Memoirs of the Empress Josephine

Harper & Brothers, 1835 - 396 pagina's
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Pagina 391 - Now only can I calculate the whole extent of the misfortune of having beheld my union with you dissolved by law. Now do I indeed lament being no more than your friend, who can but mourn over a misfortune great as it is unexpected.
Pagina 355 - I had still strength sufficient to reply ; ' I was prepared for this, but the blow is not less mortal.
Pagina 71 - But, fare you weel, auld Nickie-ben ! O wad ye tak a thought an men ! Ye aiblins might — I dinna ken — Still hae a stake — I'm wae to think upo
Pagina 257 - Desirous of strengthening more and more the church re-established by himself, and unable to change the laws appointed by her observances, his intention is at least to keep at a distance from his court all those who may have profited by the possibility of divorce. This he has promised to the pope ; and hitherto has kept his word.
Pagina 359 - How !" exclaimed Napoleon, looking upon him sadly, " will you, Eugene, my adopted son, leave me Г "Yes, sire," Eugene replied, firmly ; " the son of her who is no longer empress cannot remain viceroy. I will follow my mother into her retreat. She must now find her consolation in her children.
Pagina 114 - Putting the stone into her gown, she several times, and with great eagerness, made the sign of cutting a throat, and fell a-dancing and shouting. This singular pantomime excited in our minds an emotion which it is impossible to describe, since we dared not to think that the woman thus intimated to us the death of Robespierre. At the very moment, while thus between hope and fear, we heard a great noise in the corridor, and the formidable voice of the turnkey, who was speaking to his dog, and, in the...
Pagina 21 - Yes, indeed; I assure you. Come, my good mother, what am I to fear and hope?' 'On your own head be it then. Listen: You will be married soon; that union will not be happy; you will become a widow, and then — then you will be queen of France. Some happy years will be yours; but you will die in a hospital, amid civil commotion.
Pagina 43 - Within an hour it will no longer be possible to withdraw yourself from search. I wished to save, because I believe you innocent : such was my duty to humanity ; but if I am commanded to arrest you, — pardon me ; I shall do my duty, and you will acknowledge the patriot. In you I have ever beheld an honorable man — a noble and generous heart ; it is impossible, therefore, that you should not also be a good citizen.
Pagina 165 - Let us think no more of them, nor of your suspicions, which I will not refute one by one, because they are all equally devoid of probability. But to repose from disagreeables, let me conclude with some details which will interest you, because they affect me. "Hortense, that she may console me so far as depends upon her, employs all her little...

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