In order to render the whole catalogue more useful the Addenda of the first part is incorporated in the body of this; and the Publications of Clubs and Societies, noticed in the Preface, are now given in detail, arranged in the chronological order in which they made their appearance. An Index, upon the same plan as that in the first part, closes the Volume.

We cannot conclude better, than by adopting the last paragraph in Mr. Panizzi's report made to the Trustees in March last.


During his lifetime, Mr. Grenville's Library was most liberally rendered accessible to any person, however humble his condition in life, who could shew the least reason for asking the loan of any of his precious volumes. By bequeathing the whole to the Country, Mr. Grenville has secured to literary men, even after his death, that assistance, so far as relates to the use of his books, which he so generously bestowed on them in every way during his long and dignified career-the career of a man of high birth, distinguished for uniting to a powerful and cultivated intellect a warm and benevolent heart."

Pall Mall,
June, 1848.

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S. a. Sine anno.

S. 1. Sine loco.

S. 1. et a. Sine loco et anno.

S. 1. a. et typ. n. Sine loco, anno et typographi nomine.

Bl. L. Black letter.

F. P. Fine or Vellum Paper.

L. P. Large Paper.

B. M. Blue morocco.

G. M. Green morocco.

R. M. Red morocco.

Y. M. Yellow morocco.
R. Russia.





A. H. Partheneia Sacra, or, the Mysterious and Delicious Garden of the Sacred Parthenes. Symbolically set forth and enriched with Pious Devises and Emblemes, by H. A. Printed by J. Cousturier, 1633. Frontispiece and Plates. 12mo.

A. T. History of the Azores, or Western Islands; demonstrating the importance of these valuable Islands to the British Empire. London, 1813.

Plates. 4to.



Abælardi, Filosofi et Theologi, Abbatis Ruyensis, et Heloisa, Conjugis ejus, primæ Paracletensis Abbatissæ Opera; nunc primum edita ex MMS. Codd. V. Illust. Franc. Amboesii. Parisiis, 1616. 4to.

Some copies, like the present, have the Præfatio Apologetica of D'Amboise; in others it is omitted, and is replaced by a dedication, preface and testimonia, by A. Du Chesne. Brunet, I. p. 1.

- P. Abælardi et Heloisa Epistolæ, a prioris editionis erroribus purgatæ, cura R. Rawlinson. Londini, 1718. 8vo. L. P.


ABBOT, GEORGE. The Case of Impotency in that Remarkable Tryal

An. 1613 between Robert Earl of


Essex and Lady Fr. Howard. Written by G. Abbot Archp. of Canterbury. London, 1715. Portraits. 12mo. 2 vol.

The life of Dr. George Abbot Archbishop of Canterbury, reprinted with some additions from the Biographia Britannica; with his Character by Speaker Onslow, &c. To which are added the lives of his two

brothers, Dr. Robert Abbot Bp. of Salisbury, and Sir Morris Abbot, Knt. Guildford, 1777. Svo.

A. B. C. set forthe by the Kynges majestie and his Clergye and commaunded to be taught through out all his Realme. All other utterly set apart as the teachers thereof tender his graces favour. Imprinted at London, by William Powell, n. d. 12mo. Bl. L. G. M. ABDALLAH. Adventures of Abdallah Son of Hanif who was sent by the Sultan of the Indies to discover the Fountain of Borico, which restores past Youth. With suitable cuts. London, 1729. 12mo.

ABDOLLATIPHUS. Ilistoriæ Egypti Compendium, Arabice et Latine. Partim ipse vertit, partim a Pocockio versum edendum cura


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Dr. Askew had written in his copy, "Hic liber inter rarissimos enumerandus est, a Thoma Hyde edi cœptus est, sed morte erepto, nunquam perfectus, desinit pagina 96."

ABELA, Fr. Jo. FRANCISCUS. Descriptio Melitæ atque adjacentium Insularum, Latinè a J. A. Seinero. Item J. H. Majii duo specimina Linguæ Punicæ. Lugduni Batavorum,

s. a. Plates. Fol. L. P.

This is a portion of a volume of Mura. tori Rerum Italicarum Scriptores.

ABERCROMBY, PATRICK. The Martial Atchievements of the Scots Nation. Edinburgh, 1711. Fol. 2 vol.


catches, and jovial healths. With plain instructions for dancing. London, 1715. Wood cuts. 12mo.

ACCOLTUS, BENEDICTUS. De Bello a Christianis contra Barbaros gesto, pro Christi sepulcro, et Judæa recuperandis, Libri 1111. Thomas Dempsterus, Scotus, notis illustravit. Florentiæ, apud Zenobium Pignonium, 1623. 4to. B. M.

ACCORDS. Les Bigarrures et touches du Seigneur des Accords. Avec les Apophtegmes du Sieur Gaulard: et les Escraignes Dijonnoises. Paris, par Jean Richer, 1615. 12mo.

ACHILLES TATIUS. De Clitophontis et Leucippes Amoribus libri vIII. (Gr. et Lat.) ex Bibl. Cl. Salmasii. Lugd. Batav. apud Fr. Hegerum, 1640. 12mo. Y. M.

TARIQ. Histoire de la Conqueste, De Clitophontis et Leucippes d'Espagne par les Mores. Paris, Amoribus Libri VIII. Gr. et Lat. 1680. 12mo. 2 vol. varietate lectionis notisque Salmasii, Carpzovii, Bergeri, ac suis illustrati a B. Laur. Boden. Lipsia, 1776. 8vo.

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ABUL PHARAJIUS, GREGORIUS. Historia Compendiosa Dynastiarum, historiam complectens universalem, à mundo condito, usque ad tempora authoris, res Orientalium describens. Arabicè edita, et Latinè versa ab Edvardo Po

cockio. Oxoniæ, excud. H. Hall, 1663. 4to. In 2 vol. B. M.


CO. La Lucerna de Eureta Misoscolo Academico Filarmonico. Aggiuntovi la Messalina di Francesco Pona. Parigi, s. a. 16mo. ACADEMY. Academy of Complements newly refin'd, &c. This new impression is exactly revised, and enlarged with additions of choicest Catches and Songs A-laMode. London, 1670. Frontispiece by Marshall. 12mo.

A new Academy of complements; or, the Lover's Secretary. To which is added a choice collection of above 120 love-songs, merry

ACLAND, HENRY W. The Plains of Troy; Illustrated by a Panoramic Drawing taken on the Spot and a Map constructed after the latest Survey. Oxford, 1839. Svo. 2 vol.

ACOSTA, URIEL. The remarkable life of Uriel Acosta, an eminent Freethinker, with his reasons for rejecting all Revealed Religion. To which is added Mr. Limborch's defence of Christianity. And Memoirs of Mr. Limborch's Life, &c. London, 1740. Svo.

ACUÑA, HERNANDO DE. El Cavallero Determinado, traduzido de lengua Francesa en Castellana. Anveres, en l'Off. Plantiniana, 1591.

Plates. 4to. B. M.

ADAGIA, sive Proverbia Græ. corum ex Zenobio seu Zenodoto, Diogeniano et Suidæ Collectaneis, partim edita nunc primum, partim

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