A new practical and easy method of learning the Italian language, after the system of F. Ahn [by G. Marchetti]. [1st, 2nd course, and] Key. By G. Marchetti. After the system of Meissner


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Pagina 86 - Whither do you wish to go ? We will go for a walk. We will take a walk. With all my heart, most willingly.
Pagina 220 - THIMM'S Series of European Grammars" and which gives it a distinct feature of progress over the former systems pursued. The prevalent idea in these grammars is that of teaching a language easily and pleasantly, of adapting it to every capacity, of removing all unnecessary difficulties and at the same time of imparting the necessary grammatical knowledge. In this respect therefore "Franz Thimm's Series of Grammars" is not only original, but extending the new Method to all the languages of Europe,...
Pagina 96 - Bring it as quickly as possible. Make haste. Take the plate with you. Is your tea sweet enough? Have I put sugar enough in your tea ? It is excellent. I do not like it quite so sweet.
Pagina 89 - We are going to have a fine day. It is dewy. It is foggy. It is rainy weather. It threatens to rain. The sky becomes very cloudy.
Pagina 86 - He is just gone out. He is gone out. He is not at home. Can you tell us where he is gone? I cannot tell you exactly.
Pagina 212 - Ma nel suo viver domestico egli era semplice affatto, e dimesso; era modesto n'egli abiti e nel portamento; nel conversare era umano ed affabile con chicchessia. Avvenne una mattina d'estate, che uscendo per tempo della sua camera cosě, com...
Pagina 89 - There the clock strikes ! It is not late. It is later than I thought. I did not think it was so late.
Pagina 85 - V. 2. Going and Coming. Where are you going? I am going home. I was going to your house. Where do you come from? I come from my brother's. I am coming from church.

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