The Complete Italian Master: Containing the Best and Easiest Rules for Attaining that Language. To which are Added, an Introduction to Italian Versification; Extracts from the Italian Poets; &c. &c. The Whole Properly Accented, to Facilitate the Pronunciation of Learners

J. Collingwood, 1827 - 444 pagina's

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Pagina 416 - Se trovi il caro oggetto, Digli che sei sospiro; Ma non gli dir di chi . Limpido ruscelletto, Se mai t'incontri in lei, Dille che pianto sei; Ma non le dir qual ciglio Crescer ti fe così . IL NIDO DEGLI AMORI CANTATA XVII.
Pagina 343 - They are good for nothing. There are some others. They are not made. Where is your penknife ? Can you make pens ? I make them my own way. This is not bad. While I finish this letter, do me the favour to make a packet of the rest.
Pagina 307 - Radtol (ordinal nnmbers) the first the second the third the fourth the fifth the sixth the seventh the eighth the ninth the tenth the eleventh the twelfth the thirteenth the fourteenth the fifteenth the sixteenth the seventeenth the eighteenth the nineteenth the twentieth the twenty-first...
Pagina 442 - Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages ; wherein the Words are correctly explained, agreeably to their different meanings, and a great variety of Terms relating to the Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, Merchandise, Navigation, and Trade elucidated.
Pagina 417 - Benché di senso privo, Fin l'arboscello è grato A quell' amico rivo, Da cui riceve umor. Per lui di frondi ornato Bella mercé gli rende, Quando dal Sol difende II suo benefattor. (parte) SCENA VI. Silvia sola. Che fu mai quel ch' io vidi ? Un uom non è ; gli si vedrebbe in volto La ferocia dell
Pagina 350 - Give us some drink. To your health, gentlemen. Is the wine good? It is not bad. The capon is not done enough. Give us some oranges with a little pepper.
Pagina 349 - Pull off my boots, and then you shall go to see whether they have given the horses any hay. You shall carry them to the river, and take care they give them some oats. I'll take care of every thing, don't trouble yourself. Gentlemen, supper is ready, it is upon the table. We'll come presently. Let's go to supper, gentlemen, that we may go to bed in good time. Give us water to wash our hands. Let us sit down, gentlemen, let's sit down at table. Give us some drink. To your health, gentlemen.
Pagina 348 - You can't lose your way. As soon as you are out of the wood, remember to keep to the left hand. I thank you, sir, and am very much obliged to you.
Pagina 406 - Allora il buon villan sorge dal caro letto cui la fedel sposa ei minori suoi figlioletti intiepidir la notte; poi sul collo recando i sacri arnesi che prima ritrovar Cerere e Pale, va, col bue lento innanzi, al campo, e scuote lungo il picciol sentier da' curvi rami il rugiadoso umor che, quasi gemma, i nascenti del Sol raggi rifrange.
Pagina 57 - Ad uno ad uno . . . One by one. A due a due .... Two by two.

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