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nified manner of the pious Author; and that to such readers these Discourses will be doubly endeared, by which to them, though dead, he still speaketh. The

prayers at the end of the several Discourses must be admired by all who have a taste for seriousness, simplicity, and ardent piety, in addresses to the Supreme Being. They are plain, rational, and appropriate ; and well calculated to leave a permanent and beneficial impression upon the mind of the worshiper.

Mr. Lindsey was not one of those believers, who think it meritorious never to change an opinion which they have once embraced. Truth was to him a gem

above all price. He always kept his mind open conviction, and never thought it too late to learn. And as he changed some opinions father late in life, it was thought advisable to subjoin to each Discourse the date of its composition, that, if any differences of sentiment should incidentally appear in the Dis



courses themselves, or between these Discourses and any other of Mr. Lindsey's publications, it may be known which was his latest judgement.

It was originally intended to have prefixed to the Sermons a Biographical Memoir of the excellent Author. But as this Memoir grew beyond expectation under the hand of the Compiler, it was thought proper to publish the Sermons by themselves, that the volumes might not be swelled to an inconvenient size, nor the publication delayed too long. It is proposed in a few months to publish the Memoir in a separate volume.


Hackney, July 1810.


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