South Asian Sufis: Devotion, Deviation, and Destiny

Clinton Bennett, Charles M. Ramsey
A&C Black, 1 mrt. 2012 - 336 pagina's
Often described as the soul of Islam, Sufism is one of the most interesting yet least known facet of this global religion. Sufism is the softer more inclusive and mystical form of Islam. Although militant Islamists dominate the headlines, the Sufi ideal has captured the imagination of many. Nowhere in the world is the handprint of Sufism more observable than South Asia, which has the largest Muslim population of the world, but also the greatest concentration of Sufis. This book examines active Sufi communities in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh that shed light on the devotion, and deviation, and destiny of Sufism in South Asia.

Drawn from extensive work by indigenous and international scholars, this ethnographical study explores the impact of Iran on the development of Sufi thought and practice further east, and also discusses Sufism in diaspora in such contexts as the UK and North America and Iran's influence on South Asian Sufism.

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Notes on Contributors
Irans Role in Stimulating South Asian Islam
A Model of Sufi Training in the TwentyFirst Century A Case
Understanding the Philosophy of Spirituality at Shrines
Spiritual Power and ThresholdIdentities The Mazārs of Sayyid
Dua Popular Culture and Powerful Blessing at the Urs
When Sufi Tradition Reinvents Islamic Modernity The Minhājul
Making the Case for Sainthood in Modern Bangladesh Narrative
Encountering the Unholy The Establishment of Political Parties
The Transformation and Development of South Asian Sufis
Rishīwaer Kashmir the Garden of the Saints
A Garden Amidst the Flames The Categorical Imperative of Sufi
South Asian Sufism in America
Sufis and Social Activism A Chīshtī Response to Communal
South Asian Sufis Devotion Deviation and Destiny

Ahmad Sirhindī Nationalist Hero Good Sufi or Bad Sufi?

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Over de auteur (2012)

Clinton Bennett teaches Religious Studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA.
Charles M. Ramsey is Director of University Institute Center for Islamic Studies, New Delhi, India.

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