Journal of the American Oriental Society, Volume 7

American Oriental Society., 1862
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Pagina xxviii - The Wonders of Elora ; or the Narrative of a Journey to the Temples and Dwellings excavated out of a Mountain of Granite, and extending upwards of a Mile and a Quarter, at Elora, in the East Indies...
Pagina xxxvi - A History of Egyptian Mummies, and an account of the worship and embalming of the sacred animals...
Pagina 154 - THE -ZINCALI ; or, AN ACCOUNT OF THE GYPSIES OF SPAIN, with an original Collection of their Songs and Poetry, and a copious Dictionary of their Language, by GEORGE BORROW, late Agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Spain, in two volumes.
Pagina 312 - R could not possibly have the value which belongs to it in the Sanskrit euphonic system, if it were not a lingual semi-vowel, like the English r, uttered with the tip of the tongue reverted into the dome of the palate. 42. Also in /, at the roots of the teeth. According to the commentator, the "and...
Pagina xvii - Edition, To which is now added an Account of the Author's Journey to the Banks of Euphrates at Beer, and to the Country of Mesopotamia.
Pagina xxxv - A Reading Book of the Turkish Language, with a Grammar and Vocabulary, containing a Selection of Original Tales, literally translated and accompanied by Grammatical References.
Pagina xxxvi - Pascha, from 1801 to 1843, interspersed with Illustrations of Scripture History, the Fulfilment of Prophecy, and the Progress of Civilization in the East.
Pagina 321 - ... which it has in other languages than English ; he takes y for the palatal semivowel, although it is vowel, vowel and semivowel combined, and diphthong, one or all, in the principal languages of Europe : he represents the deeper palatal of the Semitic languages by q, which has not that value in a single European language ; nor is his use of v and z free from similar objections. In every one of these cases, we heartily approve of the choice which he has made ; but we do not approve of his cutting...
Pagina xvi - DICTIONARY of the religious ceremonies of the eastern nations, with historical and critical observations, some account of their learned men ; and situations of the most remarkable places in Asia to which is added a medical vocabulary (by Fr.
Pagina xxviii - Miintakhabat-i-Hindl, or Selections in Hindustani, with Verbal Translations or Particular Vocabularies, and a Grammatical Analysis of some Parts, for the use of Students of that Language.

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