The Heather in Lore, Lyric and Lay: By Alexander Wallace...

A.T. De La Mare ptg. and Publishing Company, Limited, 1903 - 245 pagina's
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The frontispiece is a three color halftone -- Hanson Collection catalog.

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Pagina 155 - Come as the winds come, when Forests are rended, Come as the waves come, when Navies are stranded : Faster come, faster come, Faster and faster, Chief, vassal, page and groom, Tenant and master. Fast they come, fast they come ; See how they gather ! Wide waves the eagle plume Blended with heather.
Pagina 147 - THE CAMERONIAN'S DREAM. IN a dream of the night I was wafted away, To the muirland of mist where the martyrs lay ; Where Cameron's sword and his bible are seen, Engraved on the stone where the heather grows green.
Pagina 202 - THE YOWES TO THE KNOWES CA' the yowes1 to the knowes," Ca' them where the heather grows, Ca' them where the burnie" rows,' My bonnie dearie. As I gaed down the water side, There I met my shepherd lad; He row'd" me sweetly in his plaid, And he ca'd me his dearie.
Pagina 125 - I speak ; the Lowlands are worth seeing once, but the mountains are ecstatic, and ought to be visited in pilgrimage once a year. None but those monstrous creatures of God know how to join so much beauty with so much horror.
Pagina 107 - I will tell the secret That I have sworn to keep." They took the son and bound him, Neck and heels in a thong, And a lad took him and swung him, And flung him far and strong, And the sea swallowed his body, Like that of a child of ten ; — And there on the cliff stood the father, 80 Last of the dwarfish men.
Pagina 125 - Her moors red-brown wi' heather bells, Her banks an' braes, her dens an' dells, Where glorious Wallace Aft bure the gree, as story tells, Frae Southron billies. At Wallace' name, what Scottish blood But boils up in a spring-tide flood ! Oft have our fearless fathers strode By Wallace' side, Still pressing onward, red-wat shod, Or glorious died.
Pagina 34 - OF HEATHER IN BLOSSOM. No more these simple flowers belong To Scottish maid and lover ; Sown in the common soil of song, They bloom the wide world over. In smiles and tears, in sun and showers, The minstrel and the heather, The deathless singer and the flowers He sang of live together. Wild heather-bells and Robert Burns! The moorland flower and peasant! How, at their mention, memory turns Her pages old and pleasant! The gray sky wears again its gold And purple of adorning, And manhood's noonday...
Pagina 85 - The Erica here, That o'er the Caledonian hills sublime, Spreads its dark mantle, where the bees delight To seek their purest honey, flourishes ; Sometimes with bells like amethysts, and then Paler, and shaded, like the maiden's cheek, With gradual blushes; other while, as white As frost that hangs upon the wintry spray.
Pagina 104 - From the bonny bells of heather They brewed a drink long-syne, Was sweeter far than honey, Was stronger far than wine. They brewed it and they drank it, And lay in a blessed swound For days and days together In their dwellings underground.

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