1632 . 1824

Sieanus and Philippa the Catanian, translated from the French by Sir T. Hawkins, engraved title, 4to. vellum, neat, 38. 8212 Matthew Wild, History of, crown 8vo. boards, 38... 8213 Matthew's (W.) Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Gas Lighting, 12mo. boards, 3s. (pub. at 78.6d.)


8214 Matthews's (Wm.) Miscellaneous Companions; Tour of Observation and Sentiment through South Wales; Maxims and Thoughts, in 1 vol. 12mo. half-calf, 38... 8215 Matthews's (J.) Voyage to Sierra-Leone, map and plate, 8vo. calf, 18.6d.... .1788


Bath, 1786

8216 Maurice's Indian Antiquities, with plates, 7 vols. 8vo. boards, £1.8s. 8217 Observations on the Remains of ancient Egyptian Grandeur and Superstition, plate, 4to. boards, 48. (pub. at £1.58.) ........1818 History of Hindostan, its Arts, Sciences, &c., numerous plates, 2 vols. 4to. calf, neat, 168 ....




Wesminster Abbey, with other Occasional Poems, and a Free Translation of the Edipus Tyranus of Sophocles, three plates, small 4to. half-morocco, neat, 3s.

1813 8220 Mavor's Father's Gift to his Children, consisting of Original Essays, Tales, Fables, and Reflections, 2 vols. 12mo. boards, 38......1820 Circle of the Arts and Sciences for Young Persons, plates, 12mo. bound, 18.6d...



8222 Mawman's Excursion to the Highlands of Scotland and the English Lakes, map aud plate, 8vo. neat, 3s.....

....1805 8223 Maxims, Characters, and Reflections, Critical, Satirical, and Moral, 8vo.


calf, 28. 8224 Maxwel's (C.) Beauties of Ancient Eloquence, plates, 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. 8225 Mayo's (Charles) Compendious View of Universal History, from 1753 to the Treaty of Amiens, 1802, with Notes, 4 vols. 4to. boards, 158. 8226 Mazarin's (Cardinal) Letters to Lewis XIV. on his Love to the Cardinal's Niece, 12mo. bound, 18....


8227 M'Callum's Original Collection of the Poenis of Ossian, Orrann, Ulin, and other Bards, who flourished in the same Age, 8vo. bds. 38. Montrose, 1816 8228 M'Caul's Philosophy of Mind and Matter, or some of the most important Branches of Moral Science fully treated, 8vo. boards, 2s. 6d. (pub. at 10s.)....



8229 M'Cay's General View of the History and Objects of the Bank of England, 8vo. boards, 2s,... .1822 8230 M'Creery's Press, a Poem, and other Pieces, crown 8vo. boards, 18. 6d. 8231 M'Culloch's Course of Elementary Reading, in Science and Literature, 12mo. bound, 2s......

...1834 ..1836

8232 Manual of English Grammar, 18mo. neat, 18... 8233 M'Dermot's Philosophical Inquiry into the Source of the Pleasures derived from Tragic Representations, 8vo. boards, 28. 6d. (pub. at 12s.) 8234 M'Donogh's Gratitude, a Poetical Essay, with other Poems, 12mo. calf, neat, marbled leaves, 18.6d....


8235 Meadowe's Narrative of the Wars between Sweden and Denmark, before and after the Roschild Treaty, 12mo. bound, 18.... ..1677 MEDICINE AND SURGERY.—


Abernethy's Surgical Works, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 128......1825

8237 MEDICINE and Surgery.-Abernethy on the Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases, and on Aneurisms, 8vo. boards, 48.6d.......1822 Abernethy's Surgical Observations on Injuries of the Head, &c. 8vo boards, 28.....


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Abernethy's Surgical Observations on Tumours, &c. 8vo. bds. 28. Adams's Practical Observations on Diseases of the Eye, plate, 8vo. boards, 38. (pub. at 128.)......

.1812 Arbuthnot on the Nature of Aliments, and the Choice of them, 8vo. calf, 18...........

Art of Preserving the Feet, or Practical Directions for the Prevention and Cure of Corns, Bunnions, Chilblains, &c., 12mo. bds. 28. Art of Preserving the Hair, 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 78.)...1825 Ayre's Practical Observations on Disorders of the Liver, &c. which produce Bilious Complaints, 8vo. boards, 38.6d. (pub. at 88.) Baillie's Morbid Anatomy, 12mo. cloth, 3s.......... ....1830 Baker Opuscula Medica, royal 8vo. boards, 58...................... ....1814 Barrough's Methode of Physicke, conteyning the Causes, Signes, and Cures of inward Diseases in Man's Body, from the Head to the Foote, folio, half-calf, neat, 48... ..1583 Beck's Elements of Medical Jurisprudence, by Darwall, 8vo. bds. 78.6d.... . 1829

Beddoes on the Causes, early Signs, and Prevention of Pulmonary Consumption, 8vo. boards, 18...


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Bell's System of Surgery, 6 vols.-Treatise on Ulcers, 1 vol.Treatise on Gonorrhoea Virulenta, and Lues Venera, 2 vols.—in all, 9 vols. 8vo. with plates, calf, uniform, 10s.6d..... ..1787-93 Belon's New Mystery in Physic discovered by curing Fevers and Agues by Quinquina or Jesuits' Powder, 12mo. bd. 18.6d... 1681 Berkeley on the Virtues of Tar Water-Cornaro on Health, in 1 vol. 12mo. calf, 18.6d.....


Berlu's Treasury of Drugs unlocked, 12mo. bound, 18.....1690 Bichat's General Anatomy, by Coffyn and Calvert, 4 vols. in 2, 8vo. cloth, 168...

..1831 Birch's Appeal to the Public on the Hazard and Peril of Vaccination, 8vo. boards, 38.6d....



Black's Pharmaceutical Guide, 12mo. boards, 28... Blegborough's Facts respecting the Air-Pump Vapour Bath, in Gout, Rheumatism, Palsy, &c. plate, 12mo. boards, 18......1803 Brown's Works, with his Life by W. Cullen Brown, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, 58.....



Buchan's Domestic Medicine, 8vo. calf, 38.6d. Buchan's Practical Observations on Sea Bathiug, and Remarks on the Warm Bath, crown 8vo. boards, 1s...... ...1804

Buchan's Cottage Physician and Family Adviser, 12mo. bds. 28. Burne's Practical Treatise on the Typhus or Adynamic Fever, 8vo. boards, 38. (pub. at 7s. 6d.). . . . . .


Burns's Principles of Midwifery, including the Diseases of Women and Children, Svo. boards, 78.6d...


Burns's Popular Guide to Health, and Family Receipt Book, 12mo. cloth, new, 28. (pub. at 3s. 6d.)........



Butler's Medical Chest Directory, and Family Catalogue of Drugs, Chemicals, &c., 12mo. cloth, 38....


8266 MEDICINE AND SURGERY.-Butter's Improved Method of Opening the Temporal Artery, and new Proposal for Extracting the Cataract, plates, 8vo. calf, 1s.............




8270 8271


.1782 Butler's Remarks on Irritative Fever, 8vo. bds. 28. (pub. at 12s.) Devon. 1825 Carlisle's Essay on the Disorders of Old Age, 8vo. 28......1817 Chamberlain's Duties of Youth apprenticed to the Medical Profession, 12mo. boards, 18......


Chevalier's Treatise on Gun Shot Wounds, 8vo. boards, 18.1804 Cheyne on Hydrocephalus Acutus, or Dropsy in the Brain, royal 8vo. boards, 38. (pub. at 88.)...... Edinb. 1808 8272 ---- Cheyne's English Malady, or Treatise on Nervous Diseases of all kinds, 8vo. calf, 18.6d....

.1733 8273 Cheyne's Natural Method of curing Diseases of the Body and Disorders of the Mind, 8vo. calf, 28..

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Clark on Natural and Artificial Teeth and Palates, plates, 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 98.).....


Clarke's (Sir A.) Essay on warm, cold, and vapour Bathing, with practical Observations on Sea Bathing, &c., 12mo. boards, 18.1819 Clarke's Young Mother's Assistant, or Practical Guide for the Prevention and Treatment of the Diseases of Infants and Children, 12mo. boards, 18 6d...... ....1828

Clarke's Practical Manual for the Preservation of Health, 12mo. boards, 18.6d.....


Clarke's Essay on Diseases of the Skin, 12mo. boards, 18...1827 Clutterbuck on the Seat and Nature of Fever, 8vo. boards, 4s. 6d. (pub. at 128.). . . . . .



Clutterbuck on the Prevention and Treatment of epidemic Fever, 8vo. boards, 2s. 6d... Conquest's Outlines of Midwifery, plates, 12mo. half-bd. 38.1821 Cox's New Medical Compendium for Families, 12mo. boards, 18.6d. (pub. at 88.)..... Glouc. 1808 Crichton's Practical Observations on Pulmonary Consumption, 8vo. boards, 18.6d. (pub. at 88 )...... Cullen's First Lines of the Practice of Physic, 4 vols. 8vo. cf. 5s. 6d. Edinb. 1786


. 1823

Culpeper's English Physician and Complete Herbal, enlarged by Sibly, numerous plates, 4to. bound, 88.6d.

Another copy, plates, 4to. half-calf, gilt, marbled leaves, 128.6d. Culpeper's Herbal, enlarged by Dr. Parkins, coloured plates, cr. 8vo. boards, 38.6d. (pub. at 78.6d.)....


Culpeper, Cole, and Rowland's Practice of Physick, chiefly from the Works of Dr. Lazarus Riverius, portraits, folio, calf, neat, 68. Culverwell on Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and other Diseases of the Chest, 12mo. cloth, 38. (pub. at 58.6d.)......1834 Dalyel's Observations on some interesting Phenomena in Animal Physiology, coloured plate, 8vo. boards, 2s. 6d. (pub. at 108.6d.) Denman's Introduction to the Practice of Midwifery, 8vo. boards, 78. (pub. at 158.). . . . . .


Denman's Collection of Engravings to illustratrate the Generation and Parturation of Animals, and of the Human Species, with Descriptions, 4to. bds. 6s




8293 MEDICINE AND STRGERY.--Dewell's Philosophy of Physic, 12mo. bound, 18.... Dewhurst's Guide to Human and Comparative Phrenology, plates, 18mo. boards, 28. (pub. at 38.6d.)....









Dissector's Manual, with Additions by South, 8vo. boards, 48. (pub. at 12s.).... 1825


Dover's Ancient Physician's Legacy to his Country, 8vo. bd. 18. Dunglison's Commentaries on Diseases of the Stomach and Bowels of Children, plate, 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 78.6d.).........1824 Economy of the Teeth, Gums, and Interior of the Mouth, plate, 18mo. boards, new, 18.3d. (pub. at 2s. 6d.)............... ...1831 Economy of the Hands and Feet, Fingers and Toes, plate, 18mo. boards, new, 18.3d. (pub. at 28.6d.)...


Eden's Outlines of a new System of Philosophy, being a View of the System of Sciential Medicine, 12mo. cloth, 28.6d........1834 Enquiries into the Effects of Fermented Liquors, 8vo. bds. 38.6d. Faithhorn's Facts and Observations on Liver Complaints and Bilious Disorders, 8vo. boards, 28....


1818 Falconer's Essays on the Bath Waters, 8vo. half-calf, neat, 18.6d. Farr's Treatise on the Nature of Scrofula, 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 48.)......








Faust's Catechism of Health, for Schools and Domestic Instruction, 12mo. half-bound, 18.....




Faulkner's Treatise on the Plague,designed to prove it Contagious, 8vo. boards, 18.6d.....














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Ferrier's Medical Histories and Reflections, 2 vols. 8vo. half-calf, neat, 28..... Warring. 1792 Ford's Observations on the Disease of the Hip Joint, White Swellings of the Knee, and other similiar Complaints, plates, royal 8vo. half-vellum, neat, 58....


Forster's Sketch of the new Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain and nervous System of Drs. Gall and Spurzheim, plate, 8vo. halfcloth, 28. (pub. at 58.)

Forsyth's Dictionary of Diet, front. crown 8vo. cloth, 68. (pub. at 128.6d.).....

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Forsyth's Synopsis of Medical Jurisprudence, thick 12mo. halfcloth, 38.6d. (pub. at 108.6d.)....

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Forsyth's Medical Pocket Book, 18mo. boards, 2s. 6d. Fothergill's Works, by Lettsom, plates, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 48.6d......

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....1783 Fothergill's Account of the Putrid Sore Throat-Canvane's Dissertation on Castor Oil, plate, in 1 vol. Svo. 1s.6d..........1769 Frick on Diseases of the Eye, with Notes by Welbank, plate, 8vo. boards, 3s. 6d. (pub. at 98.).. Fuller on the Structure, Formation, and Management of the Teeth, plates, 8vo. boards, 28.... Fyfe's Compendium of Anatomy, 4 vols. 8vo. boards, 148.. 1823 Galen's Art of Physic, by Culpeper, 12mo. bound, 18.6d..1671 Geoffrey's Treatise on the Fossil, Vegetable, and Animal Substances used in Physic, Svo. half-calf, 18.6d.....

[blocks in formation]

Goldbeck's Metaphysic of Man, or Pure Part of the Physiology of Man, translated from the German, by Waddington, 8vo. bds. 3s.


8321 MEDICINE AND SURGERY.-Good's History of Medicine, 12mo. bds. 1's. Gregory's Elements of the Theory and Practice of Physic, 8vo. half-calf, neat, 78...




























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Gregory on the Duties and Qualifications of a Physician, 12mo. boards, 18.6d. (pub. at 48.)...

.1820 Griffith on the Common Cause and Prevention of Disorder of the Liver, and of Bilious Complaints, 8vo. bds. 2s. (pub. at 78.)..1816 Hare's View of the Structure, Functions, and Disorders of the Stomach and Alimentary Organs, plates, 8vo. boards, 28...... 1821 Harrison's Pathological and Practical Observations on Spinal Diseases, with plates, royal 8vo. boards, 8s. (pub. at £1.18.). 1831 Harvey's (Dr. W.) Anatomical Exercises; and Exercitations on the Circulation of the Blood, in 1 vol. 12mo. bound, 18......1653 Harwood's System of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, plates, 4to. 38.6d.... ...Camb. 1796

Heberden's Commentaries on the History and Cure of Diseases, 8vo. boards, 38...


Herdman on the Management of Infants, 8vo. boards, 28....1807 Hill (D.) on the Use of Oxygen Air in the Cure of Diseases, 8vo. boards, 18.6d. (pub. at 78.6d.).


..1820 Hippocratis de Morbis Popularibus, Gr. et Lat. J. Friend, 8vo. calf, 28.6d....


Hippocrates on Air, Water, Epidemical Diseases and Prognostics, translated by Clifton, portrait, 8vo. bound, 48.


Hoffman's System of the Practice of Medicine, translated by Lewis, 2 vols. 8vo. half-bound, 38....


Hooper's Medical Dictionary, fourth edition, 8vo. bds. 118.1820 Hooper's Physician's Vade-Mecum, 12mo. boards, 28......1812 Hooper's Accoucheur's Vade-Mecum, 2 vols. 12mo. bds. 38.6d. Howship on the Diseases of the Bowels and Anus, 8vo. bds. 2s. Innes on the Human Muscles, with plates, 12mo, bds. 38. (pub. at 78.6d.)....

1813 ...1823

Another copy, 18mo. boards, 18.
James on the general Principles and particular Nature and
Treatment of the different Species of Inflammation, 8vo. bds. 3s. 6d.
(pub. at 108.6d.)...


Jameson's Essays on the Changes of the Human Body at its differ ent Ages, 8vo. boards, 38....

[blocks in formation]

Jameson on Cheltenham Waters and Bilious Diseases, 8vo. bds. 18.6d.. ..1809


Jenner on the Causes and Effects of the Cow Pox, plates, 4to. boards, 48....

.1801 Johnson on Atmosphere, Bilious and Nervous Diseases, 8vo. bds.


...1818 Johnson's Practical Essay on Cancer, 8vo. boards, 2s.... ..1810 Jones's Series of Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Modern Surgery, 8vo. bds. 4s. (pub. at 128.)..


Jorden on Baths and Mineral Waters, 4to. half-calf, very neat, 28.6d...... ..1632 La Beaume on Galvanism, with Observations on its Chymical Properties and Medical Efficacy in Chronic Diseases, plates, 12mo. boards, 2s. 6d. (pub. at 78.).......


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