Canada and Canadian Defence: The Defensive Policy of the Dominion in Relation to the Character of Her Frontier, the Events of the War of 1812-14, and Her Position To-day

H. Rees, Limited, 1910 - 186 pagina's
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Pagina 80 - Navy has honored us with a higher destiny — we are intended to seek and to fight the enemy's fleet. This is the great purpose of the Government in creating this fleet; and I shall not be diverted in my efforts to effectuate it by any sinister attempt to render us subordinate to, or an appendage of, the army.
Pagina 1 - I have told the Ministers repeatedly that a naval superiority on the lakes is a sine qua non of success in war on the frontier of Canada...
Pagina 80 - I have looked for your fleet with the greatest anxiety since the 10th. I do not doubt my ability to meet the enemy in the field, and to march in any direction over his country, your fleet carrying for me the necessary supplies.
Pagina 163 - We are of opinion that it will be suitable (il conviendra) to proceed to fresh operations to measure the observed latitude, in order to mark out the boundary from the River Connecticut along the parallel of the 45th degree of north latitude to the River St. Lawrence...
Pagina 2 - House will cordially approve of any necessary expenditure designed to promote the speedy organization of a Canadian naval service in co-operation with, and in close relation to, the Imperial navy...
Pagina 163 - Lawrence, named in the treaties Iroquois or Cataraquy, in such a manner, however, that, in all cases, at the place called Rouse's Point the territory of the United States of America shall extend to the fort erected at that place, and shall include said fort and its Kilometrical radius.
Pagina 163 - That in determining the latitude of places it is customary to follow the principle of the observed latitude. And that the Government of the United States of America has erected certain fortifications at the place called Rouses...
Pagina 164 - ... but, in consequence of the line agreed on by the treaty coming too near Quebec, it was determined that an arrangement should be made for the benefit of both parties, and the boundary has been left in its former place. An opening through the woods, like a road, marks the place, about half a mile north of the fort.
Pagina 77 - The object of your operations will be, first, — To give immediate protection, secondly, to obtain, if possible, ultimate security, to his Majesty's possessions in America. The entire destruction of Sackett's Harbour, and the naval establishment on Lake Erie and Lake Champlain, come under the first description."— Should there be any advanced position on that part of our frontier which extends towards Lake Champlain, the occupation of which would materially tend to the security of the province,...
Pagina 164 - In effect, the arbitrator held that the forty-fifth parallel of north latitude should be determined by the customary principle of observed latitude, without regard to prior surveys, but expressed the opinion that the United States should be left in the possession of the fort at Rouse Point. This opinion was actually accepted by the Ashburton Treaty of 1842.

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