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BICH, M. his machine for proving the compreffibility of Water, 176. ACHARD, M. his process for making artificial Tourmalines, &c. 632. For making his new invented Electrometer, ib.

ACID, new, experiments with, 38r.
ACID, foups, new manner of preparing.
ADDISON, character of, 502.
AGRICULTURE, observations and expe
riments relative to, 212.

Aia, pare, inflammable, the fame with phlogifton, 377. Curious experiments relative to, ib.

-dephlogisticated. See INGEN HOUZS.

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ANDREY and Thouret, on the NO D

Load-ftone in medicine, 563. ANTIPATHY, natural, to particular animals, &c. curious inftances of, 218. ARCHITECTURE, general obfervations

on, 14.

ARTERY, axillary. See DEHORNE. ALI BEY, his estimable character, 531.


ACON, Lord, account of, 233. BENTLEY, Dr. account of, 143. BLOW-PIPE, its ufe in the examination of Mineral Subftances, 175. BLINGBROKE, character of, 504. BossUET, Bishop of Meaux, his bigotry, 569.

BOYLE, Mr. account of, 234. BRANDENBURG, Elector of, (Frederick William) his noble conduct towards the perfecuted French Proteftants, 565. BRANDON, Charles, Duke of Suffolk, account of, 103. BETE, Lord, account of, 312.

AUBENTON's mem. on wool, 625. DAVID, his laft prophetic words tranflated, 3. Why styled the Man after God's oron beart, 528.

D'AZYR, M. Vicq, his obfervations concerning various medical fubjects, 557. his memoir on the voice, 626. DEHORNE on a confiderable aneurism of the Axillary artery, 561. DENTARIA Foot. See De Jussieu, &c. DE HERTZBERG, M. his reflections on the strength of states, &c. 162. DE JUSSIEU, DE LA LOUETTE, &C. their experiments to afcertain the properties of the Dentaria root, 559. DissENTERS, Bp. Newton's character of, 235.

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ELECTROMETER, portable, invented by M. Achard, how made, 632. EPILEPSY. See SAILLANT. ETERNAL punishment, doctrine of, controverted by a late Bishop, 236.

F'Chinese hemp feed, 387.

ITZGERALD'S experiments with

AMECH, reflections on his speech to his two wives, 3.


LANDE, M. de la, on the planet of HERSCHEL, 630. On the inclination of the third Satellite of Jupiter, ib. On the theory of Venus, ib.

LASSONE on the unhappy accidents attending the Small Pox, and Meades of a malignant fort, 559.

GIRON, the historian, his charac- LEAD-ORE, improvement in the smelt

his account of a new

ter by a Bishop, 150. Criticized, 487. GISENI, Count de, h kind of rain, 381. Good manners, rules for the preservation of in the House of Commons, 193. GRANGE, M. de la, a felf-taught Gee metrician, $89.

GRAVITIES, (pecific, &c. See KIR

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HERSCHEL'S new Planet, obfervations rel. to, 630

HISTORY, Augustan, memoir rele to the writers of, 163.

ing of propofed, 349.

LINCOLN, BP, fonnet to, 46. LOAD-STONE, obfervations on the ufe of, in Medicine,* 563.

Lock, John, account of, 234. Remark on the ftyle of his writings, 504. LORRY'S mem. concern. human fat, 959. LowTH, Bishop, verses by, addreffed to a young lady, 47.

LUNGS, irritability of, 562.


ADAGASCAR, newest account of, 611. MAGNET. See LOAD-STONE. MANSFIELD, Lord, fome account of,

paralleled with Lord Chatham, 148. MATTHEWS, Mr. remarkable ftory of his antipathy to Spiders, 211. MAUDUYT's obfervations on medical electricity, 557.

MESSIER on the 17th Comet, 630. ➖➖➖ on an eclipfe of the Sun, 631.

YDROCEPHALUS, internal. See OpI- MELAZZO, [the ancient Mylefa] ruins of


TEAURAT on the pofition of the 64 fters of the Pleiades, &c. 630,

on the Diplantidian Telescopes, &c, 631. His defcription of an ASTROMETER, ib.

JEPHTHAN's daughter, ftory of, 152.
Not facrificed, 154.
JESSE, Mr. his letter to the Reviewers,

951 INGENHOUSZ, Dr. on dephlogisticated air, &c. 603. JOSSE, his analytical examination of Columbo root, 557. the IPECACOANHA. See CORNETTE. IRON, white ores of, 171. ÍSRAEL, an Indian prince, bafely treated by the Spaniards, 608. ITALY, obferv. rel. to the state of, 586.

KATHARINE, St. collegiate church

count of, 323.

Tower of London, ac

KERGUELEN'S Voyages to the South Seas, 636.

KIRWAN, Mr. his continuation of the experiments and obfervations on the Specific Gravities, &c. 377.

French Tranflation of,

KORAN, French


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the Roman temple there, 263. MIDDLETON, Dr. account of, 144. MONIER, M. le, on the longitude of No

va Zembla, 631. On Cape Circumci. fion, ib.

MOR AND on the population of Paris, &c. 629.

MORE, Mr. his account of Scoria from iron-works, 382.

MOULINES, M. on the writers of what is called the Auguftan Hiftory, 163. Music, ingenious remarks rel, to, 392. «

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OXFORD, 'univerfity, burlefque account of SYBILLA, grotto of, its prefent ftate, 169.
the difcipline there, 306.
SYPHON, experimen, rel. to, 96.

AINTER, qualifications of, critically
difcuffed, 156.


PESOLLE's refearches relative to hearing,
&c; 558.

PHLOGISTON, account of, 299, 379. See
alfo KIRWAN,

PHYSIOGNOMY, curious theory of the
art of, 615.

PLATINA, chemical experiments rel. to,

memoir on diffolving by the nitrous
acid, 628.
PLUTARCH, memoir concerning; 163.
POPERY, BP. Newton's idea of, 235.
PORTUGAL, its miferable ftate, 589.
PRECIOUS ftones, process for imitating,

PRECIPITATES, metallic, chemical obf.
rel. to, 174.

PRIESTLEY, Dr. his anf. to the letter
from Hammon, the Atheist, 132. His
further researches rel. to fixed air, &c.

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our, written by Anne Q to James W

I. 125.

Relazione di una nuovo, 381.

Richlieu, Cardinal, his character, 413.
ROME, modern, its feeble state, 582.
ROWLEY, evidence rel. to the authen-
dicity of the poems afcribed to him,


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ARBURTON, Bishop, account of,

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WATER, exper. rel, to the compreffibility
of, 176.

exper. to afcertain the quantity of,
evaporated from the earth in hot wea-
ther, 345.

effay on the degrees of heat in which
·water begins to part with its air, and in
which it boils, 347. Account of a fin-
gular kind of water which fell in a
shower, 381.

WEGUELIN, M. on Tacitus, 162,

on the biography of Plutarch, 163.
WELSH poetry, fine fpecimen of, tranf-
lated, 271.

WHISTON, Mr. anecdote rel. to, 147.
WHITE, Mr. his obfervations on the bills
of mortality at York, 387.
WOOBURN-Sands described, 101.

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Abbey, account of the paintings
there, 102.

WooL, curious methods of judging of its
fineness, 625.

INC, ores of, chemical account of,

Z 1730



1, 1. 7,-8, from bottom, for collection,' r. collation.
40, 1. pen. of the Latin verfes, for capillis,' r. lapillis.
56, par. 3,
1. 2, for organization,' r. origination.
69, par. 2, 3. for will,' r. write.

193, Art. 54, 1. 5, for needy, r. wordy.
2c6, 1, 6, for manner,' r. method.

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Ibid. par. 2, . 12, for obfervations,' r. remarks,
------ 230, Art. X, for continuation,' r. conclufion.
pen. par. 3, for the,' r. be.

235, 1


[ocr errors]

1. 2, for Fabrigus, r. Fabrigas.

264. par. 2, 1. 1, for inftruction,' r. inftructions.
1. for 'I am glad,' r. I am as glad.
31, par. 2. 9, ·

[ocr errors]

318, 1.8, del. Hill, before farther."

Ibid. par. 3, 1. 6, fortis, r was.

338, par. 2, 1. 1, for reformation,' r. refloration.
340, 1. 2, for their,' r. these.

341, par. 3.11, forexymyron,' r. oxymoron.

349 the note, I., for this the,' r. this is the.

368, par. 4, for effect which,' r. effect of.

372, 1. 4. from bot. for the example,* r. the rare example.

374 1.6, forato,' r. were.

Ibid. 1. 5, and 6, from bor. for and ought,' r. and which ought.

375, 1. ult. remove the comma from 'Chriftian,' and place it after ⚫ divine,

376, In the French title of Art. 60, for aneanli, r. ancanti,

[ocr errors]

391, 1. uk, for Melpomene,' r, the Mufe of Song.

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