ceux qui ont osé comparer Sainct François a Jesus Christ, &c. Nouvelle edition ornée de figures dessinées par B. Picart. Amsterdam,

1734. 12mo. 2 vol.

ALCORANO di Macometto, nel qual si contiene la Dottrina, la Vita, i Costumi et le Leggi sue. Tradotto nuovamente dall' Arabo in lingua Italiana. S. 1. 1547. 4to. R. M.

ALDRETE, BERNARDO. Del Origen, y Principio de la Lengua Castellana, o Romance, que oi se usa en España. Roma, por Carlo Vulliet, 1606. 4to.


Varias Antiguedades de España, Africa y otras Provincias. Amberes, 1614. 4to.

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Introductio ad litteras hebrai

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ALEMAN, MATHEO. La Vida del Picaro Guzman de Alfarache. Milan, por Jeronimo Bordon, 1603. 12mo. 2 vol. in 1. R. M.

In old richly gilt morocco binding.

rache, or the Spanish Rogue. Adorn'd with Sculptures. London, 1708. Svo. 2 vol.

The life of Guzman d'Alfa

ALEXANDER. Itinerarium Alexandri ad Constantium Augustum Constantini M. Filium. Item J. Valerius de rebus gestis ejusdem Alexandri. Edente nunc primum cum notis Angelo Maio. 1817. 4to. Mediolani,

ALEXANDER AB ALEXANDRO. Genialium dierum libri sex, varia ac recondita eruditione referti. Parisiis,

cas utilissima. Ad finem; N. Mars- apud Jo. Macæum, 1570. 8vo. R. M.

calcus Thurius de Laude litterarum hebraicarum. S. 1. a. et typ. n. 4to.

Six leaves. G. M.

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Alfred; Saxon, and Englished with notes by Thomas Astle. Oxford, 1788. Portrait by Vertue inserted.


ALI BEY. Travels of Ali Bey in Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria and Turkey between the years 1803 and 1807. Written by himself. London, 1816. Maps and plates. 4to. 2 vol. in 1.

ALLAN, GEORGE, OF DARLINGTON. Collectanea ad Statum Civi

lem et Ecclesiasticum comitatus Dunelmensis spectantia ex variis codicibus tam Manuscriptis quam Impressis, sine ordine congesta.

I. The Legend of Saint Cuthbert or the Histories of his Churches at Lindisfarne, Cunecascestre, and Dunholm, by Robert Hegg, 1626. Darlington, 1777.

II. The foundation Charter and the Endowment of the Cathedral Church of Dur

ham by King Henry the Eighth, 1541. With various other papers relating to the Cathedral. Proceedings of the Dean and Chapter of Durham against their Rebellious Tenants, &c.

III. The Recommendatory Letter of Oliver Cromwell to William Lenthall, Esq.

Speaker of the House of Commons, for erecting a College and University at Durham and his Letters Patent (when Lord Protector) for founding the same, &c.

IV. Proceedings in Parliament for sending Members for the County of Durham, &c. V. Collections relating to Sherburn Hospital in the County Palatine of Durham, 1771. Fifty copies printed.

VI. Collections relating to St. Edmund's Hospital at Gateshead in the County of Durham, 1769.

VII. A Sketch of the Life and Charac

ter of Kichard Trevor, Lord Bishop of Durham, with a particular account of his last illness. Darlington, 1776. 4to.

In one volume.

ALLAN, JAMES. The Life of James Allan, the celebrated Northumberland Piper and other branches of his extraordinary Family. Blyth, 1818. Portrait. 8vo.

ALLATIUS, LEO. De Patria Homeri. Lugduni, 1640. 12mo. R. ALLEGRI, ALESSANDRO. La Prima Parte delle Rime Piacevoli. RacPART II.

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ALLEN, WILLIAM. Killing, no Murder; with some additions briefly discourst in three Questions, fit for publick View; to deter and prevent single Persons, and Councils, from usurping Supream Power. London, 1759. 4to.

ALLOT, ROBERT. Englands Parnassus or the choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their poeticall comparisons. Descriptions of Bewties, Personages, Castles, Pallaces, Mountaines, Groues, Seas, Springs, Riuers, &c. Whereunto are annexed other various discourses, both pleasaunt and profitable. Lon. don, for N. L., C. B. and Th. Hayes, 1600. 12mo.

This copy wants the last leaf mentioned by Lowndes as containing ten lines beginning "Fame's winding trump," &c.

ALMON, JOHN. Memoirs of John Almon, bookseller, Piccadilly. London, 1790. 8vo.

Privately printed.



toriola Artis Typographicæ in Suecia. Upsaliæ, 1722. 12mo.

ALNWICK. The history of Alnwick, the county town of Northumberland. Alnwick, 1813. 12mo.

Saint Mark's Day; or King John's Freemen. A poem comprehending an account of the origin and ceremony of making free burgesses at Alnwick in Northumberland. By a native of Alnwick. To which are added, The Bellows; or, Country jaunt; Love in an oven; or, the parochial batch; and the Sailor and the Monkies. London, (1793). 4to.

ALPHABETA. Alphabeta Varia. Romæ, 1631. 12mo. 2 vol. R. M. A collection of the various alphabets published by the Propaganda Society.

Alphabetum Romanum, et ex hoc transformata quædam alia, Belgicum, Hibernicum, Anglo Saxonicum, etc. Alphabetum Græcum, cum derivativis. Alphabetum Hebraicum, et quæ ex illo nata. Alphabeti Hebraici Corollarium. Alphabetum Arabicum, Persicum, Turcicum, Tataricum, Malaicum, aliorumque Alkoranistaru.n. Alphabetum Armenicum. Alphabetum Giorgianicum. Alphabeta Fabulosa. Alphabeta Inusitata, hoc est Antiquata, Conficta, Fabulosa, Spuria. Syllabarium Æthiopicum, seu Habessinicum; Literatum et Amharicum. Syllabarium Brachmanicum, seu Hanscriticum. Syllabarium Japanicum Geminum. Syllabarium Malabaricum. Hieroglyphicorum Ægyptiacorum Specimen. Scripturæ figurariæ Mexicanorum Specimen. Notæ numerorum illiteratæ, varii generis. Alphabetorum index universalis. Orationis Dominicæ versiones fermè centum, nunc primum expressæ.Versionum Orat. Dominicæ Auctarium curante Barnimo Hagio, 1660. Selectiorum Numismatum Inscriptiones Pera I. et Pera II. Antiquæ Inscriptiones. Geographia

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A curious Collection of Oriental Alphabets in Tables engraved by M. Burghers. N. d. 4to.

Conjectural Observations on the Origin and Progress of Alphabetic Writing. London, 1772. 8vo.

ALPHONSO VI. The Portugal History or a relation of the troubles that happened in the Court of Portugal in the years 1667 and 1668. In which is to be seen that great transaction of the Renunciation of

the Crown by Alphonso the Sixth, &c. by S. P. London, 1677. 12mo.

ALPINUS, PROSPERUS. Historia Ægypti naturalis. Lugduni Batavorum, 1735. Plates. 4to. 2 vol. in 1. L. P.

ALSOP, BENJAMIN. Anti-Sozzo, sive Sherlocismus Enervatus, in Vindication of some Great Truths opposed and Opposition to some Sherlock. London, 1675. Great Errors Maintained by W. 8vo.

"Benjamin Alsop a Non-Conformist Minister was the author of this book, which has occasionally been a good deal sought for; he wrote also, A Treatise of Scandal. 8vo. 1680."

MS. note.

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1624. 4to.

Another Edition. London, 12mo.

W. Bentley, 1651.

AMBROSIUS, THESEUS. Introductio in Chaldaicam linguam, Syriacam atque Armenicam, et decem alias linguas. Characterum Differentium Alphabeta circiter XL. . . . Descriptio ac simulachrum Phagoti Afranii. Excudebat Papiæ J. M. Simoneta Cremonen. Sumptibus et Typis Authoris libri, 1539. 4to.

AMELIA, PRINCESS. A sketch of the life and character of her royal highness the Princess Amelia daughter of George III. London, 1811. 8vo.

AMENITES litteraires et Recueil d'Anecdotes, (publiées par Chomel). Amsterdam, 1773.

12mo. 3 vol.

AMES, JOSEPH. Typographical Antiquities; or an historical account

of the origin and progress of Printing in Great Britain and Ireland. Considerably augmented by William Herbert. London, 1785-1790. 4to. 3 vol. L. P.

The same, greatly enlarged with copious notes and illustrations, with appropriate engravings, comprehending the History of English literature and a view of the progress of the Art of Engraving in Great Britain, by T. F. Dibdin. London, 1809-1819. 4to. 4 vol. L. P.

R. M.

AMIRA, GEORGIUS MICHAElis. Grammatica Syriaca, sive Chaldaica. Romæ, apud Jacobum Lunam, 1596. 4to.

AMIRAULT, MOYSE. La Vie de François Seigneur de la Nouê, dit Bras-de-Fer. Leyde, chez J. Elsevier, 1661. 4to.

AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. Rerum gestarum libri XVIII. (Lib. XIV-XXXI.) Librum trigesimum primum qui in exemplari Frobeniano Mariangeli Accursii. Parisiis, ex off. non adiecimus ex Codice R. Stephani, 1544. 8vo.


Libri XVIII. ad fidem MS. et veterum Codd. recensiti et observat. illustrati ex Bibl. Fr. Lindenbrogii. Hamburgi, 1609. 4to.

AMMONIUS, HERMIAS. In quinque voces Porphyrii Commenet Petrum fratres de Nicolinis de Sataria (Gr.). Venetiis, per Joan. Ant. bio sumptu Domini Melchioris Sessæ, 1545. Ejusdem in Aristotelis Prædicamenta Comment. Ib.1545. Ejusdem in Librum Aristotelis de Interpretatione Commentaria. Ib. 1545. 12mo. 3 vol in 1. R.

-In quinque voces Porphyrii Commentarius, correctionibus quam plurimis, et locorum imaginibus illustratus (Gr.). Venetiis, apud Aldi filios, 1546. Ejusdem in prædicamenta Aristotelis Comment. Aristotelis Vita (Gr.). Ib. 1546. Ejusdem in Aristotelis de inter

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