The Early American Novel

Columbia University, 1907 - 131 pagina's
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Presents an account of the earliest attempts at novel writing in America. Covers the years 1789-1830 from the first amateurish novels and ends with an established form of American literature.

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Pagina 97 - A Peep at the Pilgrims in 1636. A tale of Olden Times, by the author of Divers Unfinished Manuscripts, etc.
Pagina 59 - The sources of amusement to the fancy and instruction to the heart, that are peculiar to ourselves, are equally numerous and inexhaustible. It is the purpose of this work to profit by some of these sources...
Pagina 94 - In 2 vols. 12mo. THE SPY : A Tale of the Neutral Ground. By the Author of
Pagina 87 - Posthumous Works of Ann Eliza Bleecker, in Prose and Verse. To which is added, A Collection of Essays, Prose and Poetical, by Margaretta V. Faugeres. New York: T.
Pagina 27 - How will your wonder, and that of your companions, be excited by my story! Every sentiment will yield to your amazement. If my testimony were without corroborations, you would reject it as incredible. The experience of no human being can furnish a parallel: That I, beyond the rest of mankind, should be reserved for a destiny without alleviation, and without example!
Pagina 93 - History of the Female American, or the Extraordinary Adventures of Unca Eliza Winkfield, Compiled by Herself.
Pagina 88 - CYNTHIA ; with the Tragical Account of the Unfortunate Loves of Almerin and Desdemona : being a N ovel. Done by an English Hand. The Sixth Edition corrected. London : Printed for Eben. Tracy, at the Three Bibles on London Bridge." (Date erased.) Who was the "English Hand," and what was the date of publication ? G.

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