Antar: A Bedoueen Romance, Volume 1

John Murray, 1819 - 298 pagina's
Translated from the Arabic by T. Hamilton.

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Pagina 31 - Daji came up and stopped them, and took possession of the water for his master's cattle. Just then an old woman belonging to the tribe of Abs came up to him, and accosted him in a suppliant manner, saying: 'Be so good, master Daji, as to let my cattle drink; they are all the property I possess, and I live by their milk. Pity my flock: have compassion on me and grant my request, and let them drink.
Pagina 221 - Nobility, my lord," said Antar, "amongst liberal men, is the thrust of the spear, the blow of the sword, the patience beneath the battle dust. I am the physician of the tribe of Abs when they are in sickness, their protector in disgrace, the defender of their wives when they are in trouble, and their horseman when they are in glory, and their sword when they rush to arms.
Pagina 122 - Darkness obscures the land — do thou rise in my absence ; and the brilliant moon calls out to her : Come forth ! — for thy face is like me when I am at the full, and in all my glory...
Pagina 53 - Fire shot from their eyes, and the cups of wine were united to the honey of their mouths. The imagination of Antar was inflamed and overpowered in the sea of anxiety ; he hesitated whether he should violate the modesty of love by the fingers of passion, when lo ! on a sudden there appeared a cloud of dust ; and a vast clamour arose, and in a moment there came forth a troop of horses and their riders, about seventy in number, armed with cuirasses, and coats of mail, and Aadite helmets, crying out,...
Pagina 46 - ... I feel burning through my bones. Were I not left in solitude, and could I not quench the fire of my passion with tears, my heart would melt. But I do not complain ; though all my fears are on thy account, O thou perfect full moon ! O daughter of Malik ! how can I be consoled, since my love for thee originated from the time I was weaned ? But how can I ever hope to approach thee, whilst the lions of the forest guard thy tent ? By the truth of my love for thee, my heart can never be cured but by...
Pagina 51 - Antar, with his other warriors, to accompany him on an expedition against a neighbouring tribe, Antar was left behind in charge of the women; and here follows a graphic description of the amusements of Arab women in those days: "The horsemen being now absent, the children, and women, and slaves, male and female, were left behind. Semeeah, the wife of Shedad, gave a magnificent entertainment at the lake of Zatool Irsad. Sheep were slaughtered, and wine flowed, and the girls carried their instruments....
Pagina 122 - ... sheathed sword should be so sharp against its victims! Graceful is every limb, slender her waist, love-beaming are her glances, waving is her form. The damsel passes the night with musk under her veil, and its fragrance is increased by the still fresher essence of her breath. The lustre of day sparkles from her forehead, and by the dark shades of her curling ringlets night itself is driven away. When she smiles, between her teeth is a moisture composed of wine, of rain, and of honey. Her throat...

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