It is with much satisfaction that the publisher is at length enabled to lay before the Literary Public his long-promised Catalogue. In announcing that it is the largest volume of the kind which has hitherto issued from the press, and that it represents the most extensive and select assortment ever recorded as the stock of a bookseller, he trusts he shall not be thought to indulge unreasonably in self-congratulation. The actual outlay for materials and compilation, (without taking into account his own labour), has been upwards of two thousand pounds-an expenditure unusual for the object, but which has been cheerfully incurred, in the hope that it will obtain for him an increase of patronage, and confirm the favorable opinion of those valued friends by whose encouragement his past exertions have been stimulated.

During the progress of the Catalogue through the press, very considerable additions have been made ; more especially in the departments of Books of Prints, Natural History, and Numismata; chiefly from the libraries of Sir Simon Clarke, Mr. Gray of Harringay Park, the late Dr. Goodall, Provost of Eton, Mr.Children and the late Mr.Young. But the publisher begs to observe that in respect to all the other classes, his attention is constantly directed to completing his stock, by the addition of the best books which occur for sale both at home and abroad : there are few important works, however scarce, but what may, from time to time, be procured from him, although not specified in the present pages. On this account he respectfully solicits direct correspondence, which will not only be a security for obtaining the identical copies described, but will afford him an opportunity of proposing, at a subsequent period, such books as he may not be able to furnish upon the first application.

With regard to prices, it will be seen that there has been a constant study to keep them below the general average

so that



but books in very fine condition, of which therp is a large proportion in the present Catalogue, cannot easy be estimated by mere description; the publisher, however, ('.n affirm that he has uniformly endeavoured to describe them correctly, and price them fairly.

Bibliographical and Literary Notices have been extensively introduced, by way of sustaining the interest and attention of the reader; and although some of the quoiations have probably become familiar from occurring in his forurer Catalogues, and being since repeated in others, the greater number will be found to have at least the recommendation of fishness. For many of the observations regarding the relative value of editions, the publisher is himself responsible; but he trusts that his long and extensive practice, and his intercourse with literary men, will justify the occasional expression of his opinion.

The Classification of the Catalog lim in, to a certain extent, arbitrary, being made to suit the lo al arrangement of the stock. In consequence of the employment of several hands in its compilation, many repetitions, and lerhap, unnecessary references, have arisen, which will, it is ho cd, be excused on the plea of convenience.

In conclusion, the publisher ventures to intrude a few words more immediately concerning hiniself. Ten years have elapsed since he commenced business on his,'un account in York Street. He had previously conducted that it is Father for nearly twenty years; during the latter part of the time with the assistance of his brothers. Family arrange.1.20ts, which had made his own separation seem desirable, subsequently occasioned the secession of his second brother. There are now, in consequence, three distinct establishments, differing only in the Christian names. These facts, which might else seem too domestic for a place here, are adverted to with the intention of preventing, as far as possible, the recurrence of mistakes which have frequently arisen from the misdirection of letters.

HENRY G. BOHN, York Street, Covent Garilen.

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247 250 260

Books op Prints, Picture Galleries, Sceneries, Pageants,

Pictorial Architecture, Picturesque Voyages, Illus-
trated and Embellished Books, Bible Prints, Emblems,
Drawings, Maps, Treatises on Painting and Sculpture,

Lives of Artists, &c.
ARCHITECTURE, Landscape Gardening, Carpentry, En-

gineering, Mining, &c.
HERALDRY, Genealogy, Family History

Ichthyology, Conchology, Mineralogy, Geology,

Reptilia, Crustacea, Vermes, Mollusca, and

Botany, including Agriculture
Miscellaneous Works on Natural History, compre-

hending general Collections, Transactions,

Periodicals, &c.
MEDICINE, Anatomy, Surgery, Physiology, Phrenology,

Pharmacy, &c.
Passics, including Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Mathe-

matics, Manufactures, Mechanics, Surveying, Astro

nomy, Meteorology, Astrology, &c.
METAPHYSICS, Moral Philosophy; Visionaries, Free-

Thinkers, Mystics
Law, Civil, Canon, and Common; Treaties of Peace, &c.

chiefly foreign
LANGUAGE, comprehending Lexicons, Grammars, Prosody,

Syntax, &c. and Works in Dialects or promotive of

BIBLIOGRAPHY, Literary History and Biography, Chalcogra-

274 289







phy, &c.

461 524


Reviews and Literary Periodicals
ENGLISH, Irish, and Scottish History, and Books by early

English Authors; in Foreign Languages
Early VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, Maritime Discovery, Geogra-

phical Descriptions, Missionary Accounts, &c. in
Foreign Languages, and chiefly before 17:20


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NORTHERN LITERATURE; Works on the History and My

thology of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lapland, Fin-
land, Greenland, Iceland, &c.

559 ORIENTAL AND HEBREW LITERATURE; comprising chiefly

Works in the Arabic, Persian, Sanscrit, and Hebrew

Games and Sports: Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, Chess,
Music, &c.

575 Modern Latin POETRY, Facetiæ, Erotic Writers, Satires

587 GREEK AND LATIN Classics, and Byzantine Historians, including Commentaries and Translations

609 BIBLES, TESTAMENTS, Liturgies, Catechisms, &c. in Foreign Languages

781 GREEK AND LATIN MISCELLANIES; including Theology,

Fathers of the Church, Philology, and Modern Latin

796 French Books



1053 German Books


Latin, Italian, English, French, German, Spanish,
and Portuguese

Oriental Manuscripts

1150 English Books, in general; including Theology, History, Belles Lettres, &c.

1155 Index to English Topography, p. 1937. Welsh

Topography and History, p. 1945. Scottish,

p. 1945. Irishi, p. 1947. Books Of wuch The PUBLISHER HAS TAE Entire Editions 1949


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