10053 Voltaire's Annals of the Empire, from the Reign of Charlemagne, portrait, 8vo. half-bound, 28....


.1781 General History, and State of Europe, from the Time of Charlemagne to Charles V., 8vo. neat, 28...

.....1754 History of the Misfortunes of John Calas, 8vo. 1s.... ..1775 Romances, Novels, and Tales, in English, 2 vols. 8vo. 68..1806 Letters concerning the English Nation, 8vo. bound, 18...1733 Charles XII., portrait, 12mo. boards, 18.6d.-Ditto, calf, gilt,












Babouc, or the World as it Goes, 12mo. calf, neat, 1s.... 1754 Micromegas, a comic Romance upon the Philosophy, Ignorance, and Self-Conceit of Mankind, 12mo. 18....


Critical Essays on dramatic Poetry, 12mo. 18.


Letters to several of his Friends, 12mo. bound, 18..... .....1770 Newtonian Philosophy, compared with that of Leibnitz, 12mo. calf, 18.6d.... ...Glasg. 1764 Memoirs of his Life, by himself, crown 8vo. calf, gilt, 18.6d. 10065 Von Buch's (L.) Travels through Norway and Lapland in 1806-7-8, translated from the German by Black, with Notes by Jamieson, maps, 4to. boards, 38.6d....




10066 Von Feinaigle's New Art of Memory, with an Account of the Principal Systems of Artificial Memory, plates, 12mo. boards, 2s. 6d. (pub. at 128.)..... 1812 10067 Von Troil's Letters on Iceland, containing Observations on the civil, literary, ecclesiastical, and natural History; Antiquities, Volcanos, Basaltes, Hot Springs, Customs, Dress, Manners &c. map and plate, ls.6d.......... ...1780 10068 Voyage to the Northern Ports of China, in the Lord Amherst, 8vo. cloth, 38. (pub. at 8s.)...


10069 Voyage of Captain Popanilla, by the Author of "Vivian 8vo. boards, 28......

Grey," cr.



10070 Voyages and Travels of her Majesty, Queen Caroline, by Suite, map and plates, 8vo. calf, neat, 48. 10071 Wade's Walks in Oxford; an Account of the Colleges, Halls, and public Buildings, with a Description of the City, and Delineations in the Environs of Oxford, map and plates, 12mo. bd. 38.6d.. Oxf. 1817 10072 Wagstaffe's (Dr. Will.) Miscellaneous Works, with an Account of his

Life and Writings, plates, 8vo. 18.6d.... ...1726 10073 Wakefield's (B.) Warbling Muses, or Treasure of lyric Poetry, 12mo. bound, 18.6d. 10074 Wakefield's (Daniel) Public Expenditure apart from Taxation, 8vo. boards, 18. 6d. (pub. at 88.)..... 10075 Wakefield's (Gilbert) Correspondence with the Hon. C. J. Fox, chiefly on Subjects of Classical Literature, 8vo. boards, 3s.... ..1813 10076 Wakefield's (Priscilla) Juvenile Travellers, map, 12mo. boards, 18.6d. -Ditto, calf, gilt, 2s. 6d..... .1818




Family Tour through the British Empire, map, 12mo. bound,

28...... 1829 10078 Wales.-A Collection of Welsh Travels and Memoirs of Wales, by J. T., 12mo. boards, 18.6d.

10079 Walker's (Sir E.) Historical Discourses upon several Occasions, prin

one of her



cipally relating to Charles I., fine plate and portrait, folio, calf, neat, 108.6d ..1705

10080 Walker's (A.) Ideas, suggested in a late Excursion through Flanders, Germany, France, and Italy, 8vo. calf, 28..... ..1790 10081 Walker's (John) Critical Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language, 4to. calf, neat, 6s....


Another copy, new edition, 8vo. cloth, new, 5s. (pub. at 9s.) Ditto, with Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names, 8vo. cloth, new, 6s. (pub. at 12s.). 1830 Another copy, with the Key, 12mo. cloth lettered, 5s.....1834 Key to the Classical Pronounciations of Greek, Latin, and Scripture proper Names, 8vo. neat, 2s....

.1807 .1815

Another copy, 8vo. boards, 28.....


Another copy, 12mo. boards, 1s. 6d. (pub. at 4s.).
Rhyming Dictionary, 12mo. boards, 4s. 6d. (pub. at 10s. 6d.)
Rhetorical Grammar; in which the common Improprieties in
Reading and Speaking are detected, 8vo. calf, 38..
Elements of Elocution, 8vo. boards, 38....


1812 ..1810 .1799


Another copy, portrait, 8vo. calf, neat, 4s...


Universal Gazetteer, by Kershaw, with maps, 8vo. bd. 38. 1801 10093 Walker's (J. C.) Memoir on Italian Tragedy, from the earliest Period to the present Time, with biographical Notices of Tragic Writers of Italy, 4to. boards, 38...

1799 .1799









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10094 10095

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Another copy, 4to. calf, neat, 4s.



Historical and Critical Essay on the Revival of the Drama in Italy, 8vo. boards, 2s.... .... Edinb. 1805 10096 Walker's (Robert) Analysis of Researches into the Origin and Progress of historical Time, 8vo. cloth, 48......... 10097 Walkley's Catalogue of the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 8vo. bound, 28.6d..1652 10098 Wall's (A.) Account of the Ceremonies in the Senate House of the University of Cambridge, with Tables of Fees, 8vo. bds. 18. 6d. 1798 10099 Wall's (D.) Twenty Years' Confinement, or the Two Cassimirs, plates,

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8vo. calf, neat, 38.6d.

10100 Wallace.-Metrical History of Sir W. Wallace, by Henry, commonly called Blind Harry, with Notes, portrait and fronts. 3 vols. 18mo. half-calf, neat, 78.6d.. .... Perth, 1790 10101 Wallace's Dissertation on the Numbers of Mankind in Ancient and Modern Times, 8vo. boards, 48.6d..... ..Edinb. 1809 Various Prospects of Mankind, Nature, and Providence, 8vo. neat, 38.6d.... 1761 10103 Waller's (Edmund) Poems on several Occasions, 8vo. calf, neat, 18.6d .....

... C






Poems on several Occasions, with his Life, fine portraits, 8vo. calf, neat, 2s. 6d........ 10105 Wallis's (J.) Natural History and Antiquities of Northumberland and .1769


Durham, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. half-russia, neat, 168....


London; being a complete Guide to the British Capital, abridged from Pennant, 12mo. 18.6d.. . 1810 10107 WALPOLE'S Catalogue of Royal and Noble Anthors, with Lists of their Works, enlarged and continued by Park, numerous portraits, 5 vols. 8vo. morocco, gilt, and gilt leaves, £3.158...




10108 Walpole's Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors of England, with Lists of their Works, front. 2 vols. 12mo. neat, 48... ....1759 Another copy, 8vo. boards, 38..... Edinb. 1796 Catalogue of Engravers, who have been Born, or Resided in England, with portraits, crown 8vo. calf, gilt, 68....


Another copy, portraits, crown 8vo. half-calf, neat, 48. 6d. 1794 Memoirs of the last ten Years of the Reign of George II. plates, 2 vols. royal 4to. boards, 158...


Letters to G. Montagu, Esq., from 1736 to 1770, royal 4to. bds. 58.6d.... .1818 Letters to the Earl of Hertford, during his Lordship's Embassy in Paris, royal 4to. half-cloth, 58. (pub. at £1.18.6d.)......1825 Answer to Bolingbroke's Letters on the Study of History, 8vo. calf, neat, 28.6d....



Walpoliana, 2 vols. 12mo. boards, 38.-Ditto, half-calf, neat, 48. 10118 Walpole's (R.) Travels in the East; being a Continuation of Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Turkey, maps, 4to. bds. 10s. 1820 10119 Walpole's (B. C.) Life of the Hon. J. C. Fox, portrait, 12mo. 18.6d. 10120 Walsh's (R.) Journey from Constantinople to England, maps and plates, crown 8vo. boards, 4s. (pub. at 12s.)...






Appeal from the Judgments of Great Britain respecting the United States of America, 8vo. boards, 2s. (pub. at 12s.). ....1820 10122 Walsh's (Thomas) Journal of the late Campaign in Egypt: including Descriptions of that Country, and of Gibraltar, Minorca, Malta, &c., &c., maps and coloured plates, 4to. half-calf, 78.6d.... 10123 Walter's (Weever) Letters from the Continent; containing Sketches of Foreign Scenery and Manners, with Hints on Travelling, Expenses of Living, &c., crown 8vo. boards, 2s. (pub. at 8s.).... 10124 Walter's (J.) Poems, with Notes, 8vo. half-russia, neat, 18.6d. Oxford, 1780 10125 Walton's Present State of the British Colonies; including a particular Report of Hispanola; and a Survey of the Settlements, on the South Continent of America, portrait and map, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 3s.. 1810 10126 Wanderings of a Goldfinch, or Characteristic Sketches in the 19th Century, 8vo. boards, 1s. 6d...... 1816 10127 Wanley's Wonders of the Little World, with Additions by Johnston, portraits, 2 vols. royal 8vo. boards, 12s.....


10128 Warburton, Whitelaw, and Walsh's History of the City of Dublin, from the earliest Accounts to the present Time; with biographical Notices of eminent Men, maps and plates, 2 vols. 4to. hds. 14s.1818 10129 Ward's (Catherine G.) Mysterious Marriage, plates, 8vo. calf, neat,



10130 Ward's (E.) Compleat and Humourous Account of all the remarkable Clubs and Societies in London and Westminster, 12mo. calf, 6s. 1756 10131 Vulgus Britannicus, or British Hudibras, with plates, 8vo. calf, neat, 4s... ..1710








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10132 Ward's (John) System of Oratory, delivered in a Course of Lectures publically read at Gresham Cellege, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 5s. ....1759 10133 Ward's (Mary) Original Poetry, crown 8vo. boards, Is..... Bath, 1807 10134 Ward's (Will.) Essay on Grammar, as it may be applied to the English Language, thick 4to. boards, 48...


10135 Warden's (W.) Letters from St. Helena, relating to Napoleon Buonaparte, portrait, 8vo. boards, 28.

10136 Wardle's Charges against the Duke of York, with the Evidence, and Remarks of the Members, portraits, 2 vols. 12mo. bound, 38.. 1809 10137 Ware's (Mrs.) Poems, consisting of Translations from the Greek, Latin and Italian, with some Originals, 12mo. boards, 18.6d..1809 10138 Waring's History of the Mahrattas, with an Historical Sketch of the Decan, 4to. calf, neat, 28.... ...1810 10139 Warner's (F.) History of the Rebellion and Civil War in Ireland, map, 4to. calf, neat, 108.6d........ . 1767 10140 Warner's (R.) Illustrations of the Roman Antiquities discovered at Bath, with plates, 4to. boards, 38.....



Tour through the Northern Counties of England, and the Borders of Scotland, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 38.6d..... Walk through Wales, plate, 8vo. calf, neat, 38.... Second Walk through Wales, plate, 8vo. boards, 28. 10144 Tour through Cornwall, plates, 8vo. boards, 28.6d.. .1809 Excursions from Bath, 8vo. boards, 2s. 6d....

Bath, 1802 .1798



J0145 10146


Illustrations, historical, biographical, and miscellaneous, of the Novels by the Author of Waverley, plate, 12mo. boards, 38...1823 10147 Warren's (E.) Poet's Day, or Imagination's Ramble, a Poem, 12mo.

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.. 1804

calf, neat, 18.... 10148 Warrington's (W.) Cambria Triumphans or Britain in its perfect Lustre, being a Complete History of Wales, portrait, 4to. half-bound, gilt, 10s.6d..





10149 Another copy, with plates, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s. 6d. .1823 10150 Another copy, maps, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 88.6d. .1788 10151 Warton's (Thomas) Poems, 8vo. calf, neat, 2s. 6d..... ...1777 10152 Observations on Spenser's Faerie Queene, 8vo. calf, 18.6d.1754 Another copy, new edition, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 3s.... 1807 Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 48.6d.... .1782 Life of Sir Thomas Pope, Founder of Trinity College, Cambridge, 8vo. boards, 4s..... ....1780 10156 Warwick's (Sir Philip) Memoirs of the Reign of Charles I. with continuation to the Restoration, portrait, 8vo. calf, 2s..... ...1701 10157 Washington's (General) Official Letters to the Hon. American Congress, written during the War, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. bound, 3s. 6d......1795 10158 Waste Not, Want Not: the Preparation for the destined Change in the Condition and Prospects of the World, 4to. boards, 1s. 6d. 1829 10159 Watkins's (Dr. John) Biographical Dictionary, 8vo. half-calf, neat, ...1807



Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of the Hon. R. B. Sheridan, with a particular Account of his Family, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. half-calf, neat, 68....



Memoirs of Queen Charlotte, with plates, 8vo. calf, neat, 3s. 6d. 10162 Watkins's (C. T.) Portable Cyclopædia, plates, thick 12mo. boards,

48. (pub. at 148.)....





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10163 Watson's (D.) History of the Gods and Goddesses, 12mo. calf, neat, 28. 10164 Watson's (John) Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, and their Descendants, portrait and plates, 2 vols. 4to. half-bound, neat, £2.5s


Warrington, 1782

10165 Watkins's (T.) Travels through Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, the Greek Islands, to Constantinople; through part of Greece, Ragusa, and the Dalmatian Isles, in 1787-8-9, 2 vols. 8vo. half-calf, 28.. ...1794 10166 Webb's (Daniel) Remarks on Poetry-Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting, in 1 vol. 12mo. bound, 18.6d.. Dub. 1764


Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting, and the Merits of the most celebrated Painters, ancient and modern, crown 8vo. calf, 2s, Observations on the Correspondence between Poetry and Music, crown 8vo. 18.6d.... .1769





Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry, 12mo. Is.. 10170 Webb's (John) Antiquity of China, or Historical Essay, endeavouring a Probability that the Language of the Empire of China, is the pri mitive Language, 8vo. bound, 3s... 1669 ..1678


boards, 18.6d...

Another copy, with map, 8vo. calf, neat, 5s... 10172 Webb's (Dr. C.) Excursions to various Parts of Great Britain, 8vo. ...1812 10173 Weber's (Henry) Battle of Flodden Field, a Poem of the 16th Cen tury; with Notes, and an Appendix, plates, 8vo. boards, 48.1808 10174 Weber's (Joseph) Memoirs of Maria Antoinetta, Queen of France, translated by Dallas, portraits, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, 5s..... .1805 10175 Webster's (David) Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, map, 8vo. half-bound, neat, 38.6d.... Edinb. 1817 10176 Webster's (James) Travels through the Crimea, Turkey, and Egypt, plates, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108...... 10177 Webster's (J. B.) Extracts; or Gleaner from Aikin, Addison, Sterne, Gray, Ferguson, and others, with sixty cuts, 12mo. boards, 18.6d. 10178 Weld's (I.) Travels in North America, and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. half-calf, neat, 58.6d....


... 1800

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10179 Ditto, complete in 1 vol. with maps and plates, 8vo. bds. 38.1800 10180 Weldon's (Sir Ant.) History of the Court and Character of James I, and of the Intrigues and Tragical Events of his Reign, 4to. 18.6d, (pub. at 10s 6d.)..... Reprint, 1817 10181 Wellesley's (Marquis of) History of all the Events which have taken place in India; containing the Negociations of the British Govern ment, relative to the glorious Success of the late War, 4to. 28..1805 10182 Welsted's (L.) Works, in Verse and Prose, with Notes by Nichols, 8vo. calf, 28.6s.... ...1787 Epistles, Odes, &c., with a Dissertation on the Perfection of the English Language, and the State of Poetry, 12mo. neat, 18.1725 10184 Welwood's (Dr. James) Memoirs of the most material Transactions in England, for the last 100 Years, preceding the Revolution in 1688, 1s. 6d.... ....1700


10185 10186

Another copy, new edition, 8vo. boards, 38. (pub. at 8s.).. 1820 Another copy, 12mo. bound, 18.6d..... .1710 10187 Wentworth's (G.) Poetical Note-Book and epigrammatic Museum; more than 1000 choice Epigrams, Inscriptions, &c., 12mo. bds. 28. 10188 Wentworth's (W. C.) Statistical Account of the British Settlements in Australasia; including the Colonies of New South Wales and Van Deiman's Land, maps and plate, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 5s.... ..1824 10189 Wesley's (John) System of Natural Philosophy, 5 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 98.6d.... ...1775


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