Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Developing Nations

Sharma, Ravi, Rao, Prakash
IGI Global, 7 sep. 2018 - 348 pagina's

In the face of rapid industrialisation in the last few decades, the tourism economy has blossomed into a major industry with positive impacts such as economic growth, infrastructure development, employment, and income generation. However, tourism brings negative environmental effects such as degradation of landscapes and habitats, increased vulnerability of avifauna and wildlife, and pollution leading to the decline of species.

Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Developing Nations is a pivotal reference source that explores some of the critical challenges faced in the tourism economy particularly with regard to the impacts on the environment in developing nations. It also explores the impact tourism plays in the biophysical environment such as the issue of climate change. While highlighting topics such as environmental justice, ecosystems, and ecotourism, this book is ideally designed for academicians, policymakers, environmentalists, tourism professionals, and graduate-level students seeking current research on the environmental and economic impacts of tourism.


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Environmental Impacts of Tourism Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Impacts of Tourism Multidisciplinary Perspectives
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