Imperative Life Questions of Truth and Consciousness

Archway Publishing, 23 sep. 2014 - 272 pagina's

In each of our experiences, we come into this realm of being with a very limited remembrance or consciousness of the reality of who and what we truly are, both on an individual and collective basis. We are thrust, headlong into a world full of other beings that suffer from this same "truth" amnesia.

From here, we start the journey of our true self remembrance. A journey of our own creation, of life experience divinely designed to lead us back to the home that we only believed we left. Back, to the internal knowing of our connection to all of life. All of creation, that collectively make up this creative force from which we are fooled into believing we are separate from...that which we call God.

The journey of creation. The journey that is ever changing...but never ending.


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Stephen Williams is professor of systematic theology at Union Theological Seminary, Belfast, Ireland.

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