House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volume 18


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Pagina 122 - Those laws and customs so favourable to the yeomanry have perhaps contributed more to the present grandeur of England than all their boasted regulations of commerce taken together.
Pagina 90 - ... knowledge in the principles of politics and good government, and as a matter of infinite importance in my judgment, by associating with each other and forming friendships in juvenile years, be enabled to free themselves in a proper degree from those local prejudices and habitual jealousies which have just been mentioned, and which, when carried to excess, are never-failing sources of disquietude to the public mind, and pregnant of mischievous consequences to this country.
Pagina 90 - Looking anxiously forward to the accomplishment of so desirable an object as this is (in my estimation), my mind has not been able to contemplate any plan more likely to effect the measure, than the establishment of a UNIVERSITY in a central part of the United States...
Pagina 712 - With Shanghai and the ports of Japan there is frequent communication in addition to the mail steamers which leave weekly. Between Hong-Kong, Macao, and Canton there is a daily steam service. The telegraphic communication of the colony extends to nearly every part of the world.
Pagina 772 - the dollar issued from Her Majesty's mint at Hongkong, the silver dollar of Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia, and any other silver dollar to be specified from time to time by the governor in council, shall be the only legal tender," with the exception of certain ęAn excellent brief historien!
Pagina 134 - ... clothing and linen, books, food, medicine for use on the journey, tobacco, according to the prescribed amount (at present not more than 35 grams or 10 cigars), if intended for the personal use of the traveler, and In their nature and amount are adapted to his or her need, condition, and station. Household furniture and articles for furnishing a house, which have been in use, belonging to travelers or persons in public service, may be entered free if they intend to reside more than one year in...
Pagina 134 - Decorations and exhibition medals which have been conferred. The formalities to be observed regarding No. 1, as well as the necessary proofs, to be furnished and conditions to be fulfilled respecting the rest will be made public at some future time. For the present the existing regulations continue in force. ART. IX. Also to be entered free of duty : 1. Travelers...
Pagina 652 - The entrance into Lake Superior was now in full view, presenting a scene of beauty and magnificence which is rarely surpassed, even amid the rugged scenery of the north.
Pagina 505 - All parts of Europe to the northward of Cape Finisterre, and to the westward of the North Cape, and without the Cattegat and Baltic Sea, and including the islands of Guernsey, Jersey...
Pagina 505 - Finisterre, and to the westward of the North Cape, and without the Cattegat and Baltic sea, and including the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark, the Faro Isles, and Iceland, the sum of.

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