression in the exercise of of the treatment of Bona. Bonaparte, motion of Lord
bis duties, 657-His de. parte in St Helena, 300 Holland respecting the
fence, 662
Bennet, Mr, his speech a. treatment of, 299


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