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& cles of pesky thy gmusic doth surfap.

-each us, Sprite or Bind

What meet thon ght me

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neon heund

Praise of wore a sim

That pants forth a share of reption 10 diicin:

Chown Myminial

or minsthat chaunt

"Matches with thing, month be all
but an empty cainnt.

A thing wherein we feet then is some hidden

What hints, are the frantaine

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What fields of paver or struntains ?
What shapes Ashy or plea?

What are of tave won kind? what ignan.i

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With thy clear bein


clear kien jiyana

lanquer connet t

Shador of annoyana

Never came near the

Shin brust- but new knew love sade

Wrecking or asleep

Thon of deaths must deem


mon Trim & Deep

Than we mortats decam

Or how could thy noter flow in such a chrystal

We look hefon & after

and pine for what is not

Our sincerest Laughter

with soon pen is fraught

The am

i'mr soventes & songs are them that lett of saddest though.

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1 delightful sound-
Wetter for at hearum

te asam

that in books sine frand-

My skill to poet wan then Former of the ground

Reach me hall the gladnen

that the brain most Ban

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