The Life of Richard Nash, of Bath, Esq: Extracted Principally from His Original Papers

J. Newbery, 1762 - 234 pagina's
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Pagina 24 - General society among people of rank or fortune was by no means established. The nobility still preserved a tincture of Gothic haughtiness, and refused to keep company with the gentry at any of the public entertainments of the place.
Pagina 33 - ... 8. That the elder ladies and children be content with a second bench at the ball, as being past or not come to perfection. 9. That the younger ladies take notice how many eyes observe them. NB This does not extend to the Have-at-alls. 10. That all whisperers of lies and scandal, be taken for their authors. 11.
Pagina 32 - That a visit of ceremony at first coming and another at going away, are all that are expected or desired by ladies of quality and fashion, — except impertinents. " 2. That ladies coming to the ball appoint a time for their footmen coming to wait on them home, to prevent disturbance and inconveniences to themselves and others. "3. That gentlemen of fashion never appearing in a morning before the ladies in gowns and caps, show breeding and respect.
Pagina 33 - That all repeaters of such lies, and scandal, be shunned by all company ; — except such as have been guilty of the same crime. NB Several men of no character, old women and young ones of questioned reputation, are great authors of lies in these places, being of the sect of levellers.
Pagina 2 - The relations of great events may surprise indeed ; they may be calculated to instruct those very few who govern the million beneath : but the generality of mankind find the most real improvement from relations which are levelled to the general surface of life, which tell — not how men learned to conquer, but how they endeavoured to live — not how they gained the shout of the admiring crowd, but how they acquired the esteem of their friends and acquaintance.
Pagina 228 - ... knew the king's firmness in preserving his word inviolable, they agreed to request an audience, and besought his permission to decide the affair like men of honour. His majesty...
Pagina 32 - That gentlemen crowding before the ladies at the ball, show ill manners; and that none do so for the future; - except such as respect nobody but themselves. 7.
Pagina 93 - I thou pleafing end of human woe, 961 Thou cure for life, thou greateft good below ; Still may'ft thou fly the coward and the flave, And thy foft (lumbers only blefs the brave.
Pagina 122 - RH, and yet you would have me express what you feel, and in a few words. I own myself unequal to the task ; for even granting it possible to express an inexpressible idea, I am the worst person you could have pitched upon for this purpose, who have received so few favours from the great myself, that I am utterly unacquainted with what kind of thanks they like best. Whether the...

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