Birds of the Colorado Valley: A Repository of Scientific and Popular Information Concerning North American Ornithology

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1878 - 807 pagina's
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Pagina 743 - American ornithology; or, The natural history of the birds of the United States: illustrated with plates engraved and colored from original drawings taken from nature.
Pagina 688 - Key to North American Birds. Containing a concise account of every species of living and fossil bird at present known from the Continent north of the Mexican and United States boundary, inclusive of Greenland. Second Edition, revised to date and entirely rewritten : with which are incorporated General Ornithology...
Pagina 573 - New-England, wherein you have the setting out of a Ship, with the charges, the Prices of all Necessaries for Furnishing a Planter and his Family at his first coming...
Pagina 618 - American Ornithology, or the Natural History of Birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson; with Figures drawn, engraved, and coloured from nature.
Pagina 607 - American | Ornithology: | or | The Natural History of Birds Inhabiting the United States, | Not Given by Wilson.
Pagina 571 - The third Booke setting forth, what people are planted there, their prosperity, what remarkable accidents have happened since the first planting of it, together with their Tenents and practise of their Church.
Pagina 201 - With tireless industry do the Warblers belriend the human race; their unconscious zeal plays due part in the nice adjustment of Nature's forces, helping to bring about the balance of vegetable and insect life, without which agriculture would be in vain. They visit the orchard when the apple and pear, the peach, plum, and cherry, are in bloom, seeming to revel carelessly amid the sweet-scented and delicately-tinted blossoms, but never faltering in their good work.
Pagina 646 - Reports | of | Explorations and Surveys, | to | ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad | from the | Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. | Made under the direction of the Secretary of War, in | 1853-6, | according to Acts of Congress of March 3, 1853, May 31, 1854, and August 5, 1854.
Pagina 418 - About sunset they began to flock together, calling to each other for that purpose, and in a short time presented the appearance of clouds moving towards the lakes, or the mouth of the Mississippi, as the weather and wind suited.
Pagina 352 - What is a Scarlet Tanager?' mused the child, whose consciousness had flown with the wonderful apparition on wings of ecstasy; but the bees hummed on, the scent of flowers floated by, the sunbeam passed across the greensward, and there was no reply — nothing but the echo of a mute appeal to Nature, stirring the very depths with an inward thrill. That night the vision came again in dreamland, where the strangest things are truest and known the best ; the child was startled by a ball of fire, and...

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