The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords: Create Versatile and Powerful Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

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There is one simple way to exponentially increase the amount of traffic coming to your website and the number of people aware of your product or service: through the use of Google AdWords and related marketing technologies. The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords will walk you through every step needed to maximize your marketing and advertising power.

Everything related to the platforms are covered in detail—account setup, campaign creation, reporting, optimization, analytics, ad creation, mobile advertising, and much more. Learn to take full advantage of all of the marketing options available through AdWords, including:

  • Geo-targeting, distribution, and placement of ads
  • Advanced account management and budget strategies
  • Keywords, metrics, and ROI management
  • Tools such as Keywords Editor, Website Optimizer, and Conversion Optimizer
  • Mobile marketing implementations and strategies
  • Working with the various APIs available for developers

With The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, you will learn how AdWords works and how you can harness its power to increase your visibility and dramatically impact your potential for increased revenue.


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CHAPTER 1 SEM and the Google Ecosystem
CHAPTER 2 AdWords in Depth
CHAPTER 3 Marketing with AdWords
CHAPTER 4 Getting Started with AdWords
CHAPTER 5 Local Advertising and LocationTargeting
CHAPTER 6 Keyword Strategy
CHAPTER 7 Creating Ads and Landing Pages
CHAPTER 8 The Display Network
CHAPTER 9 Mobile Advertising with AdWords
CHAPTER 10 Account Managementand Optimization
CHAPTER 11 Google Analytics and Actionable Data
CHAPTER 12 Testing with Website Optimizer

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