5681 Burton's Remarks upon the Lives of several excellent young Persons of both Sexes, 12mo. half-bound, 2s. 6d......



English Hero, or Sir Francis Drake, 12mo. half bound, 28..1695 English Acquisitions inGuinea and East India, plates, 12mo. neat, ...1700 5684 Burton's (W.) Description of Leicestershire, containing matters of Antiquity, History, Armoury, and Genealogy, with maps and plates of Arms, folio, calf, neat, 14s...... .Lynn, 1777 5685 Bushe's (Amyas) Socrates, a dramatic Poem, port. 12mo. 18. Glasg.1762 5686 Butler's (Charles) Hora Juridicæ Subsecivæ; Notes respecting the Geography, Chronology, and literary History of the principal Codes, and original Documents of the Grecian, Roman, Feudal, and Canon Law, crown 8vo. boards, 28.6d..




Notes on the Chief Revolutions of the Empire of Charlemagne, royal 8vo. boards, 38..... ....1807 5688 Butler's (James) Outlines of Practical Education. 12mo. boards, 18.6d. 5689 Butler's (Dr. Sam.) Sketch of Modern and Ancient Geography, for the Use of Schools, 8vo. boards, 28.6d.

5690 Butler's (Sam.) Hudibras, with Annotations and Preface by Grey, portrait and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, neat, 14s.... .1806

Hudibras, with Grey's Notes, 3 vols. 18mo. calf, 58.......1770
Hudibras, with Notes by Dr. T. R. Nash, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo.
boards, new, 98.6d. (pub. at £1.48.)...
Hudibras, with Notes, fronts. 2 vols. 24mo. boards, 48.

. 1835

Suttaby, 1812












5696 5697





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Hudibras, and Posthumous Works, plates, 4 vols. 18mo. calf neat, uniform, 10s. 6d.

Posthumous Works, plates, 12mo. bound, 3s....

1710-16 .....1730

Ghost, or Hudibras, the fourth Part, with Reflections on these Times, small 8vo. bound, 28.....


5702 Butler's (Weeden) Zimao, the African, 12mo. calf neat, 18.6d...1800 5703 Byerley's Love's Lyrics, or Cupid's Carnival, original and translated, 12mo. half-calf, neat, 18.6d... ....1807 5704 Bygge's (Thomas) Travels in the French Republic; containing a View of Learning, Arts, Manufactures, Societies, Manners, &c., translated from the Danish, by Jones, 12mo. 18.6d.... ..1801 5705 Byron's (Admiral) Narrative of the Loss of the Wager, 12mo. cloth,


Hudibras, 8vo. half calf gilt, 3s...


Hudibras, with Notes, plates, 12mo. bound, 28..
Hudibras, with plates, 12mo. calf neat, 3s.
Hudibras, with wood-cuts, 12mo. boards, 28.
Hudibras, 12mo. bound, 1s. 6d.

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.. ....


.....1832 5706 Byron's (Lord) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 8vo. calf neat, 3s....1812 Don Juan, plates, 2 vols. 12mo. half cloth, new, 4s. 6d. (pub. at 148.)....


Don Juan, with Notes, 24mo. cloth, new, 18.6d. (pub. at 58.)
Cain, a Mystery, with Notes by Grant, crown 8vo. boards, 28.
Werner, a Tragedy, 8vo. sewed, 18....


English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, a Satire, 8vo. boards, 18. Marino Faliero, Dodge of Venice; and Prophecy of Dante, in 1 vol. 8vo. boards, 2s. (pub. at 12s.)...


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5713 Byron's Last Journey to Greece, extracted from the Journal of Count Gamba, 8vo. half-calf, neat, 38....




5716 Bysshe's Art of English Poetry, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 38.
5717 Cabala; Mysteries of State and Government, in Letters of Illustrious
Persons and Ministers of State in the Reigns of Henry VIII, Eli-
zabeth, James, and Charles, folio, calf, neat, 68..

5718 Cabinet Council, or Secret History of Lewis XIV. 12mo. bound, 18.6d. 5719 Cabinet of Entertainment, a Collection of Enigmas, Charades, Rebuses,

Letters and Journals, with Notices of his Life, by T. Moore, fine port. by Finden, 2 vols. 4to. cloth lettered, 16s..........


Le Byron des Dames, or Portraits of the Principal Female Characters, in Lord Byron's Poems thirty-nine beautiful portraits, 4to. red morocco, gilt leaves, new, £1.5s.


&c. with Solutions, 18mo. boards, 18.6d...



5720 Cadell's (W. A.) Journey in Carniola, Italy, and France, in 1817 and
1818, with plates, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s. 6d. (pub. at £1.168.)
5721 Caldwell's Thoughts on Physical Education, with Notes by Cox, and
Preface by Combe, 12mo. boards, 2s. 6d......
Edin. 1836
5722 Caldwell's (J.S.) Treatise on the Law of Arbitration, Svo. bds. 38.1825
5723 Caledonian Bards, Works of the, translated from the Gaelic, 12mo.
bound, 28.6d....
.... Edin. 1778
5724 Caledonian Musical Museum, or Library of the best Scotch Songs,
12mo. calf, 28...
5725 Cambrian Traveller's Guide, and Pocket Companion, crown 8vo. boards,
28. (pub. at 78.6d.)....
5726 Cambridge's (Richard Owen) Works, with an Account of his Life and
Character, by his Son, many portraits, 4to. boards, 88.6d....1803
5727 Cambridge, History and Antiquities of the University of, 8vo. calf, 2s.
5728 Camden's Britannia, or Description of Great Britain and Ireland, and
the adjacent Islands, with Additions by Bp. Gibson, portrait, maps
and plates, 2 vols. folio, calf neat, £1.118.6d....

. 1753


Britannia, translated by Holland, maps and medals, folio, calf neat, 108.6d..... — Britannia abridged, with Improvements and Continuations, ports. and maps, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 58.6d..



Annals, or Historie of the most renowned Queen Elizabeth, engraved title, folio, calf, neat, 78.6d..




Another copy, with portrait by White, folio, calf, neat, 98..1688 5733 Cameleon Sketches, by the Author of a Picturesque Promenade round 1828 Dorking, crown 8vo. cloth, 18. (pub. at 78.). 5734 Camoen's Luciad, or Portugal's Historical Poem, Translated by Fanshaw, three fine plates, folio, calf, neat, 68.. .1654


Luciad, Translated by Mickle, with Notes, and History of the Discovery of India, front. 4to. boards, 3s... ... Oxford, 1778 Another copy, with map and plates, 3 vols. 12mo. calf, gilt, and gilt leaves, 108.6d...



Poems, translated by Lord Strangford, 12mo. boards, 1s. 6d. 5738 Campbell's Lexiphanes, a Dialogue imitated from Lucan, and suited to

the present Time, 12mo. bound, 2s.... .. 1783 5739 Campbell's (Alex.) Journey from Edinburgh through parts of North Britain, containing Remarks on Scottish Landscape, &c. &c., numerous plates, 2 vols. 4to. boards, 10s....





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5740 Campbell's (A.) Voyage round the World, from 1806 to 1812, map, 8vo. boards, 18.......... Edinb. 1816 5741 Campbell's (Charles) Traveller's Guide through Belgium and Holland, map and plate, 18mo. boards, 18.6d.... 5742 Campbell's (Donald) Journey over Land to India, comprehending his Shipwreck and Imprisonment with Hyder Alli, and his subsequent Negociations and Transactions in the East, 4to. boards, 3s. 6d. 1796 Another copy, 4to. calf, neat, 5s.... 5744 Campbell's (Dr. G.) Philosophy of Rhetoric, 8vo. boards, 58.6d. Edinb. 1819 Philosophy of Rhetoric, abridged by Jamieson, 12mo. boards, 28.6d.... ...1823 5746 Campbell's (Hugh) Love Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, to James, Earl of Bothwell, with her Love Sonnets and Marriage Contracts, portrait, 8vo. boards, 4s. (pub. at 138.).....









Case of of Mary, Queen of Scots, and of Elizabeth, Queen of England, legally, briefly, and historically stated, 8vo. boards, 48. (pub. at 128.)... 5748 Campbell's (James) Judgment of Babylon, Siege of Masada, and other Poems, crown 8vo. boards, 18. 6d. (pub. at 68.)........... 5749 Campbell's (John) Lives of the Admirals and other Eminent Seamen, portraits, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, 68 .... ...1761 5750 Campbell's (Dr. J.) Political Survey of Britain, being Reflections on its Situation, Lands, Inhabitants, &c., 2 vols. 4to. fine copy, russia, neat, 88.6d..... ....1774 5751 Campbell's (Thomas) Gertrude of Wyoming, a Pensylvanian Tale, and other Poems, 4to. boards, i8.6d... 1809


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Another copy, with Westall's plates, 12mo. calf, gilt, 48.6d.1819 Pleasures of Hope and other Poems-Mrs. G. Sewell's Poems, plates, in 1 vol. 12mo. calf, neat, 28.6d..... 5754 Canning's Microcosm, a Periodical Work, by Gregory Griffin, 8vo. boards, 2...



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Biographical Memoir of, with the whole of his Satires, Odes, Songs, &c., 8vo. 18..... Brussels, 1827 5756 Canterbury, Historical Description of the Metropolitical Church of, containing an Account of its Antiquities, &c., 8vo. 1s......Cant. 1783 5757 Capel's Prolusions, or Select Pieces of Antient Poetry, including the Nut-Browne Mayde; Sackville's Induction, &c. 8vo. russia, 8s. 6d.

Tonson, 1760 5758 Capper's Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom, maps, 8vo. half-russia, 78....

1808 .1825


Another copy, maps, 8vo. boards, 10s. 6d.

5760 Captain Rock detected, or alarming Condition of the South and West of Ireland considered and exposed, by a Munster Farmer, 12mo. bls.


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5761 Carabo, a Narrative of a singular Imposition, practised upon the Benevolence of a Lady residing in Bristol, by a young Woman of the Name of Willcocks, alias Baker, alias Caraboo, Princess of Javasu, ports. 8vo. 2s.... 5762 Card's (H.) Literary Recreations, or moral, historical, and religious Essays, 8vo. boards, 18.... Liverpool, 1811


5763 Cardonnel's Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland, plates on India paper, 2 vols. 4to. half-bound, 68.



5764 Another copy, 3 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, gilt, 88.6d. 5765 Care's (H.) English Liberties, or Free-born Subject's Inheritance, 8vo. bound, 18.6d.....








5766 Carew's (Richard) Survey of Cornwall, and Epistle concerning the Excellences of the English Tongue, 4to. half cloth, lettered, 48... 1769 5767 Carew (Thomas) Selection from his Poetical Works, cr. 8vo. half-calf, neat, 18.6d...... 5768 Carey and Lea's Geography, History, and Statistics of America, and the West Indies, 8vo. boards, 3s. (pub. at 188.)............ .1823 5769 Carey's (David) Lord of the Desert, Sketches of Scenery, foreign and domestic, Odes, and other Poems, 12mo. boards, 18.6d......1821 5770 Caribbeana; Letters, Dissertations and Poetical Essays on various Subjects and Occasions chiefly wrote by Gentlemen in the West Indies, 2 vols. 4to. calf, neat, 68.... 5771 Carlisle's (Earl of) Relation of Three Embassies from Charles II. to the Duke of Muscovie, the King of Sweden, and the King of Denmark, 8vo. bound, 28.6d.... .....1669 5772 Carlisle's (Nicholas) Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, and the Islands in the British Seas, 2 vols. 4to. boards, 108.6d......... 1813 5773 Carlyle's Specimens of Arabian Poetry, from the earliest Time to the Extinction af the Khaliphat, with some Account of the Authors, Arab. and Eng., 4to. calf, neat 68.... .... Camb. 1796 5774 Carmichael's (Mrs.) Five Years in Trinidad and St. Vincent, 2 vols. crown 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. at £1.18.).. ..1834 5775 Carolina.-Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colonies of South Carolina and Georgia, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 3s. 6d. ....1779 5776 Carpio's (Lopez de Vega) Pilgrim, in his own Country; and Montemajor's Diana, a Pastoral Romance, front. 12mo. half-bound, 2s. 6d. 5777 Carr's Northern Summer, or Travels round the Baltic, through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Prussia, and part of Germany, in 1804, plates, 4to. boards, 68........

Another copy, 4to. calf, gilt, 108.6d...

.1805 1805

Tour through Holland, along the Banks of the Rhine, to the South of Germany, in 1806, plates, 4to. bds. 58...


Another copy, 4to. half-calf, neat, 78.....

Stranger in Ireland, or Tour in the southern and western that Country, in 1805, plates, 4to. bds. 88....

. 1807 Parts of 1806 ..1806

Another copy, 4to. half-bound, neat, 108....
Descriptive Travels in the southern and eastern Parts of Spain, and
the Balearic Isles, in 1809, plates, 4to. boards, 48.6d.. .1811
Another copy, 4to. half-calf, neat, 6s.6d.....


Caledonian Sketches, or Tour through Scotland in 1807, plates, 4to. bds. 58.6d.... ....1809 5786 Carrington's Plymouth and Devonport Guide, with Sketches of the surrounding Scenery, plates, 18mo. boards, 38. (pub. at 68.6d.)1828 5787 Carstairs' Lectures on the Art of Writing, plates, 8vo. boards, 58. 1828 5788 Carte's (Thomas) General History of England, from the Earliest Times to the Death of Henry VII. 2 vols. folio, rough calf, 16s.

5789 Carter's (Edmund) History of the County of Cambridge, from the earliest Account to the present Time, new edition, 8vo. boards, 58.6d.






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5790 Carter's History of the County of Cambridge, large paper, boards, 78. History of the University of Cambridge 8vo. bound, 4s....1753 5792 Carter, (Mrs. Elizabeth,) Memoirs of her Life, by Pennington, port. 2 vols. 8vo. half-cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. at £1.1s.)....


5793 Carter's (F.) Journey from Gibraltar to Malaga, with a View of that Garrison and its Environs, a particular Account of the Towns in the Hoya of Malaga, the Ancient and Natural History of those Cities, and of the Mountains of Ronda, map and plates, 2 vols 8vo. calf,



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5794 Carter's (James) Lectures on Taste, 12mo. boards, 18. 6d. 38. Od....

(pub. at



• •



5795 Cartwright's England's Ægis, 12mo. boards, 8s.... 5796 Carver's Travels through the Interior of North America, map and plates, 8vo. boards, 28.... 5797 Cary's New Itinerary, or accurate Delineation of the Roads through England and Wales, map, 8vo. calf, neat, 28.6d...... 5798 Cary's (Robert) Chronological Account of Ancient Time, Didactical, Apsdeictical, and Canonical, folio, bound, 58.. 5799 Cary, (R. Baron of Leppington, and Earl of Monmouth) Memoirs of his Life, by Himself, with Notes, 8vo. calf, 28.... ....1759 5800 Casa's Treatise on Politeness and Delicacy of Manners, 12mo. 18. 5801 Casaux's (Marquis de) Thoughts on the Mechanism of Societies, translated by Mac Mahon, 8vo. calf, neat, 38.... . 1786

. 1677



5802 Castelnau's (Mich. de) Memoirs of the Reigns of Francis II. and Charles IX. of France, containing an Account of the three Civil Wars raised by the Huguenots, folio, calf, neat, 58.... ..1724 5803 Castera's History of Catherine II., Empress of Russia, translated by Hunter, portrait, 8vo. boards, 38.... 5804 Catalogue of Five Hundred Celebrated Authors of Great Britain, now living, 1788, 8vo. bound, neat, 28. 5805 Catalogue of the Cottonian Manuscripts in the British Museum, royal folio, half-russia, neat, 118 . 1802 5806 Catalogue of all the Plays in the English Language, 12mo. half-bound, ....1726 5807 Caulfield's (James) High Court of Justice; Memoirs of the Principal Persous who sat in Judgment on King Charles I., and Signed his Death Warrant, with portraits, 4to. boards, 78........ 5808 Caunter's (Hobart) Island Bride, plate, crown 8vo. boards, 18.6d. (pub. at 108.6d.)... 5809 Cayley's (A.) Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, with portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 78.6d...





...1806 5810 Cecil's (John) Sixty Curious and Authentic Narratives and Anecdotes. respecting Extraordinary Characters, title soiled, 12mo. boards, 28.6d..... ..1819

5812 Censor, (The), 3 vols. 12mo. calf, 28...

5813 Cervantes' Galatea, a pastoral Romance, by Craig, front.



5811 Cellini's (Benvenuto, a Florentine Artist,) Life, with interesting Particulars relative to Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 68.....


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12mo. bds.


5814 Chalmers's (G.) Churchyard's Chips concerning Scotland; being a Collection of his Pieces relative to that Country, crown 8vo. cloth, 3s.

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