Deprived of a Fighting Chance.: An Inside Look at Rehabilitation in a Canadian Prison

BookBaby, 15 jul. 2014 - 355 pagina's
A teacher reveals the callous truth about the ins and outs of working rehabilitation in a maximum security detention centre in the early nineties. With a broom closet for an office, she put up with harassment and jumbles of red tape from a constantly changing set of managers while trying to deliver correspondence courses and support to adult inmates, and learning the special modus operandi of working in a maximum security facility as she went along. Read about the ups and downs as she develops the education program with the help of volunteers, how rehab programs affect the life in the jail and how some corrections staff learned the value of rehab programs. 'Deprived of a Fighting Chance' has many snatches of inmate stories from the notes Ghi made as she answered requests froom her students and encouraged them to pick up textbook learning again.

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Preconceived Notions
Theyll Never Do Anything
The Education Program
Inmates and Education
Inmate Profiles
A Gold Mine in the Making
Security and Creativity
Officer Vinton
How Management Dealt with Harassment
Paul D
The Oath
Biweekly Reports
Things Corrections Does Right

Binh Phams Dictionary
Correctional Officers
More Inmate Profiles
A Good Manager

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