Read for the Cure

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 128 pagina's
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This is a very different kind of a book about cancer. It is a bold declaration of faith in the power of words to instruct and to heal and it is also a primer in the ways in which physicians often misuse language and how it can and does adversely affect their patients. The story is a bit of a romp because the author is feisty and stubborn in her belief that no word is ever the last word and that physicians may treat an illness but only God can heal. Readers will come away with a renewed faith in their right "to choose" their own road to health.

It is also the story of a woman who falls through a looking glass of medical jargon into a world where the same prescribed cure-all seems to exist for everyone and who finds that the real trip is the journey into oneself where one can learn to believe that hope itself can heal. "Reading for the cure" is realizing that you can stop, face fear first and make informed decisions about your own treatment by searching your soul and getting information before you are forced by fear to "act."

This book is both at turns humorous and poignant and would be a wonderful boost to anyone's immune system who either has now, or who may greatly fear disease, or its recurrence.

Recommended for anyone who needs to apply hope: a powerful antidote to the disease of fear.

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