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Foreign Policy, Eleven Years of, 217- HAMlorace and the Social Life of

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Financial relations of England with Graham (P. Anderson), 18 Home Rule
Ireland and Scotland, 411-434

for the Good of Ireland ? 267-273
Fine Arts i Wanted, a Ministry of, Gribble (Francis), Robert Browning i

born May 7th, 1812, 976–988
Firearms, swords, and lances, 966–975 Grosvenor (Hon. Mrs. Algernon), A
Foreign affairs, the function of Parlia- Catholic Layman, 741-755


Foreign Politics, English Radicals and, Rome, 688-705

Handel's oratorios and modern musical
Foul, The Cult of theAischro-Latreia, fashions, 767-782, 1000-1008
332-340 ; reply to, 547–556

Harrison (Alfred H.), The Control of
Fourth of June celebrations at Eton, British Polar Research, 756-766

Harrison (Frederic), Aischro-Latreia-
Franco-German Crisis of 1911, The the Cult of the Foul, 332-340
Truth about the, 1046-1058

Harrison Mr. Frederic), Ugliness,'
Franco-German negotiations concern- Beauty,' and, 547–556
ing Morocco, 233-251

Hartog (Prof. Marcus), Scholarships
Fraser (Sir Andrew), The Changes in or Millstones ? 1185-1191

India, 48–57; Sectarian Universities Hawkes (Arthur), The Imperial Emi.
in India, 719-729

grant and his Political Religion,
French Art and the Grafton Exhibition, 112-132

Heredity and variations, 511-531
French Revolution, The Action of Hewlett (William), Oratorio
Women in the, 1009-1016

Opera I a Reply to Mr. Statham,
French Society in time of Chateau- 1000-1008
briand, 1147-1163

Hindoos, How King George could
Frodsham Dr. G. H., Bishop of win the Hearts of the, 58-74

North Queensland), Some Australian Hindu and Mohammedan Universities,
Experiences of the Organisation of a 719-729

Disestablished Church, 1089-1097 Home defence, compulsory training,
Funk, The Rule of, 853–867

and the Labour party, 86-97

Home defence, our national insecurity,
LAMBLE (Rev. H. R.), 'The Church 795-803

and Celibacy', Reply to Mrs. Huth Home Rule and Federalism, 1230-1242
Jackson, 303-306

Home Rule and Irish finances, 1-23
Game preserves and native reserves in Home Rule and Irish Unionists,
East Africa, 312–331

Gay (H. Nelson), Fifty Years of Italian Home Rule Bill, The Third Edition of,

Independence i from Naples to Tri- 829-852
poli, 148–164

Home Rule in Ireland, and fiscal
Gerard (Dorothea), see Longard de autonomy, 643-656
Longgarde (Mme.).

Home Rule, Is it for the Good of Ireland,
German alliance, French Entente, and 267-273

English Radical policy, 589–598 Horace and the Social Life of Rome,
German influence on the English 688-705, 1028
stage, 783–784

Horace, Metrical Versions of the Odes
German Fiction, Recent, 881-900

of, 1107-1120
German territorial aspirations, how Hung League and Chinese secret

they might be satisfied, 191-200 societies, 667-687
Germany, France, Morocco, and

foreign policy, 217-232, 233-251, IMPERIAL defence, Canada’s naval
Germany, Post - Bismarckian, The Imperial Emigrant, The, and his
Failure of, 1059-1075

Political Religion, 112–132
Gillet (Dr. J. E.), A Forgotten German Imperial Preference, and Royal Com-

Creditor of the English Stage, 783–794 mission on Trade, 919-929
Girls, Modern, flirtation and marriage, Imperial Preference Scheme, A New,

Gladstone (W. E.), his translation of India and the Royal Commission on
Horace criticised, 1107-1120

Imperial Trade, 919-929
Goldman (C. S.), Eleven Years of India, Sectarian Universities in, 719-
Foreign Policy, 217--232






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India, The Changes in, 48-57

Lethbridge (Sir Roper), India and the
India's grievances, cow-killing and Royal Commission on Imperial Trade,
Western education, 58–74

Inheritance of Acquired Characters, Liberal Party, Woman Suffrage and

the, 599-608
Insecurity, Our National, The Cause Liddon (Dr.) and the Oxford Move-
of, 795–803

ment, 133-147, 341-356
International Prize Courts and capture Lilly (W. S.), Cardinal Newman and
of merchant ships, 435-444

the Catholic Laity, 445–465; The
Ireland, Home Rule and Federalism, Rule of Funk, 853–867

Lincolnshire (Marquess of), Rival Land
Ireland, 18 Home Rule for the Good Policies, 1134-1146
of? 267-273

Liquor laws and the ideal public-house,
Ireland, Justice to, 252-266

Ireland, The Real Issue in, 643-656 Literature, The Nobel prize for, 98-111
Ireland's progress under the Union, Littler' England ? A, 483-496

Loathsomeness in Art, the new craze,
Irish agriculture and rival land poli- 332-340
cies, 1134-1146

Longard de Longgarde (Mme.), Recent
Irish Government, The Finance of 1 German Fiction, 881-900

a Retrospect and a Prospect, 1-23
Irish Home Rule, alternative schemes,

ACCOLL (D. S.), The National
Italian Independence, Fifty Years of i Gallery, its Problems, Resources,

from Naples to Tripoli, 148–164 and Administration, 24–39; A Year
Italy, Tripoli, and Senussi confra- of Post-Impressionism, 285 - 302;
ternity, 1216-1229

* Ugliness,' 'Beauty,' and Mr. Frederic

Harrison, 547-556

MacDonnell of Swinford (Lord), The
(Mrs. Huth), The Church

Finance of Irish Government :
Jeffreys (Major-General H. B.), The

Retrospect and a Prospect, 1-23
Working Classes and a National

Macnamara (N. C.), A Physiological
Army, 86-97

Basis for Education, 945–965
Johnston (Sir Harry H.), The After-

Mæcenas and Roman society in the
math of Agadir í Suggestions for a

days of Horace, 688-705
Settlement of Territorial Ambitions,

Maeterlinck (M.), Is he critically

estimated ? 98-111
191-200 ; The Portuguese Colonies,

Malcolm (Ian), Justice to Ireland,
Justice to Ireland, 252-266

Mallet (Charles E.), Woman Suffrage

and the Liberal Party, 599-608
ING GEORGE, How he could Win

Mallock (W. H.), Socialistic Ideas
the Hearts of the Hindoos, 58–74 and Practical Politics, 804-820;
Kingston (Gertrude), Wanted : Labour Unrest as a Subject of Official
Ministry of Fine Arts, 557-567

Investigation, 1029-1045
Konstam (E. M.), The Next Attack

Manchu Emperors and Chinese native
upon the Land, 989-999

dynasties, 667–687
Kotzebue’s influence on English play. March-Phillipps (Evelyn), The Treat-
wrights, 783-794

ment of Feeble-minded Children,
Kropotkin (Prince), Inheritance of

Acquired Characters, 511-531

Marconi Company, General Post Office,

cables and wireless telegraphy, 1076-
LABOUR Unrest as

a Subject of 1088
Official Investigation, 1029-1045 Married clergy and celibate priests,
Lagden (Sir Godfrey), Our Public 165-173, 303-311

Schools and their Influences, 568-581 Marriott (J. A. R.), The Third Edition
Lance, sword, and rifle, 966–975

of Home Rule 1 a First Impression
Land Policies, Rival, 1134-1146

of the Bill, 829-848
Land, The Next Attack upon the, Mentally deficient children, treatment

of, 930-944
Lathbury (D. C.), English Radicals and Metrical Versions of the Odes of Horace,
Foreign Politics, 589-598

Latin yrical poetry, Horace and his Mill (Mrs. John Stuart), a Vindication
translators, 1107-1120

by her Granddaughter, 357-363




Millet (Philippe), The Truth about the Parliament, Diplomacy and, 632-642

Franco-German Crisis of 1911, 1046- Parliamentary franchise, votes for

women, and Cabinet differences,
Milton, The Theology of, 901-918

Miners, colliery owners, and coal- Persian Policy, Our, 40-47
consumers, 378-384

Philosophical works of M. Maeterlinck,
Ming Dynasty, The Triad Society and 98-111

the Restoration of the, 667-687 Physiological Basis for Education, A,
Money (L. G. Chiozza), A Litller ? 945–965
England ? 483-496

Polar Research, British, The Control
Morel (E. D.), The True Story of the of, 756–766

Morocco Negotiations, 233–251 ; criti- Portuguese Colonies, The, 497-510
cised, 1046-1058

Post. Bismarckian Germany, The
Morgan (J. H.), Home Rule and Failure of, 1059-1075
Federalism, 1230-1242

Post-Impressionism, A Year of, 285-
Morocco, France, and Germany, 233- 302
251, 1046-1058

Poverty, Causes of its increase, 1029-
Morrell (Philip), Our Persian Policy, 1045

Powell (Rev. Francis E.), Why some
Moslems and Buddhists, An Approach of the Clergy will welcome Dis.
between, 657-666

establishment, 868-880 ; reply to,
Musical taste, opera and oratorio, 1098-1106
| 767–782, 1000-1008

Preference and cheap transport within

the Empire, 385–400 Ransom, Holding a, Prince Consort, Queen Victoria, and

Exhibition of 1851, 1176-1184
National Army, The Working Classes Prussia, Bismarck, and

and a, 86-97

Germany, 1059-1075
National Gallery, The r its Problems, Public Schools, Our, and their Influ-
Resources, and Administration, 24-39

ences, 568-581
National Insecurity, The Cause of our,
National valuation of land and the RENWISKA

ENWICK (W. H.), The Coal Crisis,
new taxation, 989-999

Rifle, The Sword and the Lance versu8
Naval War Staff and the Admiralty, the, 966-975

Rodin and tragic sculpture, 332-340,
Naval warfare and the Declaration of

London, 435-444

Roman Catholic Church and Cardinal
Newman (Cardinal) and the Catholic

Newman, 445-465, 741-755
Laity, 445–465

Rome, King Victor Emmanuel, and
Nobel prize for literature, awarded to

M. Maeterlinck, 98-111
North Queensland (Bishop of) on

Rome, Social Life of, Horace and the,

connexion between Church and

Rousseau and John Stuart Mill,
State in Australasia, 1089–1097

Norway, The Legal Position of Women Roxby (Percy M.), Rural Depopulation
in, 364-377

in England during the Nineteenth
FFICERS' Training Corps and

Century, 174-190
Universities, 1164-1175

Royal Academy, At the Salon and the,
Oratorio versus Opera, 767-782;

reply to, 1000–1008

Royal Commission on Imperial Trade,
Oxford and the Army, 1164-1175

India and the, 919-929
Oxford Mission and Cardinal Newman,

Royal Geographical Society and Arctic
445–465, 741-755

research, 756-766
Oxford Movement, The Future of the,

Russia, Persia, and British policy,

Oxford Movement, The Passing of the,
133-147; 341-356

SALON and the Royal Academy, At

the, 1202-1215

Scholarships or Millstones ? 1185–1191
Reminiscence of the 'Seventies, Schools, Public, and their influences,
466–482; The Crystal Palace : 568-581
Reminiscence and a Suggestion, 1176– Scot, The Ulster, in the United States,


King Humbert, 466-482

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Sectarian Universities in India, 719- Turkey, English Radical attitude

towards, 589-590
Selwyn (Rev. E. G.), The Future of Tyrrell (Dr. R. Y.), Metrical Versions
the Oxford Movement, 532-546

of the Odes of Horace, 1107-1120
Senussi, The, and the Military Issue
in Tripoli, 1216-1229

(GANDA and East African ganie
Seton-Karr (Sir Henry), Some British

preserves, 312-331
East African Problems, 312–331; 'We Ugliness,' ' Beauty,' and Mr. Frederic

are the Government now,' 609-622 Harrison, 547–556
Sichel (Edith), Pauline de Beaumont, Ulster Scot in the United States, 1121-

Simeon (Sir John), Dr. Newman, United States, Federalism, and Irish

and the Catholic Mission at Oxford, Home Rule, 1230-1242

Universities and Officers' Training
Slessor (Capt. A. K.), Oxford and the Corps, 1164-1175
Army, 1164-1175

Universities in India, 719-729
Smith (F. E.), The True Lines of
Temperance Reform, 730-740

AMBERY (Prof. A.), An Approach
Socialism and cause of increase in
poverty, 1029-1045

Socialism, Syndicalism, trade unions, Victor Emmanuel and Italian unity,

and strikes, 609-622, 623-631, 853– 148-164

Socialistic Ideas and Practical Politics, ALKER (George Blake), The Coal

Socialists and national defence, 86-97 Ward (Mr. Wilfrid), his life of Cardinal
Stage, English, A Forgotten German Newman, 445-465
Creditor of the, 783–794

' We are the Government now,' 609-63
Statham (H. Heathcote), Oratorio Wealth and poverty, Socialist fallacies,
versus Opera, 767-782

Statham (H. Heathcote), At the Salon Welldon (Bishop), The Theology of

and the Royal Academy, 1202–1215 Milton, 901-918
Strikes, Recent, and syndicalist trade- Welsh Disestablishment, Some Aus-
unionism, 401-410

tralian Experiences of the Organixi-
Submerged Subaltern, The, 706-718

tion of a Disestablished Church ;
Swâmi Bâbâ Bharati, How King The Clergy and Disestablishment,

George could win the Hearts of the 1089-1106
Hindoos, 58–74

White (A. Silva), The Senussi and the
Sword, The, and the Lance versus the Military Issue in Tripoli, 1216-1229
Rifle, 966–975

White (Sir William H.), Recent Changes

in Admiralty Administration, 201-216

Wilson (Hon. Mrs.), The Passing of
MAYLOR (Mary), Mrs. John Stuart the Chaperon, 582-588

Mill I a Vindication by her Grand- Wireless Telegraphy, Cables verfus,
daughter, 357-363

Temperance Reform, The True Lines of, Woman Suffrage and the Liberal

Party, 599-608
Tractarians and Church of England Women in Norway, The Legal Position
doctrine, 133-147, 341-356

of, 364-377
Transport preferences, reduction of Women, The Action of, in the French

freights, and cheaper food, 385–400 Revolution, 1009-1016
Triad Society, The, and the Restoration Working Classes, The, and a National
of the Ming Dynasty, 667-687

Army, 86-97
Tripoli and Italian emigration, 160-164 Wyatt (Harold F.), The Cause of our
Tripoli, The Senussi and the Military National Insecurity, 795-803

Issue in, 1216-1229
Trotter (Major-Gen. J. K.), The Sub-

YELLOW Peril, The, 1017-1028
merged Subaltern, 706-718





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