Geschichte des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts und des neunzehnten bis zum Sturz des französischen Kaiserreichs: Bd. Das 18te Jahrhundert bis zum Belgrader Frieden


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Pagina 454 - If the whole may be estimated by this specimen, which seems to be the production of Arbuthnot, with a few touches perhaps by Pope, the want of more will not be much lamented ; for the follies which the writer ridicules are so little practised, that they are not known ; nor can the satire be understood but by the learned : he raises phantoms of absurdity, and then drives them away.
Pagina 459 - Ilium waits th' impending fall. Invocation to the catalogue of Ships. Say, Virgins, seated round the throne divine, All-knowing Goddesses ! immortal Nine ! Since Earth's wide regions, Heaven's unmeasur'd height, And Hell's abyss, hide nothing from your sight, (We, wretched mortals ! lost in doubts below, But guess by rumour, and but boast we know) Oh ! say what heroes...
Pagina 467 - Two Principles in human nature reign; Self-love, to urge, and Reason, to restrain; Nor this a good, nor that a bad we call, Each works its end, to move or govern all: And to their proper operation still, Ascribe all Good; to their improper, 111.
Pagina 435 - ... and art of pious lying prevailed remarkably, we may be allowed to doubt whether greater credit is to be given to what they tell us concerning the original, compiled in their own country and as it were out of the sight of the rest of the world...
Pagina 466 - The same self-love, in all, becomes the cause Of what restrains him, government and laws. For, what one likes, if others like as well, What serves one will, when many wills rebel ? How shall he keep, what, sleeping or awake, A weaker may surprise, a stronger take?
Pagina 494 - II leur promet des biens plus grands que leurs désirs ; Ses exemples sont saints, sa morale est divine; II console en secret les cœurs qu'il illumine ; Dans les plus grands malheurs il leur offre un appui ; Et si sur l'imposture il fonde sa doctrine, C'est un bonheur encor d'être trompé par lui.
Pagina 507 - J'admire fort votre style flatteur, Et votre prose, encor qu'un peu traînante ; Mais, mon ami, je consens de grand cœur D'être fessé dans vos murs de Salente, Si je vais là pour chercher mon bonheur. Et vous, jardin de ce premier...
Pagina 417 - ... and ceremonies and how far they are capable of proof as of standing perpetual obligation, with many other matters of the utmost consequence in religion , are fairly considered and debated and the arguments on both sides impartially represented.
Pagina 503 - N'allez-vous pas dans le temple du Goût Vous décrasser? — Nous, messieurs? point du tout; Ce n'est pas là, grâce au ciel, notre étude : Le goût n'est rien ; nous avons l'habitude De rédiger au long de point en point Ce qu'on pensa; mais nous ne pensons point.
Pagina x - I answer, that whosoever in writing a modern history shall follow truth too near the heels, it may haply strike out his teeth. There is no mistress or guide that hath led her followers and servants into greater miseries. He that goes after her too far off loseth her sight and loseth himself; and that walks after her at a middle distance, I know not whether I should call that kind of course temper or baseness*.

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