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Pagina 557 - Europe," and to recollect that he had possessions on that of America, affording an ample balance for any sacrifice he might make here, and from which he would be cut off by the nature of maritime warfare, the termination of which could not be dictated by the combination of the Continental Powers of Europe.
Pagina 553 - Britain is, in truth, little more than an imaginary grievance. Upon a diligent examination, made by His Majesty's command, of the records of the British Court of Admiralty, there has been discovered only a solitary instance in the course of the present war, of the condemnation of a vessel really Russian ; a vessel which had carried naval stores to a port of the common enemy. There are but few instances of Russian vessels detained ; and none in which justice has been refused to a party regularly complaining...
Pagina 142 - The testimonies before the College of Physicians are very decided in declaring that vaccination does less mischief to the constitution, and less frequently gives rise to other diseases, than the small-pox, either natural or inoculated.
Pagina 557 - ... various documents of the Portuguese Government being so much influenced by terror of the French arms, as to have acquiesced to certain demands of France operating against Great Britain. The distribution of the Portuguese force was made wholly on the coast, while the land side was left totally unguarded. British subjects of all descriptions were detained; and it therefore became necessary to inform the Portuguese Government, that the case had arisen which required, in obedience to my instructions,...
Pagina 553 - Russia had himself annexed not four months before to his own acceptance of the proffered mediation of the Emperor of Austria. The second was one which His Majesty would have had a right to require, even as the ally of His Imperial Majesty, but which it would have been highly improvident...
Pagina 556 - ... had in a manner rendered myself responsible ; and which, in obedience to your instructions, I had uniformly continued to support, even under appearances of the most discouraging nature. I had frequently and distinctly stated to the cabinet of Lisbon, that in agreeing not to resent the cxclu.
Pagina 557 - Majesty, while the firing of a reciprocal salute of twenty-one guns announced the friendly meeting of those who but the day before were on terms of hostility; the scene impressing every beholder (except the French Army on the hills) with the most lively emotions of gratitude to Providence, that there yet existed a Power in the world able, as well as willing, to protect the oppressed.
Pagina 553 - Majesty refused. His Majesty did not refuse the Mediation of the Emperor of Russia : although the Offer of it was accompanied by Circumstances of Concealment which might well have justified His Refusal. The Articles of the Treaty of Tilsit were not communicated to His Majesty : and specifically that Article of the Treaty, in Virtue of which the Mediation was proposed ; and which prescribed a limited Time for the Return of His Majesty's Answer to that Proposal.
Pagina 142 - However beneficial the inoculation of the Smallpox may have been to individuals, it appears to have kept up a constant source of contagion, which has been the means of increasing the number of deaths by what is called the natural disease.
Pagina 556 - Majesty had done all that friendship and the remembrance of ancient alliance could justly require; but that a single step beyond the line of modified hostility, thus most reluctantly consented to, must necessarily lead to the extremity of actual war. " The Prince Regent, however, suffered himself for a moment to forget that, in the present state of Europe, no country could be...

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