tion of, 744


Fleming, John, his tour Island, a new one disco- Moonlight scenery, its ef-
to Arran, 19, 95
vered, 114, 175

fects in poetical compo-
Fo bes, Sir Wm.character Italian nations, on their sition, 501
of, 825

different characters, 167 Nationalimprovements in
Forbes, Gen. John, me- James VI. curious procla. Scotland, 598
morial to the Lyon Clerk

mation of, 731

Natural History, monthly
respec:ing his coat of Jamieson, Dr, review of

memoranda in, 37, 87,
arms, 808

his Dictionary of the 168, 247, 363, 403, 487,
Forresteries, curious re- Scottish language, 601 566, 647, 725, SOS, S84

port concerning, 490 Keith, Bishop, letter from Navy, British, bistory of
Fowlsheugh, account of, Chev. Ramsay to, 888

the rise and progress of,
Leslie, Geu, curious let. 741, 813, 900
Fraserburgh, new baths ter of, 649

-plan for the
completed, 525
Lisbon, sketch of, 643

increase of, 593
French flattery, specimen Literary fame, observa. Newfoundland, descrip-
of, 88

tions un, 170
French statesmen, cha- Literary intelligence, 44, Nisbet, Dr Charles, query
racter of eminent ones, 45, 122, 203, 205, 284, respectig, 807

360, 443, 519,603, 683, Orders in Council, brief
Frozen sea, account of a 764, 841, 923

view of, 188
journey to, 23

Louis XIII and XIV. of Park, Mungo, particulars
Funding system,

reflec- France, characters of,653 respecting, 807
tions on it, 91

Lunatic asylum, plan for Pearl fishery in Ceylon,
Gaelic etymologies and establishing one at Edin. account of, 178
antiquities, 16, 105, 418, burgh, 9, 163

Peat-moss, essays on its
564, 889

Madagascar, account of, natural history and ori-
--- language, synopsis by R. Drury, 121 giu, 39
of, 414, 587

Mammoth, discovery of Peterborough, Earl, his
Gas from coal, its use, 819

the remains of one, 23 singular exploitsin Spain,
Geological society, ac-

Manufactures, on the pro. 748
count of, 337

gress of, 38, 86, 166, 248 Pines, isle of, curious nar-
Glasgow, improvement in 362, 445, 522, 567, 671, rative of its settlement,
the supply of water there, 750, 833, 913


Manuscripts in the Scots Plagiarism detected, 902
Government, on the prin- College of Paris, account Plutarch, remarks on his
ciples of, by Mr Adams,

character, 499
Marchmont house, de. Poetic character, observa-
Grammar, query respecte scriprion of, 83

tions on, 170
ing cases in, 548

Marmion, a poem, review Poetical coincidence, 643
the Grave, a poem, new

Political even!s, ihear is-
edition of, 839

Marmontel, M, his cha. fluence on literature, 352
Ilall, Sir Joho, his severe racters of eminent French Population of Scotland,
treatment of the Profes. Statesmen, 110

tables, 249,329, 409, 489
sors in 1690, 16

Mauldslie castle, descrip. Preachers, Scots, remarks
Henry IV. of France,cha-

tion of, 643

on, 172
racter of, 653

Maurepas, M. character Presbyterian inquisition
Highland Society, appa- of, 110

in 1690, acurious pamph-
sent contradiction in one Maynoothcollege account

lei, 13
of their essays, 117

of, 496

Professions, humorous ob-
Highlands of Scoiland, Mineralogicalqueries, 243 servatiuns on their new
tour thro', 182, 250, 345, Missionaries in Bengal, nomenclature, 261
423, 569, 672, 735, 8.9, their memoir respecting Professors in Edinburgh

the translation of the University, inquisition
India, the renovation of, a scriptures, 311

into their conduct in
poem, 438

Mohun, Lord, query res- 1690, 13
Indian recreations, review pecting, 94

of, 505


of, 195

several of them
Monro, Principal, charges deprived, 36
Irving, David, memoirs of against him, 13. Depri. Queenhoo-hall,aromance,
George Buchanan, by, 41 ved of his office, 15 review of, 752,


of, 517

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Ramsay, Chev, his letter Scottish ballads, by J.Fin- Thought, on the freedom
to Bishop Keith, 888 lay, review of, 920

of, 191
Reason and speech consi- Seggieden, description of, Trades, humorous obser-
dered, 668

vations on their new no-
on Religious praises, by Shell-fish, curious species menclature, 261
M. Thomas, 340
of, 169

Turgot, M. character of
Renegado, singular vil- Singing bird, queries con. of, 111
lany of a Spanish one, cerning one, 29

University of Edinburgh,
Slave trade, history of its history of, 835
Renny, the Rev. Mr, his abolition, 664, 828 ; Ure, the Rev. Dav. sketch

of his life, 903
Slave trade in Germany,
essays on peat moss, 39
Rio de Janeiro, descrip- history of, 585

Virtue on the foundation
tion of the plan of 3 Slaves, cruel treatment of,

of, 815
Robertson of Fascaly, his

in Barbary, 30

Washington, Gen. letters
application for the erec- Spain, history of its mili-

from, 495.
tion of a forestery, 490 tary geography, 483 Waste land in Scotland,
Roslin, descriprion of,657 Spanish Itinerary, 645 quantity of, 592
Russian navy, history of, Strachan, professor, de. Weiss, Major, query con-

prived of his office, 15 cerning, 167
Santorini, account of the Tacitus, remarks on his Wernerian Natural Histo-
new island of, 114, 175 character, 499

ry Society, established at
Savile's dissertations, re- Tennant's Indian recrea.

Edinburgh, 203, 325,803
view of, 514
tions, review of 517

proceedings of,
Science, on the progress Thomas, M, character of

203, 243, 403, 486, 565,
of, 38, 36, 166, 248,362,
his writings, 254

445, 522, 567, 671, 750, --- on the love of Witchcraft, murder, and
833, 913
Glory, 255

credulity, 892
Scots Preachers, remarks

M. character of Women, on their employ.
on, 172
French Kings, 653

ments during the middle
Scots College of Paris, ac- Thomson, plan ut a mo- ages, 738
count of the manuscripts nument to his memory, Woodlark, queries con-
in, 505

cerning it, 29



fable, 527

ver, 208

ADDRESS, spoken at the the Ear-ach, address to, 126 Inscriptions in a rural grot
Academy of Inverness, Edinburgh, views of, from at the Burn, 447
Marmion, 128

Jupiter and the Frogs, a
spoken by Mrs Elegy on T. D. Brown,
Edwin at the opening of 926

the Kirn, 768
the Theatre royal, Edin- Epigram on two medical Latin verses, 127
burgh, 30 Decem, 1808,
men, 288

Love concealed, 207

an Evening hymn, 365 Marmion, extracts from,
Anna's portrait of her lo- the Exile, a song, 448 1 28

of Renmore,607 a Mother's thoughts on the
complaint, 928 Glendonnen's raid, 125 birth-day of a deceast
the Battle of Cannæ, from Grace for a Hallowe'en

son, 927
Silius Italicus, 286

Nelson, Lord, inscription
of Argoed Llwy- the Guardian angel, 766 for his monument, 847

Haliburton, Patrick, ver- New year, ude for the,
the Bee, 847

ses on his death, 365 47
Burns, poems by, 48 Hamilion, Gen. verses on Ode for the New year, 47

--- a tribute to his ge- reading an account of his Parting, 47
nius, 606
death, 446

the Pastime of Venus, 123
Catullus, translation from, Home, Mr, verses on his the Pause of expectation,
death, 686

by Dr Beddoes, 927
Craigmillar castle, verses Inscriptions in a garden the Poet, a burlesque ele-
10, 848
near Edinburgh, 207

supper, 608

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fain, 447

gy, 687


Poet, verses to a bad one, Song, death song of Mac- Verses to a lady, 528
kenzie, 685

--- on Lord Nelson's
ia Prise de l'ile de Guern-

she rose and let me monument, 607
sey, 367
in, 685

-- on the death of Mr
the Rose tree, a fable, 448 for the Perthshire Home, 686
Song, by Burns, 48 florist society, 846

to an honest sutor,
the flowers of Dun. Sonnet, 528

but very bad poet, 766
blane, 208

on the death of a -- written beneath the
the worn Soldier, 208
young lady, 686

brow of Arthur's seat, 845
Mary Gray, 288 the Unfortunate wanderer, by an officer to a
the Exile, 448

young lady, 847
the flowers of Cale. Verses on leaving the to Craigmiilar castle,
donia, 608

banks of the Ken, 207 848


AMERICA, motion for pa- for preserving the Da-
pers relating to the dif- nish feet, 291, 294. Lung
ferences with, 374

debate on a motion for
Appeals, Scots, list of, 776 censuring it, and another
Arbroath, the Guildry of, motion for its approval
petition the House of carried, 690
Lords for trial by jury in Court of Session, bill for
civil cases, 610

regulating its procedure
Army estimates, debate brought in, 609. Debate
upon, 612

on it, and read a second
Bank of England advan- time, 610
ces 3,000,000 l. to Go. Dardanelles, expedition
vernment, 370

to, motion for papers res.
Bark, Jesuits, debate on pecting it, 373. The pa-
prohibiting its exporta- pers presented, 690
tion, 452, 610. The Distilleries, motion for
bill passed, 690

the suspension of distil.
Bosquet, A. his applica- lation of corn, 769, 772
tion to Parliament for a Droits of Admiralty, mo-
reward for his invention tion respecting them,
to prevent ships sinking 371
at sea, 452

Finance Committee, mo-
Brazil, bill for regulating tion for excluding Mr
the trade to, 292

Wharton from it reject.
Budget opened, 692 ed, 691
Carhcart, Lord, receives Game duties transferred
the thanks of the House to the Stamp office, 691
of Lords, 209.

Of the Galloway, Lord, moves
Commons, 213. Takes an address to tbe King
his seat in the House of on his speech, 129
Lords, 209

Gambier, Lord, receives
Catholics of Ireland, de- the thanks of the Peers
bate on their petition in and Commons, 209, 213
the Commons, 693. In Greenwich hospital, mo.
the House of Lords, 774.

Macdowall, Mr, dalr ..
lected for Renfrewshire,
Militia, local, debate on

the bill, 769
Mutiny bill, debate on
the clause for the term
of inlistmeut, 609. The
optional clause for life,
or for a term of years,
agreed to, 690
Orders in Council relative
to neutral traders, debate
of the Lords upon them,
290, 293, 294.

In the
Commons, 369. Motion
for an indemnity to per-
sons acting under them,
375. Objected to on
various grounds, 450.-
Further debates on, 452,
609. Lord Lauderdale's
resolutions against them
rejected, 610. The bill
passed, ib, Petition from
Liverpool against them
rejected, 616
Parliament meets, 129.-
Lord Chancellor's speech
to both Houses, ib. Ad.
dress of the Lords moved
by Lord Galloway, and
voted without a division,

Address of the
Commons moved by Ld.
Hamilton, and likewise
carried, 138. Ld. Ch.0-
cellor's speech on closing
the session, 775. Parlia-
ment prorogued, 776
Peace, petition for, from
the inhabitants of Bolton,

tion respecting the offi-
Their petition rejected, cers belonging to it, 689

Hamilton, Lord, moves
Copenhagen, expedition an address to the King
to, debate of the Lords

on his speech, 134
respecting it, 210. Of Lake, Lord, a pension of
the Commons, 215, Mo 2000l. settled on his fa.
tion of Lord Sidmouth mily, 452, 612


presented, 376. Re. tion of Sir James Innes tion against Lord Coch-
solutions respecting, Kerr respecting it, 209.

rane, 690

Another petition from State papers, relative to
Places in reversion, bill Mr Belienden Kerr pre- the Russian and Austrian
for their abolition, 294. sented, 609. Long hear- mediation, 138. Motion
Restricted, 449. Reject. ings on the case, 611. in the Lords for their
ed,456. New bill brought Postponed till next ses- production, 289. Reject-
in, 691
sion, ib.

ed by the Commons, 370
Popham, Sir Home,charge Russian mediation, de Sweden, message of his
a ainst him, 372, 375

bates on motions for the Majesty respecting his
Portugal, expedition to, production of papers re- treaty with, 449. A sub.
motion for papers re-

spectingit,289,370, 372, sidy granted, ib. 690
specting it, 373. The Resolutions on refusing Wellesley, Marq. motion

papers presented, 689 its acceptance, 613. relative to his conduct
Records of Scotland, bill Salt, additional duty pro- to the Nabob of Oude,

for the better regulation posed on exportation, 451. Resolution appro.
of, introduced, 691.-


ving of his conduct pas-
Postponed, 692

Sheridan, Mr, forfeits his sed in the House of Com-
Roxburgh peerage, peti- recognizance in his peti- mons, 6go


AFRICA man of war, des- ter a most desperate bat- And sends them prison.
perate action with a fleet
tle, 946

ers into France 456. Ar-
of Danish gun boats, 568 Austria suspected of hos- rives at St Cloud, 710.
Ahrenberg, Duke of, mar- tile intentions by France, Determines to subdue
ries a relation of Bona-
790. Mikes great mili-

Spain, 711.

parte, 221

tary preparations, ib. the Duke of Berg to the
Algiers, earthquake at, Baird, Sir David, lands throne of Naples, ib.

with a British army at Sets olit to meet the Em-
America, North, an em. Corunna, and is joyfully peror of Russia at Er-
bargo on shipping laid received, 861. Arrives furih, 785.

The two
on by Congress, 140. at Astorga, but is order. Emperors meet, and have
Mr Rose arrives from ed to retreat, 939

many conferences, 789,
England, and proceeds Bayonne, see Spain, Bo- 866. Speculations on
to Washington, 141,- naparte

their designs, ib. Aus-
His reception favourable, Bentinck, Lord Wm. ar- tria threatened, 790. Ob.
but the embargo conti. rives from Madras, 69 taius a secret treaty for
nued, 295, The mer. Bonaparte arrives at Mi. the division of Portugal,
chants discontented at lan, 57. Adds new Dig. 855. Arrives at St Cloud,
its continuance, ib. Re- nitaries to the Iron Crown

and pronounces a furious
monstrance of the mer- of Lombardy, ib. De- speech against England
chants of Boston against crees Eugene Beauhar. and Spain before the Le-
it, 851. The President's nois heir to the Crown gislative Body, 864. Re-
answer refusing to re- of Italy, ib. Makes' a ceives a fulsome address
move it, ib. The people speech to the Senate, ss. from the President, 865,
much impressed with the Sets out for Venice, and Sends overtures for peace
intelligence from Spain, arrives suddenly at St to England, $67. De-

Cloud, ib. Issues a de. parts suddenly for Bay.
America, South, neutral cree against Portugal, u.

onne, 868
ships ordered to depart niting it with France, Brazil, the Prince Regent
from Buenos Ayres, 140

Appears at Bav. of Portugal arrives there,
The people of Caraccas onne, and has interviews 392. Establishes his
declare for King Ferdi- with the Royal Family Court at Rio de Janeiro,
nand, 850. Seize all the of Spain, 456, 529. Com. ib. Issues a proclama-
French there, ib.

pels them to a surrender tion for regulating trade,
Amethyst frigate, takes a of their rights to the ib. Presents the British
large French frigate, af- throne of Spain, 530,-- officers with the insignia


2 22.


of the Oriter of Fidelity, peace from France and with England, 144. Pros
383. Prosperous state
Russia, 948

jects an expedition to
of the country, 850

Denmark.- The Crown India by land, 221. A.
British men of war, seven Prince prepares for the merican ships confisca.
frozen up in the harbour cunquest of Sweden, 228, ted, 222. Colonial pro.
of Gottenburgh, 305 Confiscates all English duce extremely dear, ib.
large fleet sails for
property, ib. Estimate

Vaccination very sue.
the Baltic, 305. Takes of the loss by the English cessful, ib. Napoleon
a number of Darish store- expedition, ib. Her de. issues a decree for estab.
ships, 381

claration against Sweden, lishing a new order of
Brunswick, Pr. Wm. gets 3CI.

Refuses a letter Nobility, 297. Kidnaps
a pension from Bona- from the Marquis de la the Prussian prisoners
parte, 222



Cruel into his service, 295.-
Caledonia smack totally treatment of two Spa- The Minister's repurt re.

lost, with a number of nish regiments, 945 specting the affairs of
passengers, 305

Dillon, Capt. severely Spain, 711. A quantity
Campbell, Major, tried at wounded in an

action of valuable statoes ar-
Armagh for murder,371. with a Danish man of rive from Italy, 865.4
Condemned and execu- war, 303

An army assembles at
ted, 872

Dyer, Sir Thos, arrives in Boulogne, 941. The
Cevallos, Don, his expo• Spain, and is received Royal Family of Spain
sition of the machinations with enthusiasm, 542 in close confinement, ib.
of Bonaparte against the Earthquake at Algiers,

New French dignities, ib.
royal family of Spain, 147

French squadron escapes
S55, 929

East-Indies, the fort of from Rochefort,147. Pure
Tie Childers sloop of war Cumuona taken by storm, sued by two British squa-
“engages a French priva- with heavy loss to the drons, but escapes, 229
teer, which escapes, 230. British army, 383. A Frere, Mr, arrives at Cor-
Afterwards engages
dreadful hurricane at Ma.

runna, 861.

Sets out
dras, 384. The Danish for Madrid, 862
Comet sloop of war takes settlements taken, $49. Hamburgh,serious distur.
a large French corvette, Destructive inundation bances occasioned by the

at Penang, ib. The French troops, 383
Convention of Cintra, the whole Dutch shipping at Hardinge, Capt. takes the
city of London's remon- Batavia destroyed by Sir Piedmontaise French fri-
strance to the King a- Edward Pellew, ib. gate, but is killed in the
gainst it, 869

Emerald frigate, gallant action, 712.
Covent Garden theatre enterprize on the Spa- Highland Society of Lon-
burnt down, 870
nish shore, 301

don, hold a grand andi-
Curieux sloop, Capt. She. Emigrants, singular fate versary meeting, 306
riff, taken by a French of sonie from Scotland, Holland,-King Louis ad-
privateer, after a long ac- 230

dresses the Senate, 59.
tion, 303
Erturth, meeting of the

The Minister's exposi-
Dalrymple, Sir H. takes Emperor Alexander and tion of the state of the
the command of the Bri- Bonaparte there,789,866 kingdom, 60. Decree
tish army in Portugal, Etruria,-ceded by the against Sweden, 145:-
777. Concludes a cor- Queen to Bonaparte, 143. Prohibition of all trade
vention with the French Distress of the merchants with England, ib. The
army, 778. Which is of Leghorn, 144

port of Flushing ceded
much censured, 785 Eugene Beauharnois, cre- to France, ib. Fatal ef.
Davison, Alex. tried for ated Duke of Venice, 5S fects of an inundation at

fraud, found Guilty, 952 Fire, dreadful one at Co- Flushing, ib. Decree
Declaration, British, in vent Garden theatre, 870 uniting Kniphausen, le-
answer to that of Rus- the Flora frigate lost, 230 vers, and Varel to the
sin, 61, Of a cessation Forbes, General, embarks kingdom of Holland, 125.
of hostilities with Spain, with the Royal Family Neutralfagsabolish'd, ib.
64.1. To the Spanish of Portugal for Brazil, 55 Rigorous treatment of an
envoys of Asturias, 626. France, Bonaparte's de. English flag of truce, 229
On the uvertures for cree against all trade More commercial res


Dane, 303

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