The Genealogy of the Cushing Family

Lovell printing and publishing Company, 1877 - 104 pagina's

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Pagina 24 - Ms. from 1779 until his death, and acting gov. in 1785. His signature being affixed to all public papers, as speaker of the house, caused him to be regarded in Great Britain as the leader of the Whigs in this country. Dr. Johnson, in his " Taxation no Tyranny," says, " One object of the Americans is said to be to adorn the brows of Mr.
Pagina 24 - His good sense and so\ind judgment, the urbanity of his manners, his universal good character, his numerous friends and connections and his continual intercourse with all sorts of people, added to his constant attachment to the liberties of his country, gave him a great and salutary influence from the beginning in 1760.
Pagina 10 - The voice of the people of this County is that the Court of General Sessions of the Peace and Court of Common Pleas...
Pagina 90 - Henghm in my hoel mend And good memory beying, make my testament and my last will Declare in this forme Folloying : First I comende my sowie to god Almighty, or lady seint тагу, & to all the blessed copany of heven, and my body to be buryed in the chirchyard of Henghm foresaid, To the wich high Auter ther for my tithes negligently wtholden, I bequeth Xs. Itm to the repacon and sustentacon of the same chirch, VjsViijd. Itm I bequeth to the high Aut.
Pagina 19 - He was one of the presiding Judges at the trial of the British soldiers for the massacre at Boston 5 March, 1770.
Pagina 2 - Eng., until 1638, when with his wife and five children, and his wife's sister (Widow Francis Riecroft, who died a few weeks after their arrival ) he embarked in the ship "Diligent" of Ipswich, 350 tons, John Martin, master, which sailed from Gravesend, 26 April, 1638, with 133 passengers, among whom was Robert Peck, MA, Rector of the parish of Hingham, Eng.
Pagina 55 - And be it enacted that all laws, statutes, and ordinances which at 8aved- the time of the union of the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada shall be in force within the said Provinces or either of them or any part of the said Provinces respectively, shall remain and continue to be of the same force, authority, and effect in those parts of the Province of Canada...
Pagina 9 - He was a gentleman well versed in law, the life and soul of our Court while he continued in it, a man in the main of justice and integrity.
Pagina 3 - Under the first charter of the Massachusetts Colony none were regarded as freemen, or members of the body politic, except such as were admitted by the General Court and took the oath of allegiance to the government here established.

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