Lays of the Western Gael: And Other Poems

Sealy, Bryers & Walker, 1888 - 192 pagina's

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Pagina 82 - tis blasting bright — the high sun shines not so! The high sun sees not, on the earth, such fiery fearful show, The roof-ribs swarth, the candent hearth, the ruddy lurid row Of smiths that stand, an ardent band, like men before the foe, As, quivering through his fleece of flame, the sailing monster, slow Sinks on the anvil: — all about the faces fiery grow; 'Hurrah!' they shout, 'leap out — leap out;' bang, bang the sledges go: Hurrah!
Pagina 82 - From stem to stern, sea after sea; the mainmast by the board; The bulwarks down; the rudder gone; the boats stove at the chains; But courage still, brave mariners — the bower yet remains! And not an inch to flinch he deigns — save when ye pitch sky high; Then moves his head, as though he said, "Fear nothing — here am I!
Pagina 85 - Give honor to their memories, who left the pleasant strand To shed their blood so freely for the love of Fatherland — Who left their chance of quiet age and...
Pagina 144 - I'd wed you without herds, without money, or rich array, And I'd wed you on a dewy morning at day-dawn grey ; My bitter woe it is, love, that we are not far away In Cashel town, though the bare deal board were our marriage bed this day I Oh, fair maid, remember the green hill-side ; Remember how I hunted about the valleys wide.
Pagina 81 - tis at a white heat now : The bellows ceased, the flames decreased — though on the forge's brow The little flames still fitfully play through the sable mound, And fitfully you still may see the grim smiths ranking round...
Pagina 72 - Around the fairy thorn on the steep.' At Anna Grace's door 'twas thus the maidens cried, Three merry maidens fair in kirtles of the green; And Anna laid the rock and the weary wheel aside, The fairest of the four, I ween. They're glancing through the glimmer of the quiet eve, Away in milky wavings of neck and ankle bare; The heavy-sliding stream in its sleepy song they leave, And the crags in the ghostly air: And linking...
Pagina 82 - And thick and loud the swinking crowd at every stroke pant "ho !" Leap out, leap out, my masters ; leap out and lay on load ! Let's forge a goodly anchor — a bower thick and broad ; For a heart of oak is hanging on every blow, I bode, And I see the good ship riding, all in a perilous road — The low reef roaring on her...
Pagina 147 - That the coleen bawn of my early love Is torn from my heart away. Sweetheart and faithful treasure, Be constant still, and true; Nor for want of herds and houses Leave one who would ne'er leave you.
Pagina 73 - Are hushed the maidens' voices, as cowering down they lie In the flutter of their sudden awe. For, from the air above and the grassy ground beneath, And from the mountain-ashes and the old Whitethorn between...
Pagina 124 - Neesa's tongue is cold in death. Stag, exult on glen and mountain — Salmon, leap from loch to fountain — Heron, in the free air warm ye — Usnach's sons no more will harm ye!

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