Payday Lending: Global Growth of the High-Cost Credit Market

Springer, 16 sep. 2014 - 146 pagina's
Payday Lending looks at the growth of the high cost credit industry from the early payday lending industry in the early 1990s to its development in the US as a highly profitable industry around the world.

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The History and Development of HighCost Credit and Payday Lending
Payday in the
The European Directive to Consume
The Australian SACCs Appea
Back in North America
Discussion Points
Conclusion and Recommendations

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Over de auteur (2014)

Carl Packman is a writer, researcher and broadcaster. He is the author of Loan Sharks: The Rise and Rise of Payday Lending (2012), a regular commentator on issues such as finance and personal debt, and has written for many household publications such as the Guardian in the UK and American Banker in the US.

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