The Philosophy of Vital Motion

John Churchill, 1851 - 158 pagina's

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Pagina 132 - This possession was rendered more probable by the known fact that she was, or had been, a heretic. Voltaire humorously advises the devil to decline all acquaintance with medical men; and it would have been more to his reputation if he had taken this advice in the present instance. The case had attracted the particular attention of a young physician, and by his statement many eminent physiologists and psychologists visited the town and cross-examined the case on the spot.
Pagina 134 - ... that all thoughts are in themselves imperishable ; and that if the intelligent faculty should be rendered more comprehensive, it would require only a different and apportioned organization — the body celestial, instead of the body terrestrial — to bring before every human soul the collective experience of its whole past existence. And this — this, perchance, is the dread book of judgment, in whose mysterious hieroglyphics every idle word is recorded...

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