Une ville d'eaux anglaise au XVIIIe siècle: la société élégante et littéraire à Bath sous la reine Anne et sous les Georges

A. Picard, 1904 - 398 pagina's
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Pagina 168 - ... and when he came to the two last words, which he pronounced loud, deep, and distinct, it seemed to me, who was then young, as if the sounds had echoed from the bottom of the human heart, and as if that prayer might have floated in solemn silence through the universe. The idea of St. John came into my mind, ' of one crying in the wilderness, who had his loins girt about, and whose food was locusts and wild honey.
Pagina 129 - Mr. Richard S having attempted, in a letter left behind him for that purpose, to account for his scandalous method of running away from this place, by insinuations derogating from my character and that of a young lady, innocent as far as relates to me, or my knowledge...
Pagina 158 - I thank your ladyship for the information concerning the Methodist preachers : their doctrines are .most repulsive, and strongly tinctured with impertinence and disrespect towards their superiors, in perpetually endeavouring to level all ranks and do away with all distinctions. It is monstrous to be told, that you have a heart as sinful as the common wretches that crawl on the earth.
Pagina 157 - ... of curl at the ends. Wondrous clean, but as evidently an actor as Garrick. He spoke his sermon, but so fast, and with so little accent, that I am sure he has often uttered it, for it was like a lesson. There were parts and eloquence in it ; but towards the end he exalted his voice, and acted very ugly enthusiasm ; decried learning, and told stories, like Latimer, of the fool of his college, who said,
Pagina 70 - When I recollect all this labour of mind and body, I wonder that I had strength and courage to support it, interrupted as I was by the cares of a mother, and by the childish sports of my little ones, who were often most unwillingly hushed to silence for interrupting their mother's studies.
Pagina 179 - For instance, now, if that should be the case, would you choose to be pickled and sent home ? or would it be the same to you to lie here in the Abbey? I'm told there is very snug lying in the Abbey.
Pagina 222 - They hold a Parnassus fair every Thursday, give out rhymes and themes, and all the flux of quality at Bath contend for the prizes. A Roman vase dressed with pink ribbons and myrtles receives the poetry, which is drawn out every festival; six judges of these Olympic games retire and select the brightest compositions, which the respective successful acknowledge, kneel to Mrs. Calliope Miller, kiss her fair hand, and are crowned by it with myrtle...
Pagina 157 - I have been at one opera, Mr. Wesley's. They have boys and girls with charming voices, that sing hymns, in parts, to Scotch ballad tunes; but indeed so long that one would think they were already in eternity, and knew how much time they had before them. The chapel is very neat, with true Gothic windows (yet I am not converted); but I was glad to see that luxury is creeping in upon them before persecution : they have very neat mahogany stands for branches, and brackets of the same in taste.
Pagina 306 - Bright were these as blossom of old, and thought endears Still the fair soft phantoms that pass with smiles or tears, Sweet as roseleaves hoarded and dried wherein we trace Still the soul and spirit of sense that lives and cheers : Dawn and noon and sunset are one before thy face. City lulled asleep by the chime of passing years, Sweeter smiles thy rest than the radiance round thy peers ; Only love and lovely remembrance here have place. Time on thee lies lighter than music on men's ears ; Dawn and...
Pagina 57 - Yet here no confusion — no tumult is known; Fair order and beauty establish their throne; For order, and beauty, and just regulation, Support all the works of this ample creation. For this, in compassion to mortals below, The gods, their peculiar favour to show, Sent Hermes to Bath in the shape of a beau: That grandson of Atlas came down from above To bless all the regions of pleasure and love; To lead the fair nymph thro...

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