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No 623.

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THE feven former volumes of the Spectator having been dedicated to fome of the most celebrated perfons of the age, I take leave to infcribe this eighth and laft to you, as to a gentleman who hath ever been ambitious of appearing in the best company.

You are now wholly retired from the busy part of mankind, and at leifure to reflect upon your paft achievements; for which reafon I look upon you as a perfon very well qualified for a Dedication:

I MAY poffibly difappoint my readers, and yourfelf too, if I do not endeavour on this occafion to make the world acquainted with your virtues. And `here, Sir, I fhall not compliment you upon your birth, perfon, or fortune; nor any other the like perfections, which you poffefs whether you will or no: But fhall only touch upon those which are of your own acquiring, and in which every one must allow you have a real merit.


A. 2


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