The Dial: A Monthly Review and Index of Current Literature, Volume 3

Francis Fisher Browne
Jansen, McClurg & Company, 1883

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Pagina 9 - I hold very strongly by two convictions : The first is, that neither the discipline nor the subject-matter of classical education is of such direct value to the student of physical science as to justify the expenditure of valuable time upon either ; and the second is, that, for the purpose of attaining real culture, an exclusively scientific education is at least as effectual as an exclusively...
Pagina 21 - If you would be pungent, be brief ; for it is with words as with sunbeams — the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.
Pagina 230 - Why won't you come and help us then ? We have terrible need of one man like you down among us ! It is cold and vacant up there ; nothing paintable but rainbows and emotions ; come down, and you shall do life-pictures, passions, facts, — which transcend all thought, and leave it stuttering and stammering...
Pagina 84 - THE ELEMENTS OF FORESTRY. Designed to afford Information concerning the Planting and Care of Forest Trees for Ornament or Profit, with Suggestions upon the Creation and Care of Woodlands. By FB HOUGH. Large crown 8vo, IDS.
Pagina 108 - The thoughts they had were the parents of the actions they did; their feelings were parents of their thoughts: it was the unseen and spiritual in them that determined the outward and actual; — their religion, as I say, was the great fact about them.
Pagina 20 - A Word to the Wise, or HINTS ON THE CURRENT IMPROPRIETIES OF EXPRESSION IN WRITING AND SPEAKING. By PARRY GWYNNE. Thirteenth Thousand. 18mo, price Gd. sewed ; or is. cloth, gilt edges. " All who wish to mind their p's and cfs should consult this little volume.
Pagina 104 - A Practical Guide to English Versification, with a Compendious Dictionary of Rhymes, an Examination of Classical Measures, and Comments upon Burlesque and Comic "Verse, Vers de Societe, and Song Writing. By TOM HOOD. A new and enlarged edition, to which are added Bysshe's " RULES FOR MAKING ENGLISH VERSE,
Pagina 226 - ... jails ; to recount the manifold improvements which, in a thousand ways, have multiplied the conveniences of life and ministered to the happiness of our race ; to describe the rise and progress of that long series of mechanical inventions and...
Pagina 210 - Believing that the established usage of free confidential communication between the Executive and the Senate ought for the public interest to be preserved unimpaired, I deem it my indispensable duty to leave to the Senate itself the decision of a question involving a departure hitherto, so far as I am informed, without example from that usage, and upon the motives for which, not being informed of them, I do not feel myself competent to decide.
Pagina 166 - KvSti yattov, rejoicing in his own vigour and richness of resource. I say, a narrow critic will call it verbiage, when really it is a sort of fulness of heart, parallel to that which makes the merry boy whistle as he walks, or the strong man, like the smith in the novel, flourish his club when there is no one to fight with.

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